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Designing for Health: How Visual Identity Shapes Patient Trust

May 28, 2024

In all industries, a strong brand is essential. It shapes how you are perceived and promises your customers or clients what they can expect from your company, products, or services.

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Why your Life Sciences Brand Identity, Website and Digital Marketing Must Work in Harmony

April 19, 2024

Increasing brand awareness and generating leads and sales is crucial in the highly competitive and fast-moving life sciences market. As the industry innovates and evolves, a standout online presence has become essential to attract investment, partners, and customers.
But where do you start?

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The Importance of Brand Consistency for Life Science, Healthcare, Biotech and Pharma Businesses

April 11, 2024

In an era of heightened competition and consumer expectations, cultivating loyalty and building trust are critical for a brand’s success. To establish a consistent brand presence and build that trust, interactions with your brand must be cohesive across all customer or client brand touchpoints.

That’s where brand consistency comes in.

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Biotech Branding: Seamlessly Weaving Your Biotech Vision into Your Website

November 6, 2023

When increasing biotech brand awareness, websites are one of the few must-have elements for any high-growth biotech or Life Science venture. A versatile and effective tool for our digital age, they can be at the same time an advertisement, information centre, communications channel and contact hub.

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Assessing the success of your life sciences brand how to measure the unmeasurable

Assessing the Success of your Life Sciences Brand – How to Measure the Unmeasurable

April 14, 2023

Branding is an important element of life sciences marketing. Without a strong brand, your digital marketing budget may not generate the impact you need.

But how will you know if you have a successful brand?

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How to Write a Brief for a Healthcare Branding and Website Design Agency

January 2, 2023

The purpose of a brief is to set expectations, specify objectives, identify the target audience, communicate the brand requirements, set timeframes and responsibilities.
A brief should be the starting point for a two-way conversation, a guide to your business and a description of the problems or opportunities you face. Great briefs inspire creativity and build that all-important relationship between you and the brand, website or marketing consultancy.
It shouldn’t define the scope.

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The Importance of Branding for Early-Stage Healthcare Companies

May 12, 2022

Innovation Forum Interview. Building brand recognition is a long-term endeavour.
If you’re a startup founder looking to attract partners, especially large companies and firms, the way your brand speaks to them will drive their first impression of your company.

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The Power of Messaging for Successful Life Science Ventures

The Power of Messaging for Successful Life Science Ventures

April 21, 2022

Headings, subheadings, callouts, pull quotes, calls-to-action. Messaging is one of the primary strategic stages of your content-led life sciences website project, that sits with all of your communications. We hear a lot about the importance of website content. We also know that content helps to drive a business towards its goals. But we seldom hear about messaging.

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How Early Investment In Branding Could Be The Key To Success For A Life Sciences Startup.

Early Investment in Branding is the Key To Success for your Life Sciences Startup

March 17, 2022

In a recent analysis of startup post-mortems, CB Insights identified 12 common reasons why startups fail – and creating a unique, compelling and coherent brand identity can go a long way to addressing some of the big ones.

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How to use Twitter for Life Science Brand Building and Outreach

How to use X (Twitter) for Life Science Brand Building and Outreach

May 12, 2021

Twitter is still the world’s #1 go-to platform for breaking news, live events, online networking, customer service, conversations, accessing hard to reach people, building relationships, and so much more. Gone are the days when marketers can bulk-automate link-filled spammy tweets. Twitter has evolved and so have its users. Arttia Creative Helps Life Sciences Talk to More People.

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