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What Will This Year Bring for Global Life Sciences

January 6 2021

What Will This Year Bring for Global Life Sciences

[Guest Article] The speed at which the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry (supported by public and academic research) have developed these vaccines is truly staggering. Behind the headlines there has been an unprecedented international collaborative effort. In the UK Life Sciences investments in years prior to the crisis, has enabled the biomanufacturing community to respond in a co-ordinated and rapid fashion.
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Powerful Social Media Marketing for Life Sciences

December 18 2020

Powerful Social Media Marketing for Life Sciences

[GUEST ARTICLE] Like it or not social media has become an integral part of the lives of patients, caregivers, health care professionals and payers. Social media marketing can benefit companies working within this space because it can help them to gain greater more consistent, online visibility which can ultimately lead to funding opportunities, growth and development.
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Proven Benefits of a Discovery Workshop for your Website Project

October 30 2020

Proven Benefits of a Discovery Workshop for your Website Project

[NEW PROJECTS] At Arttia Creative our unique website project Discovery Workshop is a vital step that covers a great deal in a short amount of time. It turns the multi-layered thoughts and insights that you, and others, hold in your head into a meaningful set of criteria to deliver exactly what you want to say about your business and how best to reflect that on-line.
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Website Copywriting Services

September 15 2020

Powerful Website Copywriting – What We Need from You

At Arttia Creative our hand-picked team of professional website content and copywriters are skilled in creating engaging content, but they don’t know your life science business like you do. Yes, they are proficient in doing research, and they may have experience in your industry, but to do a great job, they need you to share information, personal insights and knowledge.
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The Value of Professional Website Copywriting

August 25 2020

The Value of Professional Website Copywriting

Well-written and persuasive words are essential to every business. Especially biotech marketers. You're probably from a science background, which means writing in a marketing or storytelling style may not come easily. Whether you are writing content for brochures, blogs, product descriptions, social media posts, or your website, the right words will help you tell your story, market your product or service and gain the stand out needed online. So, who’s going to write the words?
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How to Host a Powerful Virtual Conference Booth on your Website

August 10 2020

How to Host a Powerful Virtual Conference Booth on your Website

Biotech marketing conferences and trade-shows are key rally-points in life science and biotech company strategies. They are the opportunity for your company to create an in-person meeting and network with customers, potential new customers and people who still haven’t heard of you yet. With conferences no longer happening on the ground what you can do to simulate these benefits to support exposure and momentum in your biotech marketing business strategy?
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Send Traffic to Your Life Science website

July 26 2020

How to Avoid 3 Major Pitfalls When Using Press Releases to Send Traffic to Your Life Science website

In the past, a press release in the right place could make you stand-out, get reasonable enquiries and built a sales campaign with results. Press releases or press advertising usage was due to reliance on scientific audiences reading printed materials to get to know you. Let's face it, traditional PR is dead. So what should you do instead?
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SEO For Life Science Marketers. What You Need To Know.

July 20 2020

SEO For Life Science Marketers. What You Need To Know.

Why invest in SEO marketing for your life science business or organisation? In a world where everything is online, SEO is a must. SEO influences many aspects of your life science commercial business – from increasing traffic to your website and visibility to building your life science or biotech brand.
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Is Your life Science Website Attracting the Best Life Science Talent

July 9 2020

Is Your Website Attracting the Best Life Science Talent?

Attract Candidates, Recruit the best. When it comes to attracting the best talent for your business or organisation, we understand that the life science and biotech sector is a competitive and fast-moving space. Job specifications can change at speed, according to scientific or medicinal developments and discoveries, and as a result, top talent to fulfil emerging roles is always in high demand.
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Winning Tactics for a Perfect Life Science LinkedIn Company Page

July 2 2020

Winning Tactics for a Perfect Life Science LinkedIn Company Page

Linkedin for Life Sciences. Part 2. Social media presents an opportunity to marketers like you within pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or life sciences to reach and inform a range of stakeholders and your target audiences. The risk, though, of adverse event reports and off-label usage discussions prevents many from even starting and we have all read about companies who ‘got it wrong’.
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June 10 2020

