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SEO and UX a Powerful Combination for Healthcare Websites

Healthcare providers know that in the digital age, patients and clinical advisors turn to online information to find the answers they’re looking for.

Healthcare marketing professionals understand the need to have a well branded online presence, however, creating a highly findable and high converting website can be challenging.

How do you make sure you get found then convert browsers into buyers?

How Things are Changing in Digital Healthcare

Visitors expectations are high. Finding the right result in search and then landing on a website that gives me what I am looking for quickly and clearly, means that web users expect more from the companies they’re researching, and that applies to healthcare providers as much as any other modern B2B businesses.

Picture this: – by the time someone takes the leap and gets in touch with your healthcare business, they’ve probably already spent time researching, looking at your competitors, and they’ve got a good idea of what it is they want from you.

If you’re not leveraging digital marketing and a user-focused website, you’re missing out, because new innovators will come in and take your place.

A study from the Impact Inbound Marketing Agency in 2017 found that 79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site, and 95% believe that a good user experience makes sense for businesses to provide.

Combined Website SEO and UX = Healthcare Business Growth

seo and ux healthcare websites

Blending a Search Engine Optimisation strategy and carefully designed User Experience will deliver results for your Healthcare business. A tailored search strategy brings the right incoming visitors, then together with outstanding User Experience keeps them on your healthcare website, to interact, discover and engage.

The minimum benefits of blended SEO and UX strategy:

  • Reduced bounce rate from search - they find your website, enjoy their visit, so stay longer
  • Visitors learn that your brand and business value their experience
  • The right visitors land on your website
  • You get better conversions - visitors take the action you want them to

Healthcare Website Search Engine Optimisation

Healthcare website Search Engine Optimisation is all about making sure your healthcare business can be found online by the right people at the right time. With relevant keywords, and content marketing providing you with page one results.

At the very basic level, you should be reviewing Google’s Analytics and Search Console to help you review your content and identify any gaps. This is your starting point. At Arttia Creative we believe in an SEO FIRST approach to every healthcare website project we deliver.

This means you get maximum visibility right from launch. Not retrofitting SEO at the next stage. Together with relevant and high authority inbound links to point visitors to your relevant and easy to access information on your website.

Healthcare Website User Experience

Health and human emotion go hand in hand. UX (User Experience) takes into account how people feel when they visit your website. Front and centre are logical task-driven needs, but underlying this (and probably without them realising) how visitors feel when they interact with your website is a significant decision driver.

Healthcare website design and blended User Experience helps to make your website a welcoming experience and easy to use. Providing visitors and with a positive experience can only be a good thing. How they feel about your website, and how they find the information, quickly and easily in the fewest of clicks will deliver business results.

blend seo and ux healthcare website design

A carefully considered website User Experience delivers results

Healthcare websites are no longer static brochures. Spending time mapping out exactly what messages your business needs to convey, how easy it is for visitors to find that information is important to deliver at the early stages of your website project. What do you want them to do once they’ve arrived and how can you help them take action.

Sketching and planning on paper or post-it notes is a good first stage, and have your user in mind with every page and every piece of content. Your website will deliver revenue, with a user-centric design, putting the user front and centre.

There is a common misconception that healthcare websites don’t drive business for life science and biotech companies and they’re just there to showcase services and to give contact details and background to the organisation.

Making the assumption that sales teams cold-calling prospects or sending colleagues to conferences and events are enough to win new business means you’re losing out on many missed opportunities. A beautifully designed healthcare website is a significant revenue driver with a global reach.

Your website is not a set-and-forget, don't make this mistake

Your healthcare website content needs to be updated regularly, so patients, clinicians and professionals know that you’re actively developing and researching.

Providing the latest updates and most relevant information is essential. At Arttia Creative we create websites that you are in control of. Easy for you to update, add content and understand on-page SEO techniques.

If your website content looks out-of-date, your visitors will assume that you’re either not innovating or you don't need their business.

Too often, healthcare websites are built or redesigned without giving enough thought to the User Journey and what visitors need. If your site looks nice but isn’t structured clearly for the best User Experience, then it’s not fulfilling its basic purpose. Your online focus has to change in order for you to remain competitive and ensure business growth. Regular content that is easy to find makes a big difference.

SEO and UX for Healthcare Websites

If your biotech or healthcare website has been live for a while but you’re not seeing any traction from it, you need to explore SEO and UX (User Experience) improvements. At Arttia Creative we work with you to explore how the right combination of these can be a powerful tool to generate the results you want. You don't always need a full website redesign, we can take what you have, fine-tune, improve, redesign and deliver incredible improvements.

How you can have the best Healthcare website

You need to focus on a good SEO strategy and a well-designed User Experience. When you plan your site, carefully consider the different visitors, each one will have a unique user journey. Website structure, information architecture and content strategy all play a signification role in modern SEO strategy.

Remember that SEO drives customers to your site, and UX converts them into happy visitors.

By understanding what your users want and how they want it presented, you can use SEO to ensure that they get those things when they search and don’t have to spend time scrolling through irrelevant results, select your business, click and convert.

When you choose keywords, blend industry-specific terms together with the language searchers use. They may not know the exact product or service you have, but they will be looking for solutions to their problems.

Once people have clicked through to your healthcare website, label the next steps clearly for them. If they have to search around your site for answers, they’ll quickly feel frustrated and click away. In particular, make it as straightforward as possible for them to make that first contact, don't ask them to buy immediately, offer help and assistance that builds trust.

Perfect balance - SEO and UX

experience design healthcare websites balance

When you’ve blended and created SEO and UX for your healthcare website, you’ll be able to convert visitors into customers. Make each page appealing with original brand driven images and clear calls-to-action. Together with a robust follow-up sequence. At Arttia Creative we can work with you to build a polished follow-up process so that no visitor is left feeling ignored and have an outstanding customer experience.

The Takeaway.

At Arttia Creative our speciality is the ability to take your complex concepts and information and present them with clarity online. We’ll work with you to maximise SEO and UX to transform your healthcare website into a business-driving marketing platform that is working for you every day of the year across every time-zone.

Creating a healthcare website that focuses on the user takes time, and we understand that it might be a shift from the way previous website projects have developed, but we believe that not prioritising SEO and UX means you’re missing out on the massive opportunities a well-designed, innovative website can bring to your business.

Why not book one of our FREE 30-minute video calls and we can help you drive more traffic and increase sales.

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