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Branding is a vital part of Life Science business success

Developing a strong and engaging visual identity will set you apart from the competition. A brand is your promise of difference. It is so much more than a logo, a brand sets out your personality, values, and expectations.

Your life science brand is there to help to create clarity of message and expectations which needs to be consistent across all of your communications and media. Your life science brand is there to enable you to communicate powerful, effective, and coherent messages to specific customers worldwide.

Life Science Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Identity design for life sciences
  • Brand Identity for consumer health products
  • Brand Identity for Biotechs
  • Brand Identity for medical devices
  • Product Brand Identity
  • Start-up Brand Identity
  • Health Tech Brand Identity
  • Sustainable Energy Brand Identity


branding is key

How are you different? A strong brand creates a natural sense of pride in your business and distinguishes you in your marketplace. It empowers you to be bold and original and ensures your business is instantly recognisable, distinct and unique. Read our blog post all about 'Why your business doesn't need a logo".


the creative process

To develop your visual identity the first thing we’ll do is listen to you. To what you want your business to achieve and your plans to get there. Then we’ll help you tell the world what you do, beautifully and in a way that gets results.

Read our blog post all about 'Creating a powerful immersive life science brand".


brand guidlines

The use of brand guidelines is a vital part of establishing the visual voice of your business. They’ll provide you with a clear framework to work within and ensure synergy and consistency throughout all your marketing activities.

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Life Science

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Geo Science

Sustainable, Oil, Gas, Nuclear

What is branding and why should startup founders care?

A conversation with Matt from the Innovation Forum and  Belinda White, Creative Director from Arttia Creative, about the importance of having a brand that reflects company values from the very beginning.


Life Science branding articles and insight

The Importance of Branding for Early-Stage Healthcare Companies

Innovation Forum Interview. Building brand recognition is a long-term endeavour.
If you’re a startup founder looking to attract partners, especially large companies and firms, the way your brand speaks to them will drive their first impression of your company.

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The Power of Messaging for Successful Life Science Ventures

The Power of Messaging for Successful Life Science Ventures

Headings, subheadings, callouts, pull quotes, calls-to-action. Messaging is one of the primary strategic stages of your content-led life sciences website project, that sits with all of your communications. We hear a lot about the importance of website content. We also know that content helps to drive a business towards its goals. But we seldom hear about messaging.

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How Early Investment In Branding Could Be The Key To Success For A Life Sciences Startup.

Early Investment in Branding is the Key To Success for your Life Sciences Startup

In a recent analysis of startup post-mortems, CB Insights identified 12 common reasons why startups fail – and creating a unique, compelling and coherent brand identity can go a long way to addressing some of the big ones.

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"Superb service at every stage of the process of creating my new website. From the initial branding ideas to the SEO refinements - I can’t recommend Arttia Creative highly enough. A pleasure to work with."

– K Wildman / Haydn Grey
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