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Arttia Creative Sector SVG Consumer Health

Revitalising branding, website design and creative marketing for consumer health and wellness ventures

Elevate your consumer health products or wellness brand with our brand identity and website design expertise. We understand the unique challenges consumer health businesses face and are here to ensure your innovative products and services shine in a competitive market.

With a keen focus on brand identity, our team crafts compelling digital experiences that resonate with your audience, driving engagement and solidifying your position as a health and wellness sector leader. Let us transform your online presence into a powerful tool that reflects the innovation and impact of your brand. Once your brand and website completed, we can also create packaging and sales materials.

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Establishing trust and credibility

Building trust is essential in the consumer healthcare market. Consumers are particularly cautious about the products they choose from the wellbeing sector.

The challenge lies in convincing them of the product's safety and effectiveness through transparent, evidence-based marketing.

Arttia Creative can help you build credibility by helping you structure clear product information, showcasing clinical data, certifications and ethical practices.

Adhering to regulatory requirements

The consumer healthcare industry is subject to stringent regulations, which vary by region and product type (such as supplements, over-the-counter medications, or wellness devices).

Ensuring that all marketing materials comply with these regulations is crucial–this includes accurate labelling, substantiated health claims, and avoiding misleading information, which is vital to prevent legal issues and maintain consumer trust.

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Target audience engagement and personalisation

Arttia Creative is experienced in tailoring marketing efforts to reach and resonate with different consumer segments. Personalisation is increasingly essential; consumers expect marketing communications to recognise their health needs and preferences – this can require strategic use of data and insights to craft personalised messages and select the most effective channels for engagement.

Creating branding, packaging, website and promotional materials for:

Product packaging and promotional materials for:

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Over-the-counter Medications
  • Personal Care Products
  • Digital Health Devices

Branding and website for:

  • Fitness and Exercise Programs
  • Wellness Coaching and Counselling
  • Spa and Wellness Centers
  • Health and Wellness Apps
Arttia Creative Sector SVG Consumer Health

Our expertise

Even though very powerful, web design alone can sometimes only solve some of your marketing problems; you need a holistic approach that includes your brand, marketing, and website working together in harmony.

A consumer health website without branding, promotion or visibility isn’t enough for market-leading researchers.

At the core of our services lies the creation of distinctive company brand identities and intuitive web design. However, our expertise extends beyond this. With Arttia Creative, you won't need to juggle multiple agencies to achieve cohesive and effective digital marketing outcomes.

Arttia Creative helps you achieve a stand-out digital presence, differentiates you from competitors and helps you reach the audience, partners and patients you need to make the world healthier.

Consumer Health Website Design


Your digital roadmap

Our digital strategy workshops help us determine the most effective, powerful creatives for your healthcare web and brand development, all planned out in your digital roadmap.

Creating your digital roadmap helps avoid a scattergun  giving clear objectives and structure to your brand identity, web build, deployment, and subsequent marketing.

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Brand identity

Telling your brand story

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Brand development through distinctive and transformative creativity helps to position your brand as a leader in consumer health and wellness.

Our creative branding development complements our web design and tailored digital marketing strategy to enhance your marketing efforts.


Your digital marketing hub

At Arttia Creative, we have over 20 years of experience in website design and over 10 years of experience in life sciences search optimisation. Our team know how to grow your online audience organically and dramatically.

While SEO is part of our website development process, we also provide ongoing content marketing services to keep your website fresh and the search engines returning.

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Creative design

Graphic design and visual communications

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We're confident your new brand and website will exceed your expectations, but what about your other marketing materials?

Arttia Creative can help you level up your other offline and online marketing collateral to ensure high-quality, cohesive branding, consistent messaging and engaging design.

With long-standing design expertise in creating product packaging, brochures, slide decks, white papers, infographics, videos, social media assets and more, Arttia Creative is the creative partner you’ve been looking for to help you streamline all your consumer healthcare digital marketing and communication needs.

Our difference

Creative Led

Creativity is at the heart of all we do. Creative ideas, unique and driven by UX, our web design is high quality and effective. Our web designers love nothing more than finding a clear and meaningful way to position complex and specialist consumer health and wellness content clearly and effectively. Your brand story is at the heart of what you do and we help you tell that story.

Consumer Health Specialists

The Arttia Creative team is a global, creative, collaborative community of driven, like-minded individuals. As practising creatives with a wealth of technical, marketing, and scientific knowledge and experience, we think differently from other brand and website agencies.

Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience in web design and over 30 years of experience in creative design, we’ve learned a thing or two about putting your business on the map, mastering the nuances required to reach the pinnacle of search results, growing audiences and amplifying content with precision and care.

Global and Local Positioning

We work with consumer health businesses from across the globe, including those local to us in the UK. We understand the nuances of global marketing and the finer needs of local marketing. We deliver the visibility you need.

Clear and Transparent

We know the journey is just as important as the destination. We have a refined and defined process for all of the projects we deliver. Using modern, easy-to-understand project management tools so you always feel on top of the project and your workload. Regular meetings, consistent communications and a structured process support your project.

Consistent Results

We are a true extension to your sales and marketing, a digital ally you can depend upon time and time again. We have clients we have worked with for over 10 years who know they can trust and rely on us to deliver when needed. Here for the long game.

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Interested in learning more about how our brand identity, packaging and website design can elevate your consumer health or wellness business?

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