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An online growth plan for science and technology ventures

Digital strategy workshop

At Arttia Creative, our unique Digital Planning Workshop is a vital process that covers a great deal quickly. The power of this session lies in an in-depth understanding of your company or organisation's goals and your creative and digital marketing needs.

Discovery and Strategy Workshop
  • What digital marketing should you do, where, and when?
  • Where is our audience online?
  • Where can you make the most impact quickly?
  • Where do you start with a rebranding project?
  • Do you need to rebrand? Is your messaging clear?
  • Do you have a compelling story that customers relate to?
  • Where to start with your website redesign project?
  • How do you know your website plans will deliver the results you need?
  • How to write a website redesign brief?

Your digital marketing workshop can be short, perhaps a couple of hours or span short sprints over a couple of days. The outcome is a short report but a clear step-by-step plan to get the online visibility you need.

Our digital marketing workshop transforms the multi-layered thoughts and insights that you and others hold into a meaningful set of criteria to articulate your business's message, enhance engagement, and effectively represent it online. It provides a more structured approach to your digital marketing plans rather than a scattergun approach.

Plus we credit you the investment you make in a digital road map when you start your project with us.

Digital workshop road map example

Discovery and Strategy Workshop

Following the Digital Planning Workshop, we provide a clear roadmap. This roadmap forms the core of deploying a robust digital marketing strategy and a stunning website, catering to all audience types and visitors' needs. It enables you to engage in highly relevant conversations, sales, and interactions with the right people online, 24/7, worldwide, in any time zone, thereby accelerating the goals of your life sciences venture.

We have a tried and tested process to extract the ambitions and status of your business from your mind and present you with a compelling vision online. Our Digital Planning Workshop is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each life sciences business is unique, and that is where the Arttia Creative Digital Planning Workshop excels in understanding and addressing your specific needs for a new website, one that drives significant traffic from the right visitors, turning your strategy into reality.

Your online Growth Plan.
Accelerating the goals of your life sciences venture

The power of our Digital Road Map is based around an in-depth understanding of your life sciences company, goals and digital marketing needs.


  • How are we going to tell the world about what you do
  • Our Workshop plays an instrumental role in transforming an idea into a reality.
  • All the planning, scoping and streamlining is done in the very beginning so everyone can witness tangible results.
  • You will come away with a simple playlist with everyone’s input collated and structured into a clear Statement of Work for your project.


  • What is your brand story? What is your why?
  • Understanding how to create your brand identity and building a brand story
  • What do you want your brand to stand for
  • How should you move forward

WEBSITE - road map

  • Planning and understanding what needs to be delivered is very often the hardest part of a website project.
  • The purpose is to clarify what we are building/creating for you and what success looks like.
  • Who are we trying to speak to with your website?
  • All the planning, scoping and any technical requirements are discussed as early as possible.

SEO - road map

  • Keyword strategy - which phrases are worth targeting, and how are you going to increase traffic
  • Tracking and reporting - what information do you need? What are your success metrics
  • Compliant data - GDPR and HIPPA are important factors when understanding how to track visitors
  • Conversion optimisation goals - fine-tuning every aspect of the user journey
Discovery and Strategy Workshop
Sector image half road map

Our life sciences digital road map workshop is ideal for:

  • Developing your brand
  • Your first website
  • Website refresh project
  • Rebranding and messaging
  • New product launch
  • Understanding your audience(s)
  • New digital marketing campaign
  • Next round of investor funding
  • Moving from research to commercial
  • Creating clarity around audience needs and your offering
  • Creating a cohesive and measurable marketing strategy

Interested in having a clear digital marketing roadmap for your life sciences venture?

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