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Life Science Website 101

We specialise in working with national and international Biotech, Life Science, Software, Pharma, Geology and Energy sectors who need a global reach. More than a web design company.

More than a graphic design or branding agency. It’s the result of over 20 years’ experience at the forefront of website consultancy. And it’s what makes Arttia Creative the ideal home for all your long-term, multifaceted, life science design and marketing campaigns.

Understanding the nuances of the life science sectors and how to create impact and drive sales with digital marketing.

Life Science Marketing and Web Consultants

We know life science marketers and biotech innovators are incredibly busy. We understand that your time is precious.

That’s why we won’t simply sit back and wait for your content or even a specific website brief. Instead - and to help you to move forward - we’ll help you to create what you need from the start including our Life Science Website Discovery Workshop. Designed to get your project moving in the right direction.

A blend of creative and science sector knowledge. Your dedicated digital design team providing 'done-for-you' services.

Life Science Website Design and Marketing

Providing full-service life science marketing for your business. From conference promotions to long-term campaigns, you will save time and money and build your brand and authority with stunning design and brand consistency.

Your complete 'done-for-you' digital service.  We’ll both challenge and deliver to your brief. Applying our digital, design, print and online experience to create all the materials you need - freeing your time to plan ahead and present results.

Biotech Website Consultants

One contact, one brief - saving you time, stress and money

Done-for-you Website and Digital Marketing. Arttia Creative are world-leading website consultants to Biotech, Life Science, Software, Pharma and Energy sectors. Providing marketing support for your business on multiple levels. Our expertise in Graphic Design, Branding, Website Development Information Architecture and Search Engine Optimisation means that we can support all of your business’ campaigns – and your long-term growth.

With one point of contact at all times, there’s no risk of your instructions being lost in translation.

Arttia Creative delivers outstanding projects via the latest 'agile team' business model. We are a collective of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in each discipline. Arttia Creative ensures you always have the perfect skilled team you need for your project.


Your creative team

Arttia Creative has been delivering outstanding projects using the latest ‘agile team’ business model for over ten years. We work with Life Science, Biotech, Scientific and highly technical niche companies across the world. Arttia Creative is a collective of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in each discipline. Our team ensures we always have the exact skills you need to deliver the very best project, every time. Our unique process and outstanding experience to provide measured business growth to Life Science, Biotech, Science-based and highly technical niche markets.

Website Consultants to Biotech and Life Science


Founder | Website Consultant, Designer -
Belinda White

Website Consultant, Designer and Digital Strategist Belinda is experienced in creating successful brands, websites, print and digital campaigns for her clients. Keeping up-to-date with design trends, best practices and has a talent for interpreting complex or technical businesses, both on and off-line.

Creative design industry experience includes working with BP, Shell, P&G, Totallab, Biosignatures, Lucion, Marks & Spencer, Nike, Master Foods, Co-op, Argos and Sage Software.

Specialist in User Experience design for life sciences.  Information Architecture, visual design, infographics and content strategy and creation.

Specialist in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for scientific, biotech and highly technical niche markets. Providing them with the visibility they need online.

Katherine Wildmand Haydn Grey


Associate | Copywriter - Katherine Wildman

Katherine is a Creative and Search Engine Optimisation focused copywriter. She’ll write ‘words that sell’ for your website, words that engage and persuade and convert your customers. And she can provide monthly blog updates that are optimised for search engines. Blog posts that will engage your audience, boost your online reach and grow your business. She is a specialist at clarifying complex products and services, especially in the science sectors. Helping businesses perfect their tone-of-voice and speak to their audiences.

Joanne Dolezal - Dolezal Consulting


Associate | Marketing Mentor - Joanne Dolezal

Joanne is our marketing strategist. Experience working with high-tech and R&D companies, the Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology, Microsystems and Photonics to bridge the gap between academia and industry. CIM: Level 4 Digital Marketing and Marketing and Level 6 Diploma Digital Marketing and specific expertise for B2B and LinkedIn.

Joanne's familiarity with the challenges technical specialists face in taking their services to market has been central to our projects with biotech; geo surveying; polymer science and hazardous waste management.

Websites Life Science


Associate | Business Development - Paddy Lavery

Paddy understands the challenges and rewards of delivering specialised, science and biotech products and services to highly discerning customers in niche markets.

Paddy has over 17 years’ experience applying life science and biotech marketing, helping you to expand into new markets across the US, Asia and Europe.

Paddy's experience includes GSK, marketing, research and Applied Biology. Highly experienced in the process of taking existing products to new markets. Including UK biotech products to US markets.

Richard Telford


Associate | Programmer - Richard Telford

Richard is our go-to high-end website developer. Developing content-managed websites, e-commerce solutions, WordPress theme development, WordPress plugin development, HTML5/CSS3, CodeIgniter, PHP/MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, Ajax, front and back-end development.

Expert in database and data transfer as well as a range of custom development skills.



Associate | Programmer - Ben Gyles

Ben is our full-stack developer. Developing custom WordPress plugins, cross-platform native apps, or any app really. He’s used to doing the beautiful front-end work as well as the complicated back-end work. He has experience within the WordPress eco-system, HTML5/CSS3/SCSS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, javascript, typescript, jQuery, NodeJS, React, React Native, AngularJS.

Mel Ashby


Associate | Front End Developer - Mel Ashby

Melanie is our trusted front-end web developer. She started out as a trained journalist and writer. Working as an editor at a North-East magazine, she was drawn towards the visual and technical aspects of the job and gained a mountain of expertise as their in-house web developer. Mel’s editorial background keeps her plugged into how content, design and UX marry up to create compelling experiences; on the web development side, she enjoys devising systems to suit all sorts of needs – especially in the science and technology sectors.

Life Science Photo Shoot


Photography- The Bigger Picture

We work with the team at The Bigger Picture. Art Direction, mood boards, styling and location shoots. Photography, film and video. Together with the team at The Bigger Picture, we help you to create the original content your business needs - and that Google loves - to create a powerful and lasting positive impression. Read our blog post all about having the right imagery for your website or promotional project.



Associate | Software - Nick Pears

Nick is our trusted software specialist, providing bespoke applications for businesses from healthcare to construction. His background is in developing computer systems in the financial sector. He is increasingly focussed on web systems both internet and internet.

Additional Expertise

Centurion computers


Associate | Hardware/Email- Centurion Computers

Centurion Computers was founded in 2002 by Managing Director, Peter Knowles.  IT hardware, support and bespoke software, covering businesses across the whole of the North East, from the Scottish borders to Sunderland. Their team of technicians have years of collective experience and knowledge of IT systems, app development and networks.

Jo Whitfield


Voice Over - Jo Whitfield

Jo is our professional voice over artist providing voice for national and regional TV and radio. Expert in the recording of explainer videos for your content marketing, together with e-learning and training videos. Stunning intros  and calls-to-action in your Podcasts.

"Belinda [Arttia Creative] has a great approach to projects bringing structure, creativity and a high level of customer service. We were so impressed with the first piece of work that we immediately asked if she could take on a second project. This is now complete - on brand, on budget and on time. I can fully recommend Belinda and Arttia Creative."

A Menzies / Traidcraft


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