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3 Great Reasons Why Your Business Doesn’t Need a Logo

Your business doesn't just need a logo; it deserves so much more.

In today's multi-platform, multi-digital world you need a flexible brand identity that can scale for every possible situation required. Instantly visible and instantly recognisable in all situations.  Telling your story.

1. Brand Flexibility

Your business brand isn't going to be seen in one place or at one size.
It needs to be able to adapt to many situations and mediums. From imagery and copy to voice and video.

You need your logo and brand identity designed in a way to fit a range of flexible formats. Not one logo but a range of logos and brand assets carefully designed to work in every situation you need.

Your brand will be rarely seen in isolation, often surrounded by many other elements, some of which are out of your control.

Because of this your brand needs to be flexible enough to represent your business in many situations, for example; small on social media, low resolution for smart phones, low resolution for web in RGB, higher resolution for retina display, highest resolution for printed literature in CMYK, simplified for emblems on clothing, through to large format on exhibition panels or bill board situations.

Your business branding needs to provide you and your audience with a connected and consistent experience wherever it is seen.

branding design Newcastle
Symmetry and balance
Branding Design Newcastle
Branding Design Newcastle

2. Brand Personality

Your brand needs to evoke you.
You're different.
You're unique.
You have a vision for your business and a set of values that set you apart.

So when it comes to developing your brand identity we like to get to know you and your business in as much depth as possible.

Our aim is to understand your past as well as your future plans, retaining any brand heritage that has value and recognition.

To create your perfect brand we'll consider your audience and what will appeal to them, creating a design that they'll remember. We'll develop an understanding of your tone of voice, your business personality and how you intend to speak to your customers. Your brands heritage, your origins, values and beliefs.

branding design Newcastle
Symmetry and balance
Branding Design Newcastle

3. Your story

Tell your story, weave it into your brand. Why you do what you do, your vision for the future. Your unique story.

Your brand needs to emotionally engage with the viewer, presenting your narrative in a beautiful and welcoming way. Encompassing your story helps evoke empathy and belonging with your audience and makes it something they want to be part of.  Take them on your journey, create a design that envelopes your purpose, visions and values and is stunning and original.

Branding Design Newcastle
Flexibility and consistency
Branding Design

Brand elements

All businesses need an identity. A strategic vision that ensures you have a voice. An identity that visually encompasses your business's uniqueness, tone of voice and personality. A strong brand can lead to greater commercial success.

Something that represents your past and future and represents what the company stands for.

The logo design
This central visual element that is your focal point. Your brand mark. This can be created in many forms; an icon, a logo type, an illustration. Incorporating this as a trade mark or logo provides a striking and memorable element that sets you apart.

The identity design

A range of visual devices and elements that when blended as a whole represent your company. Your Brand Style Guide shows how these elements are to be used in every situation. This style guides acts as a framework to ensure consistency across all of your marketing activity. It is a family of flexible elements that when brought together are instantly recognisable as you.

The elements of your branding system

  • Typefaces
  • Colour palettes / Brand palettes
  • Hierarchy of elements
  • Illustrations, graphics, icons
  • Layout guidelines
  • Patterns or textures
  • Space and balance
  • Usage examples

Let us explore the possibilities

Be creative and ambitious. Branding development takes patience, perseverance, and a unique angle that sets you apart from the competition. We'll spend the time it takes to explore creative avenues, follow creative visions, sketch, try different options and refine, refine, refine until we have created your perfect brand. Creating you an identity that can continue to breath, evolve and grow.

The Takeaway...

Think bigger, think broader, be creative

Versatility in all situations.

So when you are thinking of a logo for your business, think bigger, think beyond just a logo, imagine a versatile visual identity and you'll stand out more.

branding design Newcastle
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