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Absolutely The Best Creative Content For Scientific Websites

Scientific web design and content creation requires experienced insight and a super creative team.

Like most places online, the scientific online space is busy.  Digital transformation across the life sciences sector has perhaps been slower than other sectors.

The need for 'rich media' – content created in a variety of formats – will set you apart, tell your story and present you as leading in this area.

We understand that creating the best creative content for a scientific website needs a unique range of skills and an understanding of your sector. We have those skills, the experience that gives us a head start with your project.

This sector is bombarded with technical terms, industry jargon, complex concepts and equations. It can be refreshing to find information presented in a different way, something entertaining and easy to digest. A contrast to the usual tone, the usual style.

Plus if you are seeking investment, they need to know what you are doing in a way that they can understand.

Buyers take the time to research and discover the details first, before making a buying decision

The buying process has changed. The 'why' is becoming more important than the 'how. As well as the focus on innovative ways to present what you do online. Explaining what you know clearly and compellingly takes a new process that you may not be familiar with. Buyers in all industries now begin with educating themselves before making a buying decision. With greater choice, as well as, greater distraction.

When buyers get in touch with you they have most likely made up their mind already, having gone through their own discovery and research journey. They have built up trust in your brand and have researched the information relevant to their problem. If you are not talking to them during this journey they won't find you.

So how do you reach them during this discovery stage?


How do you reach the scientific community, tell them what you do and why they need to; buy from you, invest in you or partner with you?

Everyone is online. Including the scientific community. They love to consume content, just like everyone else. Many science communities consist of very specialised and unique audiences, specific to their sector, specialism or industry association. You need to find them and start a conversation. Speaking to each of the different audiences in a way that fits with them, can be challenging.

Life Science content marketing

You need stunning content but you are struggling for resources and need a process to promote it?

Your biggest obstacles to creating absolutely the best creative content for your science sector website are likely to be; lack of resources to create that content, time to create the content together with a fast and efficient publishing process. Many life science, biotech, healthcare and scientific companies use surprisingly little content for their marketing. A last-minute powerpoint presentation, a hurried conference brochure, a hastily briefed exhibition stand. Does this sound familiar? It's not ideal.

You know you need to do more, however, how do you define your audience and figure out how to create the content that will appeal to them at the early stages of their journey to buying, partnering or investing as well as the later stages.

How can you create the right content that positions you as thought leaders in your field?

Don't worry, you don't have to do everything. We are here to help.

We create clear and concise content and website design for life sciences and the science community every day. Our team of experts create content in a range of content types and styles. We have developed an understanding of the ways you can communicate with science-minded customers. We will work with you to create a consistent message, building familiarity and trust.

We help you with absolutely the best creative content for your website and marketing. Monthly content workflows and tracking so that you have regular, relevant content and have the data insight you need to know what is being clicked on and leads your prospect to a goal.

Plus we optimise for search engines and track and measure everything, then tell you what it means.

We are Search Engine Optimisation specialists. We know that a website with a search strategy blended in from the start provides the fastest results. We have a range of techniques, all fully transparent, to help you get to page one for organic search for your selected keywords. Transparency is our ethos, which means you will know about everything we do, why we do it and why it works for your specific science-minded community.

Life Science content marketing

A regular publishing schedule, so you know how your reach is growing every day.

We know that content requires the 80/20 rule. We spend 20% time creating and 80% promoting. Driving traffic and tracking engagement. We can help you with content ideas, a content plan, a way to promote your content and how to track the results. Plus we know how to improve old content, repurpose and recreated content across a range of content types.

Website Development and Website Consultancy to Biotech
and Life Science Businesses

Rapidly understand your unique needs enabling us to deliver powerful results quickly. Saving you time, stress and money and delivering the best ROI. Creating content, tracking interactions and building your brand.

We create the following for you:

Digital online content

• Branding

From creating your brand, your visual identity, your logo and assets, through to consistency and brand building content. A strong brand will set you apart, build familiarity and over time, create brand loyalty. Driving sales.

90% of consumers expect that their experience with a brand will be similar across all platforms and devices. They expect a seamless transition between web and device-native applications through color, flow, and overall quality (Source: Crowd Spring)

• Website content creation

We've been creating website content for nearly 20 years. Which means we've learnt a lot about what works and what doesn't. So you don't have to. We can create website content for a new website and content to enhance your current website. Everything from expert copywriting to custom coding, layout design, landing pages and user experience. Giving each piece of your content a clear goal and call-to-action. Driving sales.