How to Plan a Photoshoot for your Life Science Website

Photography for your life science website is a critical element of the design impact of your online presence. Unique photography produced specifically for your website project will ensure your website is unlike anyone else's. But how do you get photo's you need?
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June 5 2020

Top 5 Tips to Develop your LinkedIn Personal Profiles for Life Sciences

Linkedin for Life Sciences. Part 1. Traditionally, the life sciences sector has been slow on the take up of digital marketing platforms – despite being one of the most innovative and technical disciplines. Linkedin is particularly relevant for life sciences and healthcare, with the focus here being more 'business-centred' it's a powerful place to share your story, make connections and find the best talent.
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Why Strategic Consultancy and Website Design for Life Sciences needn't be Two Separate Projects

May 20 2020

Why Strategic Consultancy and Website Design for Life Sciences needn’t be Two Separate Projects

Perhaps you need to develop a strategy to move your biotech business forward and don’t know where to start? How often have you seen well-formulated strategies fall by the wayside?
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Re-imagining Design for Global Life Science and Biotech Websites

May 10 2020

Re-imagining Design for Global Life Science and Biotech Websites

No matter where or how your organisation began, no matter what the spark that brought it into being, the story that sits behind your life science business is unique.
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Managing Life Science Marketing

April 17 2020

Managing Life Science Marketing in a Time of Social Change

Making your business stand-out and demonstrate its remarkable potential is a challenge even at the best of times. So how can you sustain that in a time when major social events create a significant shift in a person’s “normal” day to day priorities?
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What can your Life Science Organisation do to Support your Customers Remotely?

March 24 2020

What can Your Life Science Organisation do to Support your Customers Remotely?

Our expertise is giving your life science business what it needs to connect with your audiences 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Global events mean this could be more important than ever. What can you do at this point to keep your business active and engaged with audiences?
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How to Harness the Power of your Website when your Life Science Conference is Postponed

March 10 2020

How to Harness the Power of your Website when your Life Science Conference is Postponed

Life Science conference postponed? Life science conferences and exhibitions can be necessary but expensive dates in your business calendar. There’s the required investment in travel – be it by car, train or plane, the cost of hotel accommodation – and the need to take time away from your business.
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Faster and More Effective Life Science Marketing with Virtual Meetings

February 23 2020

Faster and More Effective Life Science Marketing with Virtual Meetings

As a life science design agency, we understand that when it comes to marketing your life science or biotech business, one of the most valuable resources that you and your life science marketing team have is your time.
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Time to Talk. Why Life Science Companies Should Optimise Their Website for a Conversation

February 12 2020

Time to Talk. Why Life Science Companies Should Optimise Their Website for a Conversation

Making time to talk. Conversations, chatting, personal connections, creating a dialogue… these are the lifeblood of building any business. People buy from people. Online and digital can feel distant, a little impersonal. Arttia Creative is here to change that, it’s what we do every day for our life science clients.
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How Consistent Visual Communications Build Successful Life Science Businesses

January 2 2020

How Consistent Visual Communications Build Successful Life Science Businesses

At Arttia Creative, we understand the fast-moving nature of the life sciences sector and the constant demands you face to create and distribute effective promotional materials – from engaging and up-to-date brochures to eye-catching life science exhibition support materials.
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How Creative Design Builds Successful Life Science Businesses

December 12 2019

How Creative Design Builds Successful Life Science Businesses

Here at Arttia Creative, we apply our creative experience and communication skills to help CEOs and innovators like you to build and grow successful life science and biotech businesses. Are you ready to grow your life science business?
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Life Science Web Design

October 30 2019

Why Arttia Creative Specialises in Working with Visionary Life Science Businesses

Arttia Creative specialises in working with visionary entrepreneurs in the fields of life science and biotech. Why? Because we understand the complex and many-layered challenges faced by professionals in these fields - and we know we can help.
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Missed Business Opportunities with an Outdated Life Science Website

October 12 2019

3 Missed Opportunities with an Outdated Life Science Website

Life Science and Biotech is a fast-paced, innovative and exciting sector. The pace of change is an inherent part of the life science landscape. Something you need to reflect as a business. Here are at least 3 missed opportunities with an outdated life science website.
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Hiring A Biotech Web Design Specialist 7

