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Digital Health

Designing for Health: How Visual Identity Shapes Patient Trust

May 28, 2024

In all industries, a strong brand is essential. It shapes how you are perceived and promises your customers or clients what they can expect from your company, products, or services.

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The Importance of Expertise, Authority and Trust in Biotech Websites

January 26, 2023

Your website is often the first place visitors will interact with your brand, so it must feel approachable, trustworthy and authoritative. Whilst scientific data and research is important to present on your website, it doesn’t cover everything you need to include when showcasing your expertise, building authority and gaining trust.

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FemTech Venture Web Design

FemTech – A Digital Revolution Transforming Women’s Lives

February 4, 2022

With around 50% of the global population as target customers and market potential above $75 billion by 2025, the Women’s technology health market is rapidly evolving and growing. In 2020, there were more than 1000 start-ups in addition to established tech companies in the FemTech market, all creating products and technological solutions to address women’s health care needs.

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