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Re-imagining Design for Global Life Science and Biotech Websites

No matter where or how your organisation began, no matter what the spark was that brought it into being, the story that sits behind your life science business is unique.

At Arttia Creative, we’ll help you to reimagine how to tell that unique business story through creative design and great content. And we’ll translate your vision and values into a tangible marketing asset, so the people you want to connect with can understand what your business offers – clearly, concisely and with ease.

Making the world a better and healthier place for us all to live in

As a team, we have years of experience of working with people in life science and biotech companies. And we understand that, among the many important drivers for businesses in this innovative and fast-moving sector, is the desire to create change and to make the world a better and healthier place for us all to live in.

Healthcare Websites – The Power of Designing For Personalisation

We put your story at the heart of your life science brand – on and offline

That’s why, as a creative, development and science marketing team, we’ll work closely with you to develop the purpose-led design we know will help you stand out. And that will attract the attention of the people you want to talk to – in ways they’ll understand and remember.

We’ll mould a creative brand identity for your business, develop a lead-generating website, then use engaging and effective life science digital marketing to drive people to your site.

And we’ll work with you to ensure that – whether you’re developing your first ever website or you’re redeveloping an existing site – your unique story, your purpose, vision and values are positioned at the heart of your life science website.

The combination of creative thinking with frictionless user experience, means the websites we develop are a delight for your customers to use. And they work hard to capture leads and deliver enquiries for your sales team, 24-hours a day.

And, with communications that tell your story – and explain what drives you as a company, you’ll start attracting investors and customers to all aspects of your business.

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What do your customers need from your life science business?

As you prepare for the next stage of your company’s growth, either through partnership or investment, it’s vitally important that the story you tell people about what you do is interesting – and engaging. And that the people who need the services or products you offer understand what you offer – and why.

When taking your scientific innovation to market, or as you meet key stages in your research or clinical trials – perhaps through scientific discoveries, external investment or partnerships – our creative team will help you to communicate your story with for your customers in a way that resonates.

We’ll help you gain visibility and build instant brand recognition

When it comes to impactful graphic design, visual communications, combined with website design, we work with clients across the global life science and biotech sectors.

And, as an experienced design team, you’ll find we’re adept at translating your unique business story and vision not only into words but into design and life science marketing materials.

We understand that to break through the noise in the fast-moving life sciences sector and to make sure you’re noticed – both across online promotion and at conferences or events (whether real-world or virtual) – a different perspective is often needed. By putting your purpose at the heart of all we create for you, we establish a unique position for your business in the market.

What’s your ‘why’ and is it clear to your audience?

We’ll work with you to translate your vision for your company into engaging design and visual communications, so that the ‘why’ that drives your business is evident from the start – whether your customers find you online or at an event.

And, by re-imagining your business for your target audiences, our life science marketing agency can help you progress your business ambitions to the next stage.

With our constant and consistent support, we’ll help you produce and distribute high-quality engaging content updates, whenever you need to showcase your latest development.

Re-imagining Design for Global Life Science and Biotech Websites

Showcase your life science or biotech business with confidence

To enable innovators and life science leaders like you to make progress in the digital space, we offer frictionless project management to provide all the support you need when your technology is ready to scale. And we’ll ensure your website is promoting the benefits you offer, rather than listing the features of your business.

With our support, we’ll help you progress into clinical studies with confidence, showcasing your drive to make the world a better place to a wide range of audiences, including:

  • Investors
  • Clinical investigators
  • Collaborators
  • Potential end-users (including HCP, doctors, and front line medical staff)
  • Attracting the best talent

How our changing world is building a new awareness

In 2020, as the world responds to the emergence of the coronavirus. it’s clear that its global impact has drawn the wider public’s attention to the importance of science in our everyday lives.

“In response to the emergence of the coronavirus, we know that the life science community is pulling together with governments to help find a solution to the pandemic. We’re helping our clients to collaborate at speed with website updates that convey their messaging with appropriate clarity.”

Belinda White,  Arttia Creative

Looking to the near future, the increased public awareness of the importance of scientific research is creating increased opportunities for funding in biomedical research and improving collaboration across global populations and organisations.

Looking further ahead, this new awareness is likely to drive the digitisation of science, and see us, as a global population, adapting to a more remote-capable future.

As a result, we can hope to see significantly greater investments in the infrastructure of healthcare around the world – which may, in turn – increase interest in your business.

Creative support for life science and biotech businesses

As an experienced life science design agency, trusted by global businesses across the life science and biotech sectors. We can support the growth of your life science or biotech business with a wide range of high-quality creative disciplines, all while keeping your unique business story at the heart of all your marketing,

Here's an idea of how we help:

  • Brand identity development
  • Life science web design
  • Visual communications
  • Unique imagery – from custom creative Photoshop montages of high-quality stock images to bespoke art-directed location photoshoots
  • Audience-focused copywriting
  • Highly-planned and considered User Experience design
  • A pre-planned content strategy


Re-imagining Design for Global Life Science and Biotech Websites

The Takeaway.

Through creative design, we’ll help you to reimagine how to tell your business story and promote its vision and values to the world with clarity and confidence – meeting your audiences’ needs for a fast and simple understanding about what drives you – and what you offer – at speed.

By bringing our years of creativity and design to each client’s project, Arttia Creative is changing the face of life science web design and visual communication around the world.

Let's talk.

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Belinda White | Creative Director

Image credits: Abobe Stock. iStock

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