September 12 2019

5 Reasons For Hiring A Biotech Web Design Specialist

Working with high-growth biotech businesses we know how critical creative design and high-quality content is for a successful website and digital strategy. As biotech marketers and business development managers, you need to leverage every possible marketing strategy to achieve results.
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August 10 2019

How to Create a Powerful Life Science Conference Follow-Up

In our previous Life Science Conference article, we shared our team's industry experience and tips on how to get the most value for your company attending a life science conference. Included in that was a simple question that we’ll explore in more detail.
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How a Life Science Conference impacts your Search Results and Brand Online

July 15 2019

How a Life Science Conference Impacts your Search Results and Brand Online

Offline life science events can have a dramatic effect on your online activity. An offline life science event is a valuable experience which can be used to impact your online visibility, brand and search results. Each aspect of the event can be leveraged for your promotion. The trick is to consider a link building and SEO strategy from the start. This can add substantial visibility for your life science brand online.
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How to get the Most Value from your Life Science Biotech Conference Attendance

July 10 2019

How to get the Most Value from your Life Science Biotech Conference Attendance

Conferences are a vital opportunity to get your company, products or services and people in front of potential new customers. It’s where technical audience’s life sciences, biotech and industrial sectors gather to share the latest trends and solutions. To find out what’s out there and take it back to their departments and business to keep them competitive.
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Print and Web Design for Life Science Conferences

June 10 2019

7 Essentials for a Successful Life Science Conference

There are a huge number of Life Science and Healthcare industry conferences across the world throughout the year. Attending these events as an exhibitor, speaker or attendee is an important investment. Not just in the ticket or stand prices but life science marketing and sales teams time and energy. Find out how to make yours a success.
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blend seo and ux healthcare website design

May 28 2019

SEO and UX a Powerful Combination for Healthcare Websites

Healthcare providers know that in the digital age, patients and clinical advisors turn to online information to find the answers they’re looking for. Healthcare marketing professionals understand the need to have a well branded online presence, however, creating a highly findable and high converting website can be challenging. How do you make sure you get found then convert browsers into buyers?
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Website Design for High Growth Life Science Companies

April 25 2019

Design Impact for High Growth Life Sciences

The Design Council states that design enables science and technology research to achieve greater impact. At Arttia Creative we believe this includes your online presence. A highly designed website experience will provide your life science business with greater impact.
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Launching Your Life Science Website – Why it’s Just The Start

April 17 2019

Launching Your Life Science Website – Why it’s Just The Start

You have just launched your new life science website. It's possibly been a long project, you and your team are really proud and excited. You celebrate the fact that your new website finally out into the world. But what now?
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Why your Website is Critical when Transitioning from Research to Commercial Lab innovator

March 21 2019

Why your Website is Critical when Transitioning from Research to Commercial

You have an innovative discovery or ground-breaking idea that is ready for commercialisation. A spark of an idea that can change lives and make a difference. A concept that could provide better outcomes for patients and clinicians in life sciences and healthcare.
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Life Science Branding Design

March 15 2019

How to create a Powerful, Immersive Life Science Brand

Trust is a major factor in life sciences. Trust is one of the key reasons your brand is central to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Branding creates differentiation and presents your unique set of values encouraging your customers to take action.
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Life Science IP Patents and Web Design

February 28 2019

Life Science Patents – The Basics

Expert Spotlight Intellectual Property: Patents, Designs, Copyright, Trade Marks, Trade Secrets. Find out more on our Expert Spotlight from Stephanie Carr at Definition IP.
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February 12 2019

Create a Powerful User Journey For Your Healthcare Website

Careful planning before you dive into website design or a site map will give you a framework on which to create a powerful experience. One that delivers results for both your healthcare business and your clients and customers.
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Life Science Website SEO Domanate Search Results Now

January 30 2019

How your Life Science Company can Dominate Search Results

Life Sciences, Healthcare and Biotech sectors are finally starting to invest in their online presence. We know you have focused on the industry traditional promotional routes of conferences and sales teams. When you move to the online space visibility from the start is important to focus on.
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Health Tech Digital Marketing

January 2 2019

HealthTech is Shaking up Healthcare. Don’t Get Left Behind. Stay Ahead with Digital Marketing