47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. (Demand Gen Report, 2016) (Source: Hubspot)

The average word length of content that ranks on the first page of Google results is 1,890 words. (Source Backlinko)

• Landing pages

Landing pages designed for maximum conversions. These are created for targetted promotions with a focused objective. With creative content, sale copywriting and click tracking. We can monitor and measure their success.  Driving sales.

• Lead capture

Boost your conversions with lead capture ideas and functions on your website. Including lightboxes, page level targeting and exit-intent popups.  Driving sales.

• PDF downloads for lead capture

Branded PDF downloads, gated so that your visitors gain access by providing their email. Giving you a growing email list to regularly engage with an already interested audience. Driving sales.

For every $1 spent on email marketing $44 is made in return, according to a study by Campaign Monitor.

• Blog posts

We take the time to fully understand and immerse our team in your business and it's strategy. We have an efficient process to create the blog content you need, which takes up less of your time but gives you the results you need. We include copywriting, graphics, download assets and on-page search engine optimisation for maximum reach. Building trust.

Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got about 4.5 times more leads than companies that published zero to four monthly posts. (HubSpot, 2015).

Life Science content marketing

• eBooks

The creation of an eBook asset gives you the opportunity to cover a topic in-depth. It provides you with a sharable platform to build authority and trust. We make sure your eBook is well branded, in your tone of voice and written by our expert copywriter. Building authority.

• Infographics

We are expert graphic designers. With over 30 years of experience in graphic design, we have the skills to interpret your complex concepts in a clear, visual format that provides instant impact and clarity, especially in the online space where attention is limited. Creating exciting, engaging infographics for sharing and engagement. Creating clarity.

Infographics can increase web traffic by 12%. (Source: Demand Gen Report).

Life Science content marketing

• Graphics

As above, we are expert graphic designers. Graphical content, icons and symbols are ideal to break up content, illustrate a key point and easily illustrate complex information. Creating clarity.

90% of information sent to the brain is visual. (MIT).

Creative Content Marketing for Life Science

• Photography

We have organised many photoshoots, either studio based or location-based. Having a library of unique photography for your science business will set you apart when many life science websites use stock images (which do have their place) your unique images will really stand out. A full day photoshoot that is well planned can provide you with hundreds of images to use not only online but across your marketing activity. We create style boards, prop lists, research locations and brief our go-to photographer so you get the images you need without taking up too much of your valuable time. Building your brand.

Our go-to photography company - The Bigger Picture

• Data visualisation

We can work with you to create graphical representations of your data that work online. Data visuals converted to JPG, PNG or SVG to place on your website content. Data visualisations that create an accessible way for your visitors to see and understand your data, trends or patterns. Creating clarity.

• Newsletters

Building and informing your audience with the creation of regular eshots, either plain text or beautifully graphical newsletters that keep your customers up-to-date. Regular, nudge based communication.

• Webinars

Webinars are a great way to talk directly to your audience and impact sales. Presenting a topic that is relevant to your audience. A live meeting online or an instructional session to educate your customers how to get the most from your products and services. We assist with pre webinar marketing, script writing, graphics or slides. Deeper communication.

According to, 73% of marketing and sales leaders say webinars are one of the best ways to generate quality leads.

• Slidedecks

Creating branded presentations, that include clear copy for your audience and interesting visuals and graphics to keep their attention and support you as you speak. No more copy heavy, slow, tedious presentations. Grab your audience with creative supporting material. Helping you to sell with clarity.

• Banner adverts

Encouraging high click-through rates with simple yet attention-grabbing banner adverts. We have a range of creative skills to design and build your banner advertising campaigns and working with you to implement them across the channels you need. Creative advertising.

• Branded abstracts of published papers

Building your brand and your authority with abstracts of your published papers. Providing value when practitioners and researchers need information, fast. Thought leadership.

Life Science content marketing

• Branded technical guides

Ensuring brand consistency across all you do. We make sure your brand guidelines are followed on all of your materials. And if you don't have a brand guideline document, we will create one for you. So when your technical or product guides are used, promoted or shared, your brand is recognisable and reinforced. Brand building.

