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It’s Time to Get Google to EAT Your Website For Powerful Results

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and search engine optimisation, Google has introduced an enhancement to its algorithm, transforming E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) into E-E-A-T by adding 'Experience'.

Google introduced the concept of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) in December 2022; this update built upon the existing E-A-T guidelines, adding the 'Experience' factor to refine further the quality and reliability of the content in search engine results.

This new factor underscores the significance of first-hand or life experience in content creation, thereby enriching the credibility and authenticity of the information presented.

This update reflects Google's commitment to prioritising high-quality content that demonstrates expert knowledge and resonates with genuine, lived experiences.

For businesses in the biotech and healthcare sectors, this evolution presents a unique opportunity. It allows them to highlight experiential insights alongside authoritative information, thereby enhancing their visibility and engagement in search results and potentially gaining a competitive edge.

Embracing this nuanced approach is not just beneficial, it's essential. It will be key for maintaining competitive advantage and fostering deeper connections with your audience in the ever-evolving digital marketing and SEO landscape.

Expertise – Authority – Trust

Your business website is your 24/7/365 shop window to the world. Very often the first encounter a potential new customer is going to have with your Biotech or Life Science brand. That is why every aspect of their experience on your website needs to communicate your Expertise, Authority and build Trust. Creating a level of confidence is important for your visitors, but also, these elements are factors that influence your results with Google. Appearing high in the search results for your business increases visibility and increases visitors to your website, promoting and increasing enquiries and eventually sales.

Google endeavours to present the most relevant and the highest quality search results, an element of its algorithm looks for these three factors on your pages (your content) as part of its metrics – Expertise, Authority and Trust.

World Leading Website Consultancy to Biotech and Life Science Businesses

Being specialists in your sector enables us to rapidly understand your unique needs enabling us deliver powerful results quickly. Saving you time, stress and money and delivering the best ROI.

Biotech and Life Science businesses need to showcase their expertise

Visitors to your website seek out evidence of expertise and authority, more now than ever before. In an era of fake news and miss information online these factors are increasingly critical. As Biotech or Life Science organisations, your expertise and authority need to be prominent in every aspect of your website and online activity to compete in today's digital world. Not only does this increase Googles chance of giving your business a high-quality rating, but it will also make sure you showcase your products and services in the very best light.

The design, user experience, copy and images on your website combine to present a high-quality experience for your visitors. Every interaction and micro-moment should reflect your brand and tone-of-voice. For example paying particular attention to; thank you messages, calls-to-action and follow-up sequences that are well written and helpful will show you care about your user's journey. Avoid leaving any 'default' or 'technical code' messages in place, as these will dimish the overall experience.

Engaging Content in the Biotech and Science Sectors

Avoid low quality content

Low-quality pages are of little use to your visitor. For example, imagine an encyclopedia article with just a few paragraphs on a broad topic such as Biodiversity provides no use to a reader.

Your industry demands evidence of expertise and trustworthy content. Critical topics such as medical advice, legal advice, financial advice, etc., need to come from authoritative sources in their fields.

With this in mind, when creating content, you should consider who is responsible for the website or page's content. Identifying top expert writers within your organisation is very valuable.

Expert writers within your organisation can help showcase your expertise, authority and trust. If evidence of expertise, authoritativeness, or trustworthiness is lacking, both Google and your visitors will likely perceive a low rating.

Expert writers, authors or contributors to your website need extensive expertise in the topics you use to promote your business to multiple stakeholders and customers. Encourage your team and colleagues to be part of the process of adding value to the wide range of expertise and experience they can provide.

Website factors that Google is looking for

This presents a fantastic opportunity for you to stand out both online and in your sector. It will increase quality traffic to your website and help to drive business growth:

  • Your website is maintained and edited regularly
  • Content should be detailed and in-depth to provide answers to the visitor for a page’s unique topic and purpose – topics that the Biotech and Life Science sectors cover typically require more information than the narrow topics of other businesses.
  • Your pages and their associated content has evidence of expert, authoritative, and trustworthiness for the topic
  • Your website has a positive reputation for its industry
  • Your website features detailed supporting information, for example, “About us,” “Contact,” or “Customer Service” content
  • Your website features supplementary content that enhances the user’s enjoyment and experience of that web page content
  • The page is designed in a way that allows your visitors to quickly locate the information they want


As a Biotech or Life Science business, your website is a critical platform to showcase your expertise. A place to present an in-depth perspective of what you do and your difference. This is vital for medical and life science websites. Content to present your expertise in an engaging and interesting format can include:

  • Clear and concise copywriting
  • Evidence of expert writing – white papers, case studies, clinical evidence
  • Social proof from testimonials or accreditations
  • Graphics and diagrams that provide evidence
  • Professionally produced video or audio guides
  • Industry though pieces
Website Development for Biotech and Life Science Businesses


For both new and established Biotech or Life Science businesses your website can help to present you as the leading authority within your area. Presenting a confident and clear representation of your specialities. A few aspects to consider are:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Credentials, accreditations and industry bodies
  • Business experience
  • Provide actionable advice
  • Offer information from reputable sources
  • Regular, value driven content
  • Unique solutions and a clear vision
Website Development for Biotech and Life Science Businesses


Everything on your website should present trust and build your reputation. From having an SSL secure website and accreditation logos to professional photography and well-written copy. These are some of the elements you can include in your website to build trust:

  • HTTPS domain
  • High authority pages generally are down to trust and can have a lower bounce rate, more time on site and more pages visited each time they visit your website
  • Industry testimonials and product/service reviews
  • An information centre
  • Downloads and resources
  • Regular news articles or thought pieces
  • Articles presented on LinkedIn
  • Videos and transcripts of industry event speaking
  • Influencer endorsements
  • A well produced and designed 'about us' page
Website Development for Biotech and Life Science Businesses

World Leading Website Consultancy to Biotech
and Life Science Businesses

Being specialists in your sector enables us to rapidly understand your unique needs enabling us deliver powerful results quickly. Saving you time, stress and money and delivering the best ROI.

The Takeaway.

In the scientific community and Biotech and Life Sciences business keeping in mind, these E-A-T factors when creating content for your website will increase your chances of driving the right visitors to your website providing you with the opportunity to turn them into valuable, long-term customers. In the digital age, people need many touch points to build their trust in you. The more opportunities you have to showcase your uniqueness the greater the chance of success.

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