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The Tools Your Web Designer Needs For Awesome Website Content Creation

If your web agency is using free or amateur software to design then they are not serious about providing you with outstanding design.

When it comes to choosing a web designer, print designer or creative expert, what are the key factors you need to consider?  It’s not as though web and graphic designers are a rare breed - type the term ‘web designer’ or 'graphic designer'  into Google and it’s likely you’ll get thousands of results.

You could try narrowing your search by adding the name of your nearest city or town, but even then you’re likely to be looking at hundreds of possible options.

Websites are multifaceted creations.
Your website needs to be created/built/developed using a wide range of content and assets. Websites are built with code and mark-up to present your content, however without the very best content they are just empty frames.

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So it's essential to have outstanding content that can make you stand out and grab your visitor's attention. High quality content can include:

  • Optimised brand assets - high quality resolution that load quickly
  • SVG icons and graphics (Scalable Vector Graphics) that load and scale smoothly and quickly
  • High quality photography - sharp and optimised for speed
  • Lead Magnets – creative and beautifully designed downloads for your visitors
    • Illustrated infographics
    • ebooks
    • Guides and handbooks
    • White papers
  • Graphics and illustrations for blog posts and case studies

Create content for the long game

When promoting your business online you need to inform and inspire. Creating new content for your website meets two criteria – it showcases your expertise to your audience and it provides Google with a broader picture of your expertise and relevance.

So it's worth investing in the best content you can. You need to view content marketing as the long game. