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The Importance of Expertise, Authority and Trust in Biotech Websites

How can Biotech and E.A.T work together to create great results (Expertise – Authority – Trust).

With Biotech companies, science is at the heart of what you do.
As designers and creatives, storytelling and narrative are at the heart of what we do.

Combining these two disciplines go towards creating the perfect website for your biotech business.

Your website is often the first place visitors will interact with your brand, so it must feel approachable, trustworthy and authoritative. Whilst scientific data and research is important to present on your website, it doesn't cover everything you need to include when showcasing your expertise, building authority and gaining trust.

What is E.A.T?

E-A-T is part of Google’s algorithm and baked into Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines.

E-A-T is one of many guidelines Google uses to determine whether the content is valuable to readers and whether it should rank well. The first mention of E-A-T occurred in 2014 when Google added the concept to their Search Quality Guidelines.

Google search is paying attention to the following in your website content:

  • The Expertise of the creator of the content.
  • The authoritativeness of the content's creator, the content itself, and the website.
  • The Trustworthiness of the content's creator, the content itself, and the website.

Google's E.A.T. is a set of SEO requirements to ensure high-quality content and a trustworthy website. E.A.T. requires expertise in the topic, a website with a good reputation, and content that inspires trust from the reader. These factors help Google assess the overall quality of your website and its content, which can impact your website's search engine ranking.

By entrusting your website to Arttia Creative - a company founded on creativity blended with science sector experience- you can be confident that you are providing your website visitors with the best possible experience. A website that is easy to find because we incorporate search engine optimisation alongside creative innovation that can boost your biotech website to the top of Google’s search pages.

For Biotech companies hoping to reach customers online, Google requires more than just images and text to ensure their users read the most relevant content to their search query. At Arttia Creative, we can help your biotech website reach its potential by constantly considering Google's all-important E.A.T. framework.

Being found, encouraging visitors, and then once you have them – grabbing visitors’ attention to ensure they engage with you. By including personable and approachable copywriting with a science perspective, we aim to boost your website to the top of Google searches.

Helpful content and search quality.

In recent months (at the time of writing), Google has rolled out its "helpful content" update, emphasising the importance of creating high-quality, applicable content that provides value to users. The update prioritizes websites with well-researched, detailed content that solves users' problems and answers their questions. The update also considers user engagement, time spent on a page, and click-through rates. This update aims to provide users with the most relevant and helpful information available on the web.

Authority within an industry is an element we blend into your website in a number of ways. the copywriting team at Arttia Creative - work to blend words and phrases that Google recognises as trustworthy to find the right customers for your products.

We will also recommend that you include reviews and testimonials so that visitors can see social proof. Blending creative writing with your scientific data and research will make your innovation easier to understand for non-scientists and faster for your fellow scientists.

Carefully constructed content.

Biotech website design includes your scientific content, research and statistics. But this needs to be easy to understand and explained in a manner that befits all website visitors and Google.

As such, a Biotech website’s most important aspect is communication. A welcoming and approachable tone of voice across your website will strengthen website visitors' trust. Using aspects of narrative and storytelling- company history, brand story, founder story, product story, and customer story can provide a personal element and human touch - building trust.

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Linking outreach

External links are hyperlinks that direct readers to a website other than your own. You may think using external links seems counter-intuitive—these links take people away from your website; however, incorporating link citations can be one of the essential sources of ranking power.

When you add trustworthy and relevant website links to your content, it improves the credibility of your own website. In addition, valuable external links provide your readers with references, which will enhance your website’s authority – much like the process you use to cite sources in a bibliography for an academic paper—it shows that you’ve created your content based on sound research.

Linking to news articles, papers, and supporting research adds weight to your website. Or linking to an external site that references your company on your own website can highlight a paper trail of trust and previous experience that customers seek.

Showcase your team - put a face to your company

Authority can be highlighted in your about and team pages. Your team consists of highly experienced scientists, thought leaders, creators, innovators and founders. Showcasing their qualifications, past and current experience, and their profile within your company is a perfect way to build trust and authority. Demonstrating the team's expertise in the subject matter and your products and innovations.

Biotech Websites

Your website should regularly update its content to stay relevant and accurate, encouraging user engagement and interaction through downloads, reviews, and other means, and responding to user feedback. Provide contact information, including an email address, phone number, and physical address, to increase its credibility and encourage conversations.

Arttia Creative - here to help you showcase your Expertise, Authority and build Trust.

Arttia Creative specialises in clarifying complex concepts for readers and creating websites with a human element. We have a long-standing history of creating healthcare and Biotech website design and have worked with life sciences companies worldwide.

We work across your company, assisting and alleviating the pressure on the marketing team and working with everyone from the board level to all other departments to provide expertise across all aspects of your brand and digital marketing.

We source high-quality, appropriate imagery and speak in scientific and creative terms, creating an accessible blend for website visitors. We see ourselves as your partner, working with your company to collaborate and improve your website with comprehensive after-launch support.

As website and brand consultants to life sciences, Arttia Creative have tried and tested processes which achieve results across all aspects of your website, from the opening page to the behind-the-scenes website management systems.

Following the E.A.T. framework and incorporating copywriting and storytelling into your scientific research creates the perfect blend of readability for your visitors. Highlighting your company’s experience, authority, and trust will ensure Google algorithms and customers favour you.

The Takeaway.

By choosing to work with Arttia Creative, you are placing your trust in an experienced and well-versed company that, as website designers, has a wealth of knowledge on creating the perfect website for Biotech and life sciences companies.

Working together, your company and Arttia Creative can create an approachable and understandable website for visitors. Combining your innovation, any scientific data presented with the right tone of voice, and personal writing, we can create the perfect website for your company, customers, and your brand.

Creating a website that can meet Google's EAT standards and improve its visibility and credibility in search results.

Let's get started.

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Belinda White | Creative Director

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