The healthcare digital space is on the rise. Large digital companies such as Google and Apple are taking an ever greater interest in the healthcare sector. You can guarantee they will be and are leveraging their expertise in online marketing take the lead in HealthTech.
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Healthcare website design

December 31 2018

5 Critical Things to Include in Your Website Project Brief

As a life science marketer or biotech innovator, have you been tasked with creating a brief for a new website or a website refresh project? You think you know what you want for the website, but do you really know what you need? How many website projects have you worked on with a web agency? How many websites or digital strategy projects have you delivered for the life science sector?
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Healthcare Websites – The Power of Designing For Personalisation

December 5 2018

Healthcare Websites – The Power of Designing For Personalisation

Creating an individual experience for your healthcare website is a powerful way of connecting with your customers. With sophisticated website design, you can create a personalised experience for your visitors, this improves conversions and builds your brand experience.
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Life Science Content Marketing

November 22 2018

How Marketers Can Accelerate Launching Content

If your health-tech, life science or healthcare business needs to scale then you need to be creating high volume, high-quality marketing campaigns and content to reach out to your audience and drive traffic.
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Healthcare apps website design

October 15 2018

Your Website is the Perfect Place to Help You Comply with New Medical Device Regulations

The new EU Medical Device Regulations (745/2017) are now in force and by 2020 you will need to fully comply with them for all of your Medical Devices. Easy access to this information means your website is an ideal place to store it.
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Absolutely The Best Creative Content For Scientific Websites

October 5 2018

Absolutely The Best Creative Content For Scientific Websites

Don't get left behind or overtaken by newcomers in the online space. Creating content for scientific websites is our focus. We have the creative background and digital knowledge to promote your business and build a global reach.
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Life Science Websites

September 26 2018

Why a Search Box is Not Enough on Your Life Science Website

E-commerce for life science research resources and healthcare products continues to grow year on year. Although the life science research industry has been slow to adopt e-commerce as part of their business plan, it is proving to be a substantial growth area. With customers becoming more willing to buy your type of products online, as long as the process is as easy and smooth as possible.
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Content Marketing for Life Sciences

September 12 2018

Easier Publishing and Content Marketing for Life Science Companies with CoSchedule

Time for any business is a precious commodity and we know that is, even more, the case with busy Life Science and Biotech companies who need to focus on research, development, growing their customer base and attending critical events. Find out how automation with CoSchedule will help you save time and reach further.
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Life Science Website Audit

August 28 2018

Life Science Web Design – 3 Tips For Planning Your New Website Project

Planning effectively is an often overlooked part of a website project. A failure to plan properly or logically can make the difference between a successfully delivered project or a website project that drifts without focus and runs into issues early on. These tips are designed to provide you with some key areas to get you started.
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Healthcare Branding Design

July 27 2018

Why Branding is Essential for your Life Science Company

Whether your business is in the biotechnology, healthcare or pharmaceuticals industry – or a more specific division of the life sciences field, it’s essential that your company brand is both visible and compelling. With a strong brand, a fresh new approach from a small and agile life science company can have a significant impact on the marketplace.
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Life Science Website Design

July 18 2018

How Life Science Companies Can Improve Their Website Conversions

Can our life science website be the main driver for leads and sales? Many sciences, academic or healthcare companies don't consider their website to be a critical marketing tool. YOU are missing a massive opportunity.
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Biotech Products Website Design

June 28 2018

Need to Reach New Biotech Markets? Here’s How Your Website Can Help

Has your company developed a new biotech or life science product? Has your UK launch gone well? Are you looking to expand into new markets, either in Europe or further afield? Find out how your website can boost your product and brands global reach.
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Websites for Medical Devices

June 18 2018

9 Important Steps When CE Marking your Medical Device

Expert Spotlight Obtaining the CE Mark, even for the simplest of medical devices (which may be an app) is not a post-development paper-exercise to ‘get the badge’. Find out more on our Expert Spotlight from Keith Morris.
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May 29 2018

Five Ways to Launch a New Life Science Product from your Website

This stage of product development, particularly in the biotech, healthcare and medical sectors can be so intense and so demanding that it can be easy to forget to plan and prepare how to communicate and promote your product’s launch when it’s ready for market.
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Stunning Life Science Web Design

May 1 2018

Why Stunning Design is Critical for Your Life Science Website Conversions and Success

