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How Consistent Visual Communications Build Successful Life Science Businesses

At Arttia Creative, we understand the fast-moving nature of the life sciences sector and the constant demands you face to create and distribute effective promotional materials – from engaging and up-to-date brochures to eye-catching life science exhibition support materials.

We work with CEOs and innovators like you to produce ranges of branded life science visual communication assets for use across your business that includes (and not limited to):

  • Marketing materials for life science conferences

  • Slide decks for life science conferences

  • Presentations decks for clinicians

  • Literature for your sales team

  • Literature for life science trade shows

  • Infographics for use online and in print

  • Branded abstracts

  • Marketing white papers

  • Science white papers

  • Scientific white papers

  • Data visualisation

  • Life science corporate annual reports

Why invest in branding and visual communications for your life science business?

Investing in professional branding and using consistent visual communications works to elevate your business in the eyes of potential investors, partners and collaborators.

The use of consistent visual communications demonstrates:

• You're a professional operation and a growing concern
• You present a credible and robust investment opportunity
• You're in a position to welcome collaborative and partnership approaches

Why choose Arttia Creative?

Working with Arttia Creative gives you back the time you need to work within your business.

We understand that time is always of the essence in this fast-moving sector – and that it can be hard to ensure the consistency of visual communications across your organisation.

That’s why, together with your in-house marketing team, we work to provide you with the life science marketing materials you need, when you need them – saving your time and building both internal and external confidence in your brand.

Why consistency is key when it comes to visual communications

We’ll help you to clarify even the most complex messages with visual communications and life science infographics that explain your offering to potential investors, partners, and collaborators at-a-glance.

And we’ll provide easy-to-use design guidelines to ensure that your brand is consistent across all your marketing materials – no matter who in your organisation is producing them.

Why brand guidelines are essential for visual communication consistency

Our brand guidelines will govern the composition, design, and look-and-feel of your communications – and make it simple to ensure the use of your brand assets, like your logo, typeface and brand colours is always the same.

Brand guidelines remove the risk of different departments using your brand assets in ways that can dilute or even damage the awareness of your brand in your marketplace.

Consistent visual communications reassure your audience, both on and offline, that they're in the right place and have found the business and brand they're looking for.

Time-saving technology

Our brand guidelines will govern the composition, design, and Working with our team gives you access to creative industry-standard design software, like Photoshop and InDesign. We work with powerful computers that can handle even the most extensive documents at speed.

And, when you work with us, you get an experienced life science design agency at the end of the phone who can answer all your digital, marketing and brand queries.

"Design plays a critical part in the clarity of any brand's messaging – and, for biotech businesses, brand consistency plays an essential part in both celebrating your difference and helping to tell your organisation’s story – all while protecting your IP".
Belinda White, Arttia Creative

We offer seamless, stress-free project management

Arttia Creative will help you manage your brand and produce the materials you need, in-time and on-brand.

We know how busy you are, so when we together, we provide a frictionless process of regular communications via phone or video call and seamless project management to keep every element of each life science marketing project on track.

We build your biotech business with consistent visual communication

We help build life science businesses by developing clear and engaging brands. Brands that make it simple for you to market your business to your target audiences using clear and consistent visual communications.
If you need help to reach your next round of investment, to expand into new markets, to attract investors or new partners or want support to launch a new product, the team at Arttia Creative is here to help you.

Let's get started

We offer visual communications, life science web design, digital marketing and marketing materials to help grow your biotech business.

Are you ready to grow your life science business?
Get in touch with us today.

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Belinda White | Creative Director, Website Consultant

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