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Life Science and Highly Technical Niche Markets need high-quality content so that you can connect the right audience. However, this takes time and sustainability. You need to be on the ground, growing your business. Finding time for consistent Content Marketing is challenging.

Arttia Creative is here to provide you with an effective solution for your life science Content Marketing needs.

Imagine if you could sit down with every single person who clicked onto your Life Science website, and tell them exactly what your business offers. All of it. Every last detail. So they could understand exactly what you do, and how you could help them.

With Life Science Content Marketing and the right digital strategy, you can. Whether it’s through posting articles on a blog, on your website, producing a podcast or running a series of life science webinars Content Marketing and Digital Strategy help you to start a conversation. It helps people to understand you and the story of why you’re in business. It creates opportunities. It leads to business. And both your customers – and Google – will thank you for it.

We'll work with you to identify the strategy and User Experience required to guide your audiences when they are looking for your products and services online. And we’ll help you create a logical plan together with excellent, shareable content to spread the word about what you offer with style.

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Content Marketing for Science and Life Science
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Content Marketing for the Biotech, Life Science, Software, Pharmaceuticals, Geology and Energy sectors. Google loves writing that incorporates the key words and phrases your customers use to look for you online. It especially likes it if those words are woven through the writing on your websites, like a trail of pebbles gently leading the way through a forest or a series of small signposts leading to a specific destination – your business.

And – in today’s digital world – it’s not just about writing, but about infographics, videos, podcasts and webinars too. Inventive and creative ways of content marketing to tell your story and start a conversation with the world about what you do and why.

And, as the beneficiaries of these stunning life science websites, interesting blog posts, useful infographics and entertaining and educational videos, your customers will reward you with their loyalty and trust too.

Google rewards businesses that create this useful, original content by raising their rankings in search. Content Marketing helps you as it means your customers can find you online. Which, in turn, means you can increase your exposure, build your authority and grow your business.


Reach your goals with user experience, conversion pages
and lead funnels

Life Science Website User Experience and Digital Strategy. Ensuring that your customers can easily find what they’re looking for when they click on your site. It’s about making sure that your site does what you need it to do, with no glitches or hiccups. It’s about making sure it’s a place your customers want to visit and return to, a rich resource and a repository for your knowledge and helpful advice.

Integrated and well-designed Value Downloads, Conversion Pages and Lead Funnels that work perfectly on your website, creating sales and leads.

We’ll work with you to plan, structure, design and develop your life science website with the seamless user experience. Making it a pleasure to visit and a place to linger, explore and convert.

Life Science Web Design and Planning
Website and SEO Copywriting


What to say and how to say it

When we talk about keywords and storytelling, we’re talking about using the language your customers use when they’re looking for you. We’ll craft persuasive, relevant and optimised copywriting that covers keyword research, content creation and email marketing and conversions. We understand Science based businesses and the challenge of writing for this sector.

We base all our writing on research into your Science industry and work to convey your key sales messages, create trust and convert your prospects into customers. We specialise in copywriting for the Biotech, Life Science, Software, Pharmaceuticals, Geology and Energy sectors, with industry experience.


Connect with the right audience, guide them via beautiful response funnels

Let us help you profit from your website. We can work with you to create AUTOMATED MARKETING FUNNELS TO GENERATE LEADS AND SALES. Working with you to create unique value on your site and generate sales.

We’ll create unique ideas for downloads, assets, landing pages, conversion pages, marketing funnels to drive traffic and downloads on your site. Experts in web and print design with beautiful, creative graphics, intelligent design and art directed photo shoots to ensure that your campaigns stand out and breaks through the noise, both on and offline.

Creating original imagery, bespoke illustrations, icons and graphic designs, unique responsive HTML email designs, eBooks, eBook covers, customised MailChimp Newsletter Creatives, branded Automated Marketing and seasonal promotional campaigns to help you market and promote your business throughout the year.

Life Science Marketing Automation


Partnering with Biotech, Life Science, Software, Pharmaceuticals, Geology and Energy sectors to create and deliver engaging content marketing


Content for Biotech, Life Science, Software, Pharmaceuticals, Geology and Energy sectors. Effective, enchanting and enticing content. Professionally produced Content Marketing materials. Interactive, well designed, conversion based and tracked at all times so you know what is working and what needs refining.

Develop your ideas and create materials that will put you ahead online. Creating content for lead funnels, social media and online promotion, providing value to your customers. We will work with you to:

  • Write blog posts that are optimised for both your customers and search engines
  • Create branded 'Cheat Sheets’ to help your customers solve common problems
  • Design 'Definitive Guides’ to your services and products
  • Design bespoke eBooks and ePublications
  • Design bespoke, branded infographics
  • Design bespoke, branded downloads
  • Design bespoke, branded research documents
  • Produce an editorial calendar for clarity of content production and publication


Website Design for Life Science and Biotech Sectors


FREE 40-Page Guide. How To Take Your Biotech or Life Science Website To The Next Level.

It makes business sense to create a smarter life science website, providing you with the competitive edge your business needs. Does this sound interesting?

Fortunately, Life Science and highly technical science businesses like yours can build a competitive edge. A lead driving website together with the latest strategic content marketing. Download your FREE 40-page eGuide now.

"An exceptional resource on how to represent your Life Science or Biotech business online. Read this and you'll find a practical approach to engage with highly-discerning customers across the life sciences market segments through your website."

Life Science Business Consultant

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