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Faster and More Effective Life Science Marketing with Virtual Meetings

As a Life Science Design Agency, we understand that when it comes to marketing your life science or biotech business, one of the most valuable resources that you and your Life Science marketing team have is your time.

That’s why, as a team, we offer fast and efficient video meetings when we work with you. Because the use of regular video calls helps us to reduce the time it takes to get your project started – and to retain its momentum and keep it moving once we’ve made a start.

Arttia Creative have many clients and have delivered many projects for life science companies and organisations located all over the world. Across a range of timezones. We are highly experienced in delivering complex digital projects via our seamless project delivery process. No matter your location, timezone or business stage.

Today’s video software is intuitive to use, secure, and reliable – and each participant can be heard with clarity, no matter where they are in the world. Gone are the days of echoed calls, distracting feedback, and dropped phone lines.

We offer both face-to-face (when appropriate) and regular video meetings when we work with you. We find that fast and efficient projects work well with regular virtual meetings that take up less of everyone's time. Virtual video meetings get more done, help the environment and provide you with international time-zone flexibility.

Faster and More Effective Life Science Marketing with Virtual Meetings

Attention to the details.

What’s more, calls can be recorded at the touch of a button, so even the finer details of a conversation are easy to access after the event. This means that minutes can be taken with accuracy – and agreed actions can be clearly outlined for execution and completion.

For any high-growth startup, there are numerous demands on your time – and energies. And as the world of work evolves and changes with the development of new technologies, we’ll help you to stay ahead.

As video provider Zoom reports, How and where we accomplish work today are so different from previous generations that organizations have to rethink how they accommodate the modern workplace, and how they respond to such shifts today will be critical to their success tomorrow.” (Zoom, Feb 5, 2020)

Staying ahead of the curve is essential, especially in a fast-moving sector like life science. The team at Arttia Creative are experienced in working across the life science and biotech sector, and we’re fully equipped and ready to help to position your company’s brand at the forefront of your industry.

Smooth processes.

So, how can we help you to overcome emerging workplace challenges in this ever-evolving space? Not only do we have the latest software to produce your design work – and powerful hardware that means we can handle even the largest design files. We also use a range of digital tools that can expedite your project, from conception and brief to sign off and delivery.

Efficient, productive – and climate-friendly – project management

Faster and More Effective Life Science Marketing with Virtual Meetings 8

Saving the planet, one video meeting at a time.

Each week, we balance our creative work in the studio with regular video calls to our clients both in the UK and overseas. The calls never last longer than necessary – and because they’re virtual, each party saves both time and money on travel.

As we look to the future – it’s clear that video calls offer growing businesses an effective way of working that offsets the need for unnecessary air travel and the related carbon emissions.

Vital when you consider that, “An economy-class return flight from London to New York emits an estimated 0.67 tonnes of CO2 per passenger, according to the calculator from the UN's civil aviation body, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)” (BBC News, 2019)

In addition, because we’ll help you to develop and maintain a hard-working, lead-generating website with effective digital marketing to build your business, you and your team won’t need to attend as many international life science conferences throughout the year – an invaluable benefit for the environment.

"Many researchers already complain about the relentless expectation of travel and worry about the carbon footprints they create by taking international flights."
Giuliana Viglione –

Flexible, frictionless working for stellar results

When you work with us, regular virtual meetings will ensure that we can plan ahead, reduce your stress, and help you stay ahead on top of your marketing strategy with regular, to-the-point communications.

For your added convenience, we have our own, branded project management tool that we use to keep every file, image, and message from your project in one place. So, you’ll always know what stage your project is at, where all your resources are stored – and who’s responsible for delivering what and when.

Whether you need to create regular content for your website, want life science marketing materials for a conference or exhibition, or are looking to brand your presentation decks – the ease with which we can project manage our work for you gives you added confidence and allows to you concentrate on the bigger picture for your business.

Faster and More Effective Life Science Marketing with Virtual Meetings

As a life science design agency Arttia Creative understand that for life science digital marketing to be effective, it needs a strategy that allows you to focus on your business goals. And so, we’ll work alongside you to deliver each item on your strategy as quickly as possible – so you can start to bring in leads, make sales, and grow your business.

We’re here to help science-led innovators like you to create the materials that will attract investment, attract partnerships and collaboration opportunities, and connect your business with your target audiences in new global markets.

And because we try and avoid lengthy meetings, our efficient project management can also help you to launch new products for your high-growth start-up – or expand your research to new markets with ease and at speed.

Faster and More Effective Life Science Marketing with Virtual Meetings

The Takeaway.

We’re based in the UK, with a global reach via video conferences and efficient project management.

Video calls are easy to set up, simple to access, and allow you to develop close and efficient working relationships with our experienced creative team from anywhere in the world.

At Arttia Creative, we focus on helping you to grow your business – and we find that fast, regular virtual meetings are an efficient way to see each project you brief us with delivered at speed and to your timeframe.

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Belinda White | Creative Director

Image credits: Arttia Creative, Unsplash and Adobe Stock

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