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The Reason Why Expertise, Authority and Trust are Critical for Biotech Websites

As Biotech ventures, science and technology are at the heart of what you do. As creatives, storytelling, narrative, and visual communications are at the heart of what we do here at Arttia Creative.

Combining these two areas of expertise will create your ideal business-driving website. Your biotech website is often the first place your audiences will visit to learn more about your work.

Biotech Websites

It is essential that your biotech website quickly and cleary demonstrates your innovation and is engaging and approachable. Whilst the presentation of scientific data and research is vital within Biotech website marketing, presenting "Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T)" is critical when presenting you as thought and market leaders. Also, E-A-T is part of Google's search quality guidelines. This has been part of Google's algorithm for a few years, and E-A-T goes towards impacting your website ranking.

What is Google EAT?

Google EAT – High quality pages that are helpful to users:
The expertise of the creator of the content.
The authoritativeness of the creator of the content, the content itself, and the website.
The trustworthiness of the creator of the content, the content itself, and the website.
In a nutshell, E-A-T is a characteristic that indicates a page is high-quality, making it helpful to users.

A safe pair of hands

By entrusting your website to Arttia Creative–a company founded on years of brand, graphic and web design experience- you are providing your website visitors (and Google) with the best possible experience.

For Biotech companies that need online visibility, Arttia Creative help your biotech website reach a range of pre-defined audiences by including Google-friendly and visitor-friendly messaging, narratives, and storytelling aspects.  The all-important E.A.T. framework. Creating immersive websites to engage visitors’ attention ensures they interact with your website and your products.

Biotech web design, user-focused SEO and a clear narrative

A few years ago, Google released their Search Quality Rater guidelines, which include the E.A.T. framework. Put simply; this stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. Google will aim to show websites to its users with a higher level of "E.A.T". so that they are visiting trustworthy and reliable websites.

Authority within an industry comes from experience, and we work into your website in several ways. Copywriters- such as those at Arttia- include words and phrases that Google recognises as trustworthy to find the right customers for your products. We will also include reviews so customers know your company is legitimate and well-trusted. Blending creative writing with your scientific data and research will make your company easier to understand, and we are experts in providing this for companies across Biotech and healthcare.

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Google EAT and Biotech websites

Biotech website design will include your research, data and services or products. We make sure your content is approachable to all visitors. As such, a Biotech website’s most important aspect is how we communicate what you do.

A clear, relevant and approachable tone of voice across your website will strengthen trust. Using aspects of narrative and storytelling- we make the scientific data and information less overwhelming to non-scientific visitors and quickly digestible to peers and potential partners.

Arttia Creative will help you to plan, write, create and publish a detailed knowledge library designed to educate visitors and present you as thought leaders. A knowledge library style of content allows you to provide visitors with long-form articles and information that require a longer read alongside your core website pages which need to be concise and sell what you do quickly and clearly.

You may have noticed that when you search on Google, in most cases, they know what you're looking for. It is down to Google using their "NLP". NLP stands for Natural Linguistic Processing. This helps Google understand that when you search for terms like Apple, are you looking for the food or the computer company? Google uses NLP in their algorithm updates, which means that topics. Google understands the meaning of your topics, therefore, your website and can present your site in the search results for a much wider set of search questions.

The benefits of a knowledge library on your website

A knowledge library is designed to have much more detailed information providing a space for additional keywords. However, we don't just incorporate your target keywords for the sake of trying to get more traffic. We ensure we focus on the best user experience, presenting content topics that will give you a wider reach than just weaving in keywords.

Creating a knowledge library or information area on your website is a long-term project. We usually deliver this over a 6-12 month time frame.

Creating and interlinking:

  • Educational articles
  • Thought leadership content
  • News and PR articles
  • Scientific insight
  • Team profiles
  • Case studies

Creating a findable and easily understandable body of work and information that presents you as leaders and innovators.

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How can Arttia Creative help you?

With many years of experience in clarifying complex concepts for readers and creating websites with a human element. We have a long-standing history of creating healthcare and Biotech website design that is proven to deliver for our clients. We work with life sciences companies and biotech ventures across the world.

We work across your company to understand your work in detail, alleviating the pressure on your marketing team to provide expertise across all aspects of your biotech digital marketing.

We write detailed content, narrative, message, calls-to-action and source appropriate imagery and speak inof  a blend scientific, marketing and creative terms. Creating an approachable blend of content for all of your website visitors. Whether they are scientists or non-scientists.

We are your partners, working with your company to collaborate and improve your website offerings. As consultant life sciences website specialists, we have tried and tested practices to achieve results across your website, from the opening page to the behind-the-scenes website management systems.

Following the E.A.T. framework and incorporating copywriting and storytelling into your scientific research creates the perfect blend of readability for your visitors. Highlighting your company’s experience, authority and trust will ensure you are favoured by Google algorithms and by customers.

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The Takeaway.

When you work with the team at Arttia Creative, you have a trusted, highly experienced and well-versed company that, as website consultants, has a wealth of knowledge on creating the perfect website for Biotech and life sciences companies.

Working together, your company and Arttia Creative will create an approachable and immersive website for your visitors. By combining scientific understanding, and your research together with content that presents friendly, expert-authoritative and trusted comprehensive content.  Creating the perfect website for your biotech company, customers, and brand.

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