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How Marketers Can Accelerate Launching Content

If your health-tech, life science or healthcare business needs to scale then you need to be creating high volume, high-quality marketing campaigns and content to reach out to your audience and drive traffic.

As marketers in the Healthcare and Life Science sectors we know you need to rapidly launch new content and if your website just doesn't make that easy for you, then that is a real problem.

How can you do more in less time?

With the right tools and support in place, you can seriously decrease the amount of time it takes to launch new ideas and track their effectiveness.

When you are a life science marketer or a biotech innovator, you find that part of your job is to develop marketing ideas and concepts to drive your healthcare business.

Digital marketing is a fast-moving space and if you can't get your idea in front of your audience as quickly with an efficient workflow then you are missing out on traffic driving opportunities.

The tools you use to launch campaigns and promotions should never hamper your progress. And that includes adding website content and promoting that content going forward.

Speeding up the content creation process

The online world is a busy space, if you are not creating new content then your website is likely to disappear in the search results or your customers may find a competitor that is providing the latest insight.

We partner with you to work together to create relevant and useful content for your customers. Content that builds your brand and informs visitors. This needs to be in the right tone-of-voice for your visitors and the correct level of technical information blended with easy read stories and use cases. We work with you to develop content creation frameworks that fit your individual marketing department skills. Or, if your marketing department is small, we can action this for you.

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Implementing a publishing schedule

Once you've written content, created data visualisation or showcased a case study, you need to get your customers to discover it, read it, react or share it.

We can help you to create a straightforward, traffic driving process for publishing content and promoting it to your customers. Over time we have developed methods and a suite of tools that work perfectly for healthcare and life science marketing teams or individuals.

We make sure all of your content marketing efforts are tracked and reported, so you know what works and what to refine. We give you data that makes sense and creates clarity about your visitors and what they consume.

Read our recent article about CoSchedule, our go-to publishing tools.
Easier Publishing and Content Marketing for Life Science Companies with CoSchedule

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Partnering with a great Website Consultancy

Websites are no longer set and forget. We know that a vibrant, living website will create more customers for your business.  We know that marketers today are pulled in many directions and have many responsibilities and deadlines. Websites and online tactics are ever changing as the web evolves and visitors get ever more discerning.

It is challenging for marketers to keep up-to-date on the latest website strategies whilst working day-to-day in demanding healthcare and life sciences businesses.

When you partner with the Arttia Creative Collective, you have access to a multi-discipline team of specialists who can deliver you the best results. Making you the super-hero to your Directors.

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How Marketers Can Accelerate Launching Content
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