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Case Study | Cognivia

AI and Data, Life Sciences


Case Study | Cognivia

AI and Data, Life Sciences




Arttia Creative have partnered with Cognivia (formally Tools4Patient) for over 4 years, during which we have helped them to re-brand and evolve their brand over several phases.

Positioning them as leaders in life sciences AI technology for global biosciences and clinical trials. For each step, we have smoothly transitioned their identity to the newest iteration with minimal disruption to their business and marketing activity.

expertise delivered

• Visual identity
• Visual Communications
• Slide Decks
• Sales materials
• Exhibition materials
• Content marketing
• Digital Strategy
• Audits
• SEO Strategy
• Website Design
• Website Development
• UX Design
• UI Design

• Wire frames
• Information Architecture
• Style boards
• Content creation
• Copywriting
• Infographics
• Graphics
• Photography
• Custom Functionality
• Compliance Checks
• Mobile responsive
• Technical support
• Website hosting

Brand Identity

Cognivia 2023 Logo Stacked

Our commitment to Coginvia goes beyond just delivering a brand guidelines document; it’s about fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving brand ecosystem that captivates and resonates with its audience.

Delivering Coginvia with a comprehensive brand guidelines document that serves as the focus for its branding efforts. It meticulously outlines the usage of logos, colour palettes, typography, and tone of voice to ensure a consistent and memorable presence across all communication channels. But we don’t stop there.

We understand that staying relevant and adaptable in the fast-paced business world is vital.

That’s why we’re dedicated to continuously refining this critical document. As Coginvia evolves, so does its brand, and our team is unwaveringly committed to keeping its brand guidelines current, ensuring that every interaction with its audience is consistent but fresh and exciting.

This collaborative journey ensures that Coginvia remains a dynamic force in its industry, always ready to embrace new opportunities and challenges.

Website Design and Development

Arttia Creative's engagement with Cognivia represents a comprehensive and evolving web design and digital marketing project spanning over four years. This partnership showcases Arttia Creative's expertise in delivering a multi-faceted approach to digital solutions tailored for the life sciences sector.

BioTech Web Design

Throughout the partnership, Arttia Creative has successfully adapted and evolved the website in line with Cognivia's growth and changing needs, reflecting new content, refreshed designs, and advanced functionalities.

This dynamic approach underscores Arttia Creative's commitment to delivering bespoke, future-proof digital solutions that drive growth and establish industry authority for their clients in the life sciences, biotech, and healthcare sectors

The website design project encompassed several key areas:

Information Architecture and Wireframes: The initial phase involved developing a structured website layout, ensuring that information was organised logically and intuitively for users. This step laid the foundation for an effective user experience (UX).

Website Design: Arttia Creative crafted a visually appealing and professional website design that aligns with Cognivia's brand identity. This design was not static but evolved with the company's growth, ensuring that the website always reflected the current state and ethos of Cognivia.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Given the importance of online visibility, especially in the competitive life sciences and biotech sectors, Arttia Creative implemented robust SEO strategies to enhance Cognivia's search engine rankings, improving its online presence and reach.

Custom Knowledge Centre: A standout feature of this project was the creation of a custom-designed and coded Knowledge Centre. This platform positions Cognivia as a thought leader in their domain, offering valuable insights and information on clinical trials, artificial intelligence, and data analysis.

UX and UI Design: The user experience and user interface design were key focus areas, ensuring that the website was aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly, intuitive, and accessible. This aspect was particularly significant in presenting complex information comprehensibly to Cognivia's audience.

Custom Functionality and Style Boards: Arttia Creative developed unique functionalities tailored to Cognivia's needs, supported by style boards that guided the visual aspects of these features, ensuring consistency and alignment with the brand's visual identity.

Infographics: To effectively communicate complex data and information, Arttia Creative designed informative and visually engaging infographics, enhancing the overall user experience.

Mobile Responsiveness: Recognising the growing importance of mobile accessibility, the website was designed to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices and screen sizes.

Ongoing Hosting and Technical Support: Arttia Creative provided continuous hosting and technical support, ensuring the website's optimal performance and security, which is crucial for maintaining trust and reliability in the healthcare and biotech sectors.


Marketing - Conference Assets


In addition to the comprehensive digital solutions provided for Cognivia's website, Arttia Creative also played a pivotal role in enhancing its physical marketing materials, which are crucial for events and conferences.

Arttia Creative redesigned Cognivia's promotional materials, including roll-up banners and large display graphics, recognising the importance of consistent and impactful brand representation in all mediums. This initiative was guided by the need to strengthen and further build upon Cognivia's brand identity.

The redesigned roll-up banners were crafted to be visually striking yet informative, capturing the essence of Cognivia's brand and the innovative nature of their work in the life sciences sector. These banners were designed to stand out in crowded event spaces and succinctly communicate Cognivia's core message and offerings to passersby.

Similarly, the large conference display graphics were conceptualised to make a bold statement. Key visual elements drew attendees' attention, facilitating engagement and conversation. Arttia Creative's approach in designing these materials was centred on ensuring brand consistency across all platforms while also making each piece uniquely impactful. Using brand colours, typography, and thematic visuals in these designs ensured a cohesive and recognisable brand presence across various events.

This extension of their branding into physical marketing materials demonstrates Arttia Creative's holistic approach to brand identity development. By providing visually cohesive and compelling designs for both digital and physical platforms, Arttia Creative significantly bolstered Cognivia's presence in the industry, ensuring that its brand resonates with its audience, regardless of the medium.

Marketing - Literature


Our creative collaboration is in constant motion, igniting a symphony of brand-aligned content that leaves a lasting impression. Creating branded white papers and literature downloads meticulously tailored to the brand guidelines is a testament to our commitment to excellence. But it doesn’t stop there; we are the architects of immersive experiences. With each new white paper, we weave captivating website landing pages and download sequences, crafting a narrative that beckons the reader to embark on a thrilling journey of discovery.

“Thanks for going above and beyond to make this launch happen so smoothly."

Director- Cognivia

Your international life sciences brand and website design consultancy

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