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Case Study | Charnwood Campus

Life Sciences, Pharma and Biopharma

United Kingdom

Case Study | Charnwood Campus

Life Sciences, Pharma and Biopharma


United Kingdom

Life Sciences Innovation Hub

Charnwood Campus, nestled in the thriving Midlands life sciences ecosystem in the United Kingdom, is a hub of innovation and business growth. Surrounded by a network of over 1,000 MedTech companies and large pharmaceutical organizations, the campus contributes significantly to the region’s £25 billion GVA. Spanning 70 acres of picturesque landscape, it offers a blend of nature and cutting-edge facilities, ideal for start-ups and established businesses. The campus provides ready-to-use laboratories, office spaces, and extensive development land.

In collaboration with Charnwood Campus’s marketing team, Arttia Creative reimagined the in-person visitor experience through a redesigned website. This digital transformation effectively showcases the campus’s diverse offerings, from property options and business support services to meeting rooms and career development opportunities. A vital feature of this project was the creation of an immersive interactive campus map, offering a detailed and engaging virtual exploration of the site.

expertise delivered

Charnwood Case Studies grid
  • Digital Strategy
  • SEO Strategy
  • Information architecture
  • Wire-frames
  • Website Design
  • Style boards
  • Website development
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Online events mangement
  • Mobile responsive
  • Continued website technical and security support
  • High-performance e-commerce website hosting
  • Audience profiling
  • Video hosting
  • Copywriting
  • Content creation
  • Infographics
  • Custom icons
  • Campus maps
  • Interactive Campus Map
  • Graphics
  • Photography
  • Conference assets

Website Design and Development

Arttia Creative's project with Charnwood Campus exemplifies a holistic and multi-faceted approach to website design and digital marketing tailored specifically for the life sciences sector.

Charnwood Campus, recognised as the United Kingdom's first Life Sciences Opportunity Zone, required a dynamic and engaging online presence to effectively promote its diverse offerings, including property options, event spaces, and business support services.

Life Science and Innovation Hub Website Design

Through this project, Arttia Creative effectively captured and communicated the essence of Charnwood Campus, emphasising its role as a hub for life sciences innovation.

The new website showcased the property offerings and the campus's commitment to supporting business growth and innovation in the life sciences community.

Charnwood Audiences

Including an interactive campus map and comprehensive visual elements, it enhanced the visitor experience, providing an immersive and informative journey through Charnwood Campus's offerings.

This project underscores Arttia Creative's expertise in creating digital experiences that align with their client's unique needs and goals in the life sciences, biotech, and healthcare sectors.

Marketing and Website Arttia Creative Brand Web Marketing Venn Diagram

Arttia Creative's comprehensive suite of creative design and digital marketing services for this project included:
Digital and SEO Strategy: The project's foundation was laid with a robust digital strategy complemented by a targeted SEO strategy to enhance online visibility and effectively reach the appropriate audience.

Information Architecture and Wireframes: A structured approach to organising content was implemented, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Wireframes were created to visualise the website's layout and flow.

Website Design and Development: Arttia Creative designed a visually appealing and functional website, further developed with advanced web technologies to ensure a seamless user experience.

Style Boards: These were used to creative style guide for the website's visual aspects, ensuring consistency with Charnwood Campus's brand identity.

UX and UI Design: The focus was on creating an intuitive and engaging user interface, ensuring easy navigation around the website to help users find the information they need quickly and clearly.

Online Events: Charnwood Campus hosts many events throughout the year. Their website needed to showcase these via an events portal. With dates and information about forthcoming events.

Mobile Responsiveness: As with all of our websites, we optimised for mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and engagement for users on various platforms.

Technical Support and Hosting: Continuous technical support and reliable hosting services were provided, which are crucial for maintaining the website's performance.

Audience Profiling, Copywriting, and Content Creation: A deep understanding of the target audience informed the creation of compelling content and copywriting tailored to resonate with potential clients and partners.

Infographics and Custom Icons: These visual elements were designed to simplify complex information and enhance user engagement.

Interactive Campus Map: The interactive map was a standout feature, providing an innovative way for visitors to explore the campus virtually.

Graphics, Icons, and Photography: High-quality graphics and photography were used to showcase the campus visually. The client provided a wide range of their own images, which were an important part of the visual content.

Conference and Event Design: Banner stands and a large display was created as a backdrop for the Charnwood Campus's many events. Created with the new brand colours and showcasing key messaging, the banner stands have been a great success.

Charnwood campus literature website design system

Custom location plan and site map illustration

Working with the marketing team at Charnwood Campus, we designed and developed a new comprehensive visitor experience that showcased the properties and the business support services, meeting rooms, events and career development opportunities.

We incorporated video alongside campus photography to bring the website to life and highlight the community and beautiful campus surroundings.

We illustrated and developed a new campus plan presented on the website as an interactive experience for website visitors to gain a clear understanding of the different areas of the campus and how to find businesses or facilities easily.

Hand illustrated, then digitally integrated as an interactive map.
map 1 Charnwood Campus Main Map
Option to show occupied properties, showcaseing life sciences companies on site.
map 4 Charnwood Campus occupied buildings
Option to show available properties
map 2 Charnwood Campus Available Propertiesjpg
Option to show well being areas and plant trail
map 3 Charnwood Campus Well being and plant trail

“The new website has been amazingly well received.”
Charnwood Campus

Conference materials

Printed banners

"We love the banners so much they appear in most of our event photos"

Banner stands
Event backdrops

Custom icons

Icons Style 1 life scienes talent and skills
Icons Style 1 Life Science Opportunity Zone
Icons Style 1 HPO dark

Custom graphics

Charnwood Campus SKILL diagram
Charnwood Campus SKILLS
Charnwood Campus Our-Vision

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