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Your trusted ally in a complex digital world

In a world where science and technology shape our health and the planet's future, and global life science businesses tackle some of the world's most significant medical and environmental challenges, a creative and strategic ally stands ready to propel your life-changing innovations onto a global digital stage.

Arttia Creative helps you achieve a stand-out digital presence, differentiates you from competitors and helps you reach the audience, partners and investors you need, to ultimately make the world a healthier place.

The start of something exciting

International life sciences brand and website design consultancy

Founded in 2008 by Belinda White, our Creative Director, Arttia Creative is far from just another website agency. We are a bold, visionary and trusted ally of the life sciences, biotech, healthcare, pharma and technology sectors, an independent brand and website design consultancy passionate about helping companies increase their visibility and tell their story online.
Built on a lifetime of design and communication experience, we’ve worked hard at becoming the best we can be for our clients rather than growing just for the sake of it.

Fast forward to today


As the life science space has grown in significance, we have honed our craft. We’ve grown in expertise and broadened our capabilities, keeping us fresh and future-focused while staying true to our roots in world-class design and strong communication skills. It’s our burning passion to help promote life-changing innovations, services and products that get us out of bed every morning.

"‘Arttia Creative…a rare talent. [People] who understand, appreciate and ‘get’ the specialist nature of my business and the markets we serve.’"

Partnering with clients across the world


Extraordinary and unique

Our clients include some of the most forward-thinking organisations in the world, from start-ups to blue-chip companies from an ever-expanding range of industries. But they all have one thing in common — the need to work with a trusted team of brand and website experts who they know will have their back, be focused on their success and bring out the best in their brand and online business.


We are the life sciences brand and website consultancy that others wish they were.

why arttia creative

Arttia Creative brings together creative innovation, digital marketing communication strategies and powerful life sciences insights – we know what works in today’s market - creating game-changing brands that reflect who you are, your business goals and your overall vision.

Curiosity drives success

Meaningful questions lead to innovative solutions

We invest heavily in immersing ourselves in your business, exploring who you are, your values, your service or products, your mission and business goals.

We navigate the intricate pathways of biotech or the vast healthcare networks, researching your audiences and learning their motivations, needs, and pain points. We live the science or technology behind your innovation and the difference it will make.

Our restless curiosity fuels critical thinking, allowing us to draw on diverse perspectives, analyse complex ideas, engage in collaborative conversations and uncover insights that help us find innovative solutions for our clients.

Curiosity keeps us future-focused, always searching for the best way to weave design and digital strategies to differentiate your brand, deliver a compelling narrative and inspire engagement to promote successful future growth.

Creative Clarity

Making the complex compelling

Life science marketing is more than selling products or services. It’s about conversing with your audience, forging partnerships, and engaging with investors. You need to disseminate knowledge, build trust and drive forward scientific and technological advancements.

Arttia Creative brings the Midas touch to complex scientific and technical concepts, delivering accuracy yet simplicity through clear, impactful narratives, powerful designs, and game-changing brands that resonate with your audiences.

We create a digital presence as transformative as the science it represents


International Team

Practical, pragmatic, innovative and transformative

The Arttia Creative team is a global, creative, collaborative community of driven, like-minded individuals. As practising creatives with a wealth of technical, marketing, and scientific knowledge and experience, we think differently from other brand and website agencies.

We combine our strengths to create meaningful brands, bringing them to life through memorable, responsive design, compelling content and powerful on-page SEO, driving engagement with new and existing audiences, attracting investors, and converting consumers.

The Arttia Creative team is a force to be reckoned with — a team of creative's, strategists, visionaries, scientists, tech specialists, storytellers and critical thinkers who commit to delivering the results your business deserves.

Strategic Partner

Your business is our business

In the burgeoning field of health technology, including medtech and digital health, Arttia Creative is the beacon that guides ventures through the complexities of digital marketing. We are the cartographers of digital roadmaps that showcase research, innovations, services, and products to your desired audiences.

The digital realm is vast and evolves rapidly. New technologies and dynamic online consumer behaviour continually challenge businesses to stay ahead and stand out.
Arttia Creative's brand and website transformation expertise ensures clients establish a thriving online presence that resonates with their desired audiences.

Our biotech and life science websites are visually stunning and strategic in driving traffic, engaging investors, and building online authority. These websites are more than just beautiful platforms; they are digital ecosystems that foster growth and innovation.

With over a decade and a half of experience, I guess you could say we’ve learned a thing or two about putting your business on the map, mastering the nuances required to reach the pinnacle of search results, growing audiences and amplifying content with precision and care.


We care about the environment as well as those who live in it

An individual employee’s commute to work makes up nearly all their job-related carbon footprint. As a remote working agency, our carbon emissions are significantly reduced compared to an office worker’s typical journey to and from work. Our team also benefits from saving time and reducing stress often caused by all too familiar traffic jams or bad weather – thus setting them up for a productive day.

We promote less travel and more conversations.

Almost all our client and team communications occur online, delivering projects worldwide with our client-friendly project management software and relaxed and welcoming video calls. Doing everything online also vastly reduces the need for printed resources and paper documentation.

Working from home offices reduces the utilities and energy consumption usually associated with large offices. We are more likely to turn off lights and regulate heating or air-conditioning in our own homes than we are at a place of work.

We see this as the start of our sustainability journey and are committed to long-term sustainable business practices. We’re continually looking for ways to improve our contribution to a ‘greener’, healthier way of life.

Arttia Creative is more than a consultancy; we are a partner in growth, a collaborator in innovation, and a narrator of brand stories helping to build the future of health and science. We are the weavers of digital tapestries where every thread is a narrative of progress, every colour a testament to innovation, and every design a step towards a healthier world.

This is our story; let us tell yours.

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