We are first and foremost a creative design agency. Our strength is innovative and inspiring Life Science web design for organisations like yours. Breathtaking Life Science web design is critical to the success of your digital engagement.
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How to simplify your life science cluster website

April 25 2018

How to Simplify Your Life Science Cluster Website

Have you been tasked with refreshing a large, complex, or cumbersome website? Do you need external support to assess your digital presence and life science website, as it exists now? And would you like help to simplify your user’s journey, optimise your customer’s experience – and benefit from the resulting ROI?
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WordCamp London 2018

April 16 2018

Why WordCamp London Helps Your Business Website

My second year attending WordCamp London a three day event in April 2018. And my fourth WordCamp event to date. WordCamp London is the premier UK WordPress conference that focuses on all things WordPress and Web Design.
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April 8 2018

Highlights from the Frontend NE Conference

It's April 2018 and the first Frontend NE developer conference in Newcastle, UK. Frontend NE is monthly Newcastle meet up about frontend website development. All run by volunteers and sponsored by local businesses. This was their first full day conference with a range of speakers and talks about all things web and digital.
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Life Science Web Design

March 29 2018

How Thought Leadership Can Be Key To Your Business Success and Wider Growth

As a thought leader in the Life Sciences sector, the challenge you face when marketing your organisation online can be twofold. You may feel reluctant to promote your expertise, for fear of seeming arrogant or immodest. And you may find it difficult to translate your thought leadership onto your website. Especially in a way that means prospective customers, partners or investors can see and understand what you do with ease on your website.
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Life Science Web Design Specalists

March 24 2018

3 Things You Can Do To Compete in a Technical Market Dominated by Big Companies – Part 3

Personalisation. This is the third in a series of three blog posts. Each covering something special your Life Science Small Business has to make it successful against company giants in a specialised, niche market. [Associate Article] By Paddy Lavery.
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Life Science Marketing and Web Consultants

March 2 2018

3 Things You Can Do To Compete in a Technical Market Dominated by Big Companies – Part 2

Simplicity. This is the second in a series of three blog posts. Each covering something special your Life Science Small Business has to make it successful against company giants in a specialised, niche market. [Associate Article] By Paddy Lavery.
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3 Things You Can Do To Compete in a Technical Market Dominated by Big Companies – Part 1

February 28 2018

3 Things You Can Do To Compete in a Technical Market Dominated by Big Companies – Part 1

Joined up. This is the first in a series of three blog posts. Each covering something special your Life Science Small Business has to make it successful against company giants in a specialised, niche market. [Associate Article] By Paddy Lavery.
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Life Science Web Design

February 24 2018

The Secrets of a World-Leading Life Sciences Website

How to develop a world-leading life sciences website The life sciences sector is ever-changing and ever-evolving. With so many innovations, discoveries and news stories making the headlines each week, it’s increasingly important to give your company’s website an agile and competitive edge in the digital space.
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February 10 2018

Designing for Blue Chip Brands

The biggest brands demand the highest standards. Every communication they produce reflects and enhances their message, quality, services and personality. They choose who they work with very carefully and demand the highest consistency and quality at all times. Every piece of promotional or creative work produced must meet their demanding requirements.
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Website Design for Life Sciences and Biotech Sectors

January 14 2018

How to Get High Quality Leads From Your Life Sciences Website

When it comes to life science web design, what functionality does your company's online presence need to ensure a regular supply of quality leads to your business? In simple terms, a well-designed and well-developed online presence should serve as a dynamic sales and marketing tool for your business, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
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Website Consultants to Biotech and Life Sciences

January 2 2018

Want to Increase Sales, Accelerate Growth, Create Clarity and Be Heroes In Your Space?