• Podcasts

One of my favourite forms of content. Podcasts are still a growth area. Having a regular podcast gives you the opportunity to cultivate a deeper relationship with your audience and provides a more intimate space to talk in a natural way about your company. With the opportunity to include guests, industry leaders and influencers. This platform can set you apart. We can assist with planning and promoting your podcasts. Or assistance from our associate voice over artist. Finding your voice.

Monthly podcast listeners grew from 24% of Americans to 26% year over year. (Edison Research, 2018) (Source: Hubspot)

27% of men and 24% of women listened to podcasts in the last month. (Edison Research, 2018) (Source: Hubspot)

Life Science content marketing

Off-line, traditional content

• Print design

With over 30 years experience creating design for print you don't need two agencies to deliver what you need. Our in-house designer has created design work for high profile brands such as BP, Shell, Nike, Totallab and Lucion Services. Combining print and website consultancy we make sure all of your design is co-ordinated across print and web. Saving you time and ensuring consistency.

• Print advertising

Having a range of channels to promote your message will help you reach the widest audience. Industry publications still have a place in a digital world. For direct to consumer healthcare products magazine and press advertising still has a mass reach. We can create your advertising campaign concepts, with creative ideas and inspiring copywriting. We can create the actual adverts, liaising with publications on your behalf. Linking print advertising with complementary digital adverts and campaigns. Driving more sales.

Life Science content marketing

• Exhibition stands

The science sector is awash with conferences, events and seminars. We can work with you to design an exhibition stand with impact. That provides a supporting backdrop to your sales team and promotes your brand message. Supporting sales.

• Posters

Poster design has a rich history.  A key graphic design influencer some of the greatest designs have been in the poster format. Our design team will create unique contemporary posters to build your brand and communicate your ideas. Building your brand.

• Business cards and business stationery

With brand consistency top of mind, your teams business cards and your general stationery need to work on a practical level as well as presenting a striking design that builds your brand. We can provide design, print ready artwork. Our 30 years of print design experience provides you with one point of contact that can liaise closely with your printer to specify stock, finishes and materials. Building your brand.

• Sales team literature

Working with your marketing and sales team to provide the best literature to support their sales activities.  Information packs, brochures and sales materials. We can design everything you need, from one point of contact. Supporting sales.

We provide you with:

• Search Engine Optimisation

Ideally baked in at the start of your project. A solid search engine optimisation strategy is critical for online visibility. We focus on organic search to give you a long-lasting presence for the best ROI. On-page and information architecture needs to take into account your search strategy. That is why the content and structure of your website needs to complement your plans. We provide keyword research, competitor research, on-page SEO and rank tracking. With regular reports and insight so you know what it all means and what to do with it. Actionable search insight.

Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic. (Web Presence Solutions, 2017) (Source: Hubspot)

50% of search queries are four words or longer. (Wordstream, 2016) (Source: Hubspot)

• Google analytics insight

Having the data around the activity on your website will only show you so much. You need guided insight into what it all means, identifying what is working and areas that need improvement. We make sure Google analytics is on your website, we know there are other analytical tools available, but we believe in understanding what Google knows of your website. We will regularly meet with you to show you what the data means and what to do next for the best improvements. Transparency with data.

Life Science Content Marketing

• Engagement tracking

We provide you with a tailored all-in-one reporting interface that can link all of your activity in one dashboard. You will be able to instantly see all of your marketing data without having to log in to all of the different services you use. Our custom reporting platform can link all of your Google activity as well as your email marketing,  your social media, your paid advertising and your chat box. All-in-one reporting.

• Customer and competitor research

We can find out in-depth information about your customers and competitors activity online and provide you with a full report on their activity and industry impact. Understanding the marketplace.

Let's get started

Supporting you with a diverse range of creative content

Trusted content is a high premium and takes time and skills to create. With a diverse range of content, we can help you build trust and turn your audience into brand advocates.

We will tailor a monthly content creation package to fit your individual needs. Benefiting from nearly 20 years of experience creating compelling website content, we know how to create effective content for Life Sciences and your science-minded audience. We have a specialised team of content creators ready to start work on your project.

Fill out our contact form, or click the link below to book your 15-minute project accelerator session.

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