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Dolezal Consulting Marketing Strategy
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Website Consultants and Digital Strategy to Life Science and Highly Technical Niche Markets

Arttia Creative – Associate Spotlight

Arttia Creative has been delivering outstanding projects via an effective 'agile team' business model for over 10 years. Our collective is a team of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in their chosen discipline. The Arttia Creative Collective ensures we always have the exact skills you need to deliver the very best project, every time. As world leading website consultants to the biotech and life science sectors, we understand the need for specialist support that delivers powerful results.

Joanne Dolezal - Marketing Strategist

Joanne is our expert marketing strategist. A calm voice of in a field where there are so many possible starting points that you can risk being paralysed by choice. Not sure where to begin your marketing efforts? Or how to take the first step? Afraid of getting it wrong and wasting your valuable time and money?

Joanne works with our clients to create a step-by-step actionable marketing plan. She’ll talk to you about what you want to achieve. And start, as she says, “with the end in mind.”

Dolezal Consulting Marketing Strategy

Joanne Dolezal – Lead Consultant and Trainer

Joanne has a background in enterprise and marketing, running her first business in Prague in the 1990s. Roles in travel, technology transfer and destination marketing followed before she realised her ambition of helping businesses to harness the power of marketing and develop their full potential.

She founded Dolezal Consulting in 2009, a highly successful marketing and communications consultancy and holds an MA Marketing (Northumbria University) and Prof Dipl. Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing Institute).

A love of teamwork and collaboration enables Joanne to offer a broad range of marketing solutions, as well as creating in-house tools and models to help business owners and marketers see the future much more clearly.

Joanne is a part-time tutor in Digital Marketing for CIM and DMI in the North of England for nesma, through whom she offers in-house training in Social Media, Content Marketing and Email Marketing to individuals and teams who need to develop their skills and apply them now. Training clients include SAGE UK, GenToo, NeLEP, InTraining and NNTA, along with over 200 business owners and marketers who have attended open workshops in the North East.

Joanne developed a love of science and technology whilst at Cenamps, where she was responsible for compiling and updating the North East technology asset register. She conducted depth interviews with a variety of high-tech and R&D companies, establishing what equipment and resources they could offer, as well as finding out what kind of support they would most value. Cenamps was the Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology, Microsystems and Photonics, a pivotal technology transfer agency, funded by One North East to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

As Marketing Networks Manager, Joanne was central to developing Cenamps role in key science and technology industry networks as well as helping the CEO secure the Nanotechnology KTN for Cenamps.

Her familiarity with the challenges technical specialists face in taking their services to market has been central to projects with biotech commercialisation; geological surveying; BIM consultancy; polymer science; hazardous waste management; occupational medicine; fire safety and security; and a host of B2B service and third sector organisations.

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“I love marketing. I love inspiring others to see their potential and taking them to market. For me, marketing is a science and the field, human behaviour. If we can positively influence others so they select us over alternatives, our experiment has worked. Studying customers to see how we do this, that’s key.”

Joanne Dolezal

Dolezal Consulting Marketing Strategy
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Courses and Workshops

Dolezal Consulting Marketing Strategy

Joanne delivers a wide range of highly informative and action driven marketing webinars, in-person workshops and courses.

Titles include; Introduction to Content Marketing, Content Marketing The Next Level, Introduction to Social Media, Advanced Social Media, Social Media for B2C, Social Media for B2B, Introduction to Email Marketing and MailChimp.

Free webinars include; Social Media, to pay or not to pay, The Three R's for Social Media Success, The 7 Habits of Successful Content Marketing.

Take a look at the full range here.

The Takeaway.

Having a professional marketing strategy and implementing it in the correct way is critical to driving sales and brand authority. If you need a tailored strategy for your Biotech or Life Science business, then speak to Joanne.

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About Belinda White

Belinda White, Website Consultant, Digital Strategist and award winning Designer with over 25 years’ experience of developing and creating successful brand, print and digital campaigns for her clients. Belinda knows upcoming industry trends, best practices and a talent for interpreting her client’s businesses, both on and off-line. Past creative industry experience includes working on creative projects for BP, Shell, P&G, Marks & Spencer, Nike, WH Smiths, Master Foods, Co-op, Argos and Sage to name a few. Expert in Life Science Web Design and Digital Consulting. Crafting all aspects of print design, branding development, front-end web development, user experience design, search engine optimisation, email marketing campaigns and 10x content creation.