Let me show you how to take your Biotech or Life Science website to the next level. All businesses need to generate leads and growth in the most cost-effective way. Time and budgets demand an efficient return on investment. Your website can be your most effective sales driver – 24/7/365.
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Hiring A Biotech Web Design Specialist 7

October 10 2017

Content Marketing Expertise For Biotech and Life Science Sectors

[Associate Article] Marketing strategist, Joanne Dolezal works with our clients to create a step-by-step actionable marketing plan. She'll talk to you about what you want to achieve and always 'starts with the end in mind'.
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How to Create Website That Converts Like Crazy With Powerful UX

September 25 2017

How to Create a Website That Converts Like Crazy With Powerful UX

Having spent over nearly two decades designing and developing websites for many sectors and organisations I have evolved an understanding of the importance of a well thought through User Experience (UX) and User Journey. I've experienced first-hand how successful a website redesign can be that fully focuses on clarity of design and an experience, one that makes every visitor feel like your website was designed just for them.
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Web Design for Biotech and Life Science Industry

August 17 2017

It’s Time to Get Google to EAT Your Website For Powerful Results

Your business website is your 24/7/365 shop window to the world. The first encounter a potential new customer is going to have with your Biotech or Life Science brand. That is why every aspect of their experience on your website needs to communicate your Expertise, Authority and build Trust.
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SEO for Biotech and Life Science Websites

June 10 2017

4 Powerful SEO Tips to Fast-track Your Biotech Business To The Top

As a Biotech or Life Science business, you may have actioned an element of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your website's pages, and you could be finding it difficult to correlate results and see the revenue driving potential.
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Engaging Content in the Biotech and Science Sectors

May 22 2017

How to Write Powerful and Engaging Content in the Biotech and Science Sectors

[Specialist Guest Article] If you have a complex product or service, writing about it in an engaging way can be a real challenge. It's even more difficult when you take the medium into account. Web pages, magazine articles, research papers and press releases all serve different purposes when it comes to promoting what you do – and require different approaches.
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Web Design Sheffield

May 12 2017

Search Engine Optimisation – Get The Basics Right First – Your Quick Start Guide to Effective Website SEO

[Video and Slide Deck] In May 2017 I had the opportunity to present a seminar at the Sheffield Business Show. The topic of my presentation was – Search Engine Optimisation - Get the basics right first - Your quick start guide to effective website SEO. My aim was to provide maximum value and non-technical Search Engine Optimisation insight to empower businesses to get started with their Search Engine Optimisation or to be informed buyers of Search Engine Optimisation services. If you were unable to attend the Sheffield Business Show, you can view my slide deck, watch the video and read my presentation transcript.
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WordPress Web Design Newcastle

April 29 2017

The Business Benefits of WordCamp and the WordPress Community – WordCamp London

An amazing, friendly, welcoming event. Your business benefits from the WordPress community. With a website built on the WordPress platform, you benefit from hundreds of developers continually fine tuning the core code and from thousands of plugin and extension developers that create specific functionality that you can use.
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SEO questions answered

April 19 2017

SEO and Content Marketing, Your Top 10 Questions Answered

Here are the top 10, most asked Search Engine Optimisation questions, during Content Marketing Conquered and their answers. You don't need to know every nuance of SEO, the basics and fundamentals will help you to make a start.
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Website Consultants Newcastle

March 10 2017

4 benefits of social media for your business

Guest Blog - The jury has spoken. Social media for businesses is no longer optional. The on-going and increasing demand of customers online have confirmed that it’s not a passing fad or trend, but one that’s here to stay. Permanently. Here are four key points on how it can benefit your business.
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web design Newcastle

February 17 2017

How to Leverage Your Brand and Build a Successful Following

It’s becoming ever more challenging and complex to promote your business and stand out in a digital-centric world, often requiring more time and multiple channels to reach your desired audience. So when it comes to standing out online, brand is your most powerful weapon.
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PR for Biotech and Software Businesses

February 3 2017

How to create an effective PR plan in 6 easy steps

Guest Blog - Kathryn Dishman-Baird. So how can you create an effective PR plan? Whilst it may seem like a daunting prospect, it’s surprising how easily this information will flow once you start the planning process. Here are six steps to follow to ensure you create the best plan for you.
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Website Consultant Newcastle

January 30 2017

How a Website Consultant Can Save You Time and Money

[Free Check List Download] Looking for an experienced Website Consultant? Having a professional website continues to be a critical element for all business. There will be times when you need to take your website up a notch, align it better with your goals, add extra functionality and features or increasingly a full website redesign. A Website Consultant’s goal is to solve these website problems with your business’s success in mind.
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Web Design Newcastle

