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How a Life Science Conference Impacts your Search Results and Brand Online

Offline life science events can have a dramatic effect on your online activity.  An offline life science event is a valuable experience which can be used to impact your online visibility, brand and search results.

Each aspect of the event can be leveraged for your promotion. The trick is to consider a link building and SEO strategy from the start. This can add substantial visibility for your life science brand online.

In today's hyper-competitive online space it is important to take any opportunity you have to engage with your audience and build your brand online.

How you can leaverage your offline life science conference for SEO and brand visibility

Follow our suggestions, tips and ideas to leverage your life science conference to build the right kind of links, increase your life science brand visibility and improve search results. Take a look at our case studies and discover the impact and transformation of our life science web design and SEO strategies are already delivering.

Before the event

Create a dedicated landing page on your life science website that showcases your involvement with the event. Let attendees know your stand number, who is attending from your Life Science business, what products or services you will be showcasing that will be of particular interest to them.

Create a form on the landing page for people to make an appointment at your stand. Make them feel that it is easy for them to approach you and start that conversation.

Creating a specific page that you can drive traffic to, share on your social channels and community will create a buzz before the event and give you an indication of the level of interest. A place to drive potential attendees and easy for you to share for promotion.

Actions - before your event

  • Create a dedicated conference page on your website
  • Promote your stand number
  • Let people know what you will be showcasing
  • Encourage attendees to book an appointment at your stand

The event website

The event organisers will usually have an event website. You can link out to this website directly from your own event landing page, which can result in the event organisers adding your page link to the event website, providing you with some valuable backlink traffic.

Aim to link out from a dedicated conference landing page or at least a page about the products and services you plan to showcase.

Connect with life science event influencers

It can be useful to connect with the influencers of your sector that are speaking or attending the event.  Ask them to share your event landing page with their connections. Offer to return this activity by promoting their attendance at the event. Cross-site promotion can help you gain more exposure online. Increase your online visibility and add new, high-quality back-links – a key ranking factor.

During the event

If you have a planning to have your own branded exhibition stand or if you are speaking at the event make sure your contacts and community know where you will be and what time you are speaking. Tell them about the topics you will be covering and how they can contact you after the talk.

Life Science conference attendees can have a beneficial effect on your websites backlink profile. Life science leaders and influencers love sharing thought leadership insights and recaps from the event, ask if they could share your conference landing page or share their insight on your presentation.

If speaking at the life science event, make sure you end your talk with links to your website, relevant promotional pages or downloads (add a sign-up form to these downloads). Make sure your website address (URL) is on every slide and clearly visible alongside your brand.

Many life science events are over several days, try to blog on your website each day with your thoughts and insight as the event progresses.

Promote your conference insight to your connections with a quick email, across social media and linked in tagging the event whenever possible.

Actions - during your event

  • Encourage thought leaders to share your event insight or talk
  • If you are presenting, add your website URL to every slide
  • Blog during the event
  • Promote across your social pages, tag the event

After the event

Take a look at your Google Analytics and check for increased traffic during and after the life science conference. See which pages are being visited and make any refinements to these pages to encourage engagement and specific action.

Real-life events for important face to face discussions and meeting your customers. But don't miss the opportunity this can have in the virtual world online and the impact it can have on your SEO and website conversions.

Make those all-important digital connections with those you met. Send them links to your event blog or after event article. Share your insight of the event as well as mentioning why you were there and what you offer.

We can help you to create conference marketing materials, exhibition graphics, brochures, leaflets and website conference landing pages.

Actions - after your event

  • Check your website analytics, what has changed?
  • Create an event follow up process using digital platforms
  • Blog after the event
  • Connect with the attendees you met across their social channels

The Takeaway.

Real-world life science events can and do have a massive impact to build your brand online and increase your search visibility. Don't miss this opportunity to connect your online life science marketing with your real-world life science marketing. As Life Science marketers you can get double the impact if you consider connecting your website activity to your event attendance. Don't miss out!

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