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Empowering Newcastle Science Innovators with Specialised Branding and Digital Marketing Solutions

Nestled in the vibrant city of Newcastle upon Tyne, the Newcastle Scientific Quarter stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration. This 24-acre development, a joint venture between Newcastle City Council, Newcastle University, and Legal & General, is a melting pot of businesses, researchers, and residents committed to addressing global health, energy, and technology challenges.

At Arttia Creative, we provide comprehensive branding and digital marketing solutions tailored to the life sciences, biotech, healthcare and medical, pharma, academic, and digital health sectors. Our expertise is particularly relevant for businesses within the Newcastle region, where cutting-edge innovation meets entrepreneurial spirit.

A Nexus of Innovation and Collaboration

The Newcastle Science innovation represents more than just a geographical location; it's a dynamic ecosystem fostering advancements across various sectors. The collaboration between academia, business, and research within this space accelerates innovation, making it an ideal environment for growth and discovery. Companies operating here are at the forefront of their fields, benefiting from an environment that nurtures innovation and facilitates networking opportunities.

Elevating North East Innovators with Strategic Expertise

Understanding the complexity and nuance of the sectors thriving within the region, Arttia Creative offers services designed to elevate your brand and digital presence. From crafting compelling brand narratives to developing optimized websites and executing sophisticated SEO strategies, our team is skilled at enhancing the digital footprint of companies in highly specialized fields. Our approach is not just about providing services but about offering strategic partnerships that align with your goals and ambitions.

Leveraging Global Insights for Local Impact

Our experience with life science companies worldwide equips us with a unique perspective on our partnerships with local businesses like those in the Newcastle Scientific community; this global insight and a deep understanding of the local ecosystem position us to offer local life science and biotech businesses an unmatched competitive edge. Our expertise could be the missing link in maximizing your online visibility and engagement, ensuring your innovations receive the recognition they deserve.

Unlocking the Potential of Newcastle Science Innovators with Expert Branding and Digital Strategy3

A Strategic Partnership for Future Success

Collaboration with Arttia Creative means more than just enhancing your marketing efforts; it's about securing a strategic partner dedicated to your success. Our expertise extends beyond traditional marketing to encompass a deep understanding of the life sciences and technology sectors. We are equipped to not only communicate your innovations effectively but also to position your brand in the global marketplace strategically.

The Opportunity Ahead

The Newcastle Science community is a hub of potential, with each company contributing to the tapestry of innovation that defines this community. As specialists in branding and digital marketing for the life sciences and technology sectors, Arttia Creative is poised to help these companies realise their full potential. Our partnership could be the catalyst for elevating your brand, enhancing your digital strategy, and securing your position as a leader in your field.

While we are passionate about collaborating with businesses at the Newcastle Science Quarter, we understand the importance of a partnership that truly resonates with your goals and objectives. Our invitation to connect is an opportunity for you to explore how our expertise could complement your innovations, perhaps revealing untapped potential in your marketing and branding strategies.

Unlocking the Potential of Newcastle Science Innovators with Expert Branding and Digital Strategy2

The Takeaway.

Innovation is about what you create and how you present and communicate your creations to the world. With Arttia Creative, you have a partner ready to ensure your brand and digital presence are as innovative as your solutions. Let's explore the possibilities together and set a new standard for success within Newcastle, the North East and beyond.

We've worked with and continue to support North East life science and healthcare companies, such as ESP Diagnostics, Newcastle Skin Partnership, Totallab, and Biosignatures.

If you are based in the North East of the UK and want to meet–let's talk.

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Belinda White | Creative Director

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