January 12 2017

3 Essential Website Elements That Will Increase Traffic

[Get more website traffic] Everyone wants more traffic to their website but is more traffic always a good thing? More traffic means more visibility for your business and more 'eyes' on your products and services. However, it has to be the right traffic. Lots of traffic that never converts is a waste of time and resources. Driving more traffic and getting the right conversions is down to the awsome content, elements and the technology you use.
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Web Design Newcastle

December 21 2016

3 Digital Conferences in 4 Weeks: My Exclusive Insight

I'm sure I'm not the only one that disappears into the parallel universe that is their desk. In my design studio I have four screens, so once I'm in front of them, that's my world. Having the chance to take a screen break is always a high priority.
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Web Design Newcastle

December 4 2016

Why Your Website is the Most Important Member of your Sales Team

Your website is arguably your most valuable business asset and when designed and created with the right focus, it can become your most powerful sales driver. Think about it. What value would you put on a member of your sales team who worked to promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, never takes a holiday or sick day and created the most leads. Surely that would be a massive asset?
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November 25 2016

8 Important Things To Do When Updating Your WordPress Website

[Free Check List Included] I'm not referring to content, I'm referring to technology. All technology gets updated; your smart phone, your laptop, even your SatNav. and the web is no exception. The internet is ever evolving, with new software, security updates, browser updates, operating system updates, PHP updates, Javascript updates, W3C and industry standards which are constantly improving. Your website needs to keep pace with these changes.
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search engine optimisation at the start of your website project

November 16 2016

Why You Need Effective Website SEO From Day One

Does your website feel a bit like a needle in a haystack? It's in there somewhere, but really hard to find! This is why you need effective website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from day one. At the very start of your website creation. Before you start to rebuild your website.
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Search Marketing Newcastle

October 25 2016

Your Quick Start Guide To Effective Website SEO

71% of B2B searchers start their research with a generic search. (Source: Google). Website SEO. If you're not familiar with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and search marketing then my quick start guide is aimed at giving you the fundamentals of SEO for your website. Including the current SEO techniques (at time of writing) and my insight, having optimised many websites, in many sectors over the past few years.
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how to keep your online store fresh and inviting

October 13 2016

How to Create a Blog That People and Google Will Love in 4 Clear Steps

Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links. You need to drive traffic to your business website and showcase your expertise. One of the most powerful ways to do this is to regularly create new content via your blog. Your blog is a key element in your Content Marketing strategy. You need to make sure that both your audience and Google can find your blog posts.
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how to get to the top of search

October 3 2016

3 Simple Ways to Build a Powerful Keyword Strategy

You want to climb to the top, the top of the search rankings. Why, because you know being high on search means potentially more clicks and more eyes on your products and services. Providing you with more chances to promote and drive business via your website.
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voice overs for websites

September 22 2016

Why You Need to Give Your Words a Voice

[Guest blog and associate] Why might your business need a voice over artist? Giving your words a voice with Jo Whitfield our go-to Voice Over Artist. Read her journey to Voice Over expertise, the wonders of the voice over world and the sort of things a Voice Over can bring to your business.
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crafting website content

September 15 2016

Why You Need to Make Your Website Content Awesome

[Free Check List- 10 Point Content Strategy Check List] Start with your customer, is your content really talking to them? Is your website giving your visitors the messages and information that they really need? Are you getting straight to the point and providing value?
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September 6 2016

Just Launched Your New Website? Here’s What You Need To Do Now

[Free Check List Download - 10 Point Content Strategy Check List] This is just the beginning. Your new website is the perfect foundation on which to build your digital marketing strategy. You need it to be your hardest working employee, available to your customers every day and every hour, informing them, helping them and adding value.
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what are google updates

August 16 2016

Googles Algorithm Updates. What Do They Mean To Your Business?

