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Designing for Health: How Visual Identity Shapes Patient Trust

May 28, 2024

In all industries, a strong brand is essential. It shapes how you are perceived and promises your customers or clients what they can expect from your company, products, or services.

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How to Write a Brief for a Healthcare Branding and Website Design Agency

January 2, 2023

The purpose of a brief is to set expectations, specify objectives, identify the target audience, communicate the brand requirements, set timeframes and responsibilities.
A brief should be the starting point for a two-way conversation, a guide to your business and a description of the problems or opportunities you face. Great briefs inspire creativity and build that all-important relationship between you and the brand, website or marketing consultancy.
It shouldn’t define the scope.

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The Importance of Branding for Early-Stage Healthcare Companies

May 12, 2022

Innovation Forum Interview. Building brand recognition is a long-term endeavour.
If you’re a startup founder looking to attract partners, especially large companies and firms, the way your brand speaks to them will drive their first impression of your company.

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Back to the Bio Future - Life Sciences insight

Back to the (bio)future 2

January 24, 2022

[Guest Article] It’s time again for a look at what the year ahead may bring for the Health and Life Sciences industry.

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Medical Website Legal Requirements

Medical Website Legal Requirements

September 16, 2021

Life science, biotech, healthcare and the pharmaceutical sector are heavily regulated. You navigate complex laws, regulations and guidelines at every stage of a product life cycle.

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How a Seamless User Journey Helps Create a Powerful User Experience

How a Seamless User Journey Helps Create a Powerful User Experience

March 28, 2021

Creating a User Journey is an essential part of a successful website’s design. Fundamentally, a User Journey is created to help understand and address user needs and pain points. Your User Journey helps you understand your website visitor behaviour, uncover gaps in their experience (UX), and then take action to optimise that experience.

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How High are Patient Expectations for Healthcare Websites

How High are Patient Expectations for Healthcare Websites?

February 15, 2021

Patients are very proactive with their healthcare-related research. Patients are ever more informed as they explore online. Your existing patients also want to engage with you online. Your healthcare website is essential in this situation. However, the online space can be complicated for health care. Many organisations struggle with conflicting priorities, and regulations and progress can seem daunting. That’s why a specialist healthcare website partner can make a massive difference.

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How Healthcare Companies can Leverage Content Marketing to Drive Sales

January 12, 2021

We know that everybody, including your customers and investors, is online, reading, researching, looking to connect with the right people in healthcare. Healthcare marketing, therefore, must focus on online lead generation to convert to sales, investment or partnership.

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Proven Benefits of a Discovery Workshop for your Website Project

Proven Benefits of a Discovery Workshop for your Life Science Project

October 30, 2020

[NEW PROJECTS – DIGITAL ROAD-MAP SESSION] At Arttia Creative our unique website project Discovery/Strategy Road-Map Workshop is a vital step that covers a great deal in a short amount of time.
It turns the multi-layered thoughts and insights that you, and others, hold in your head into a meaningful set of criteria to deliver exactly what you want to say about your business and how best to reflect that on-line.

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Website Copywriting Services

Powerful Website Copywriting – What We Need from You

September 15, 2020

At Arttia Creative our hand-picked team of professional website content and copywriters are skilled in creating engaging content, but they don’t know your life science business like you do. Yes, they are proficient in doing research, and they may have experience in your industry, but to do a great job, they need you to share information, personal insights and knowledge.

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