At Arttia Creative our clients ask us how the impact of regular changes in search affects their rankings. What they should be considering when developing their website strategy and their content to best promote their products and services online. So here's my take how Googles algorithm updates can impact on your businesses and how you promote yourselves on line.
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August 2 2016

How to Create Fast Loading, Beautiful Images For An Awesome Blog (and Website)

A fast loading web page or blog post is one of the critical elements to your users experience and your SEO performance. Your visitors care as much about how fast it loads as how useful it is. Follow my insight and create fast loading images for your blog and your Website.
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July 23 2016

How to Redevelop Your Next Website Without Tears

It's that time again. That time when feedback shows that your company’s website is either looking dated or its content isn’t in keeping with your current business model? As more and more businesses develop an online presence, so it becomes increasingly important that your company's website is a real business driver.
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June 25 2016

Helping You to Break Through The Noise

When it comes to being able to work on building, growing and marketing your business - rather than working within it - how much time can you spare? And even if you could set aside the time do you know where to start?
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June 18 2016

The Tools Your Web Designer Needs For Awesome Website Content Creation

[Free Download - 10 Point Content Strategy Check List] Websites are multifaceted creations. Your website needs to be created, built, developed using a wide range of tools and assets. Websites are created with code and markup in which you can present your content. Without awesome content they are empty code frames. Having outstanding, well designed content can really make you stand out and grab your visitors attention.
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May 27 2016

Why WordPress is our Content Management System of choice

You've most likely heard of WordPress. It's popular. It's very popular. It powers almost 25% of the worlds websites. That's a lot of websites, a lot of businesses using and relying on WordPress for their online presence. So what's the reason for this?
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April 13 2016

3 Great Reasons Why Your Business Doesn’t Need a Logo

Your business doesn't just need a logo, it deserves so much more. In today's multi platform, multi digital world you need a flexible brand identity that can scale for every possible situation required. Instantly visible and instantly recognisable in all situations.
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February 4 2016

4 Quick Ways to Get your New Website Noticed

How to get noticed in the busy online space. It can be difficult to get your message noticed in the constant flow of information online. Here are my 4 quick ways for quick wins online.
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December 3 2015

What the Greatest Roman Architect Can Teach You About Web Design

Vitruvius sought to address the ethos of architecture, and declared that its quality was dependent on the social relevance of an artist's work, not on the form or workmanship of the work itself. In other words, a building might look pretty - but did it do the job it was intended to do?
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August 30 2015

How Do I Start Blogging for My Business?

If your business is online you’ve probably heard about blogging or, can be sometimes called, ‘Content Marketing.’ As part of Content Marketing this form of writing provides in-depth, long form information about you and your business that’s helpful and useful to potential customers. To drive business and traffic business blogging is a critical element of your marketing.
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June 11 2015

Arttia Creative’s Top 10 SEO Blogging Boosts: updated for 2018

[Updated for 2018] As one of the most effective Content Marketing types, blogging can boost traffic, engagement, clicks and conversions. So make sure it's always the best. This post was created in 2015, so I've updated it to include the latest best practice for 2018
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March 19 2015

How to Build an eCommerce Website that Drives Sales and Boosts Profits

Thinking of developing an eCommerce website and online store? Imagine if you could combine the shopping opportunities offered by Bond Street in London, Fifth Avenue in New York, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Ginza in Tokyo. We specialise is WooCommerce and Shopify platforms.
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February 22 2014

6 Ideas to Help Promote Your New eBook

It's been a labour of love and you are proud about your new ebook.Great. But how are you going to let people know it's there amongst the many other thousands of ebooks. It seems like everyone is writing their own books these days, so how do you get yours noticed above all of the others?
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January 1 2014

Get Your Website Fit – New Web Design

Time for a website review? Time to 'perfect' your online presence? The online world is constantly changing, so your website needs to be fit, healthy and up-to-date so you can compete and win online. Here are my tips to get your website working hard.
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May 18 2013

5 Tips When Planning Your Website Content

You know your website could be working harder to drive business enquiries. But where to start with crafting the content you need? It can seem like a daunting task, not just the technical aspect, but what to put in it, where to start.
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March 6 2013

What to Look For When Hiring a Web Design Company

Choosing a web design company can seem a bit daunting. You know your website is a critical piece of your marketing jigsaw. Having provided creative design for business for over 30 years and web design for business for over 15 years, here are a few of my tips on what you should look for.
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website photo shoot

January 15 2012

How to Get The Best Photography For Your Website

Your website is critical to your business. Make sure it exudes your personality throughout, not just in the words, but with your photography. Having worked on web design for over 15 years I know how critical it is for your web designer to work extremely closely with your photographer at the start of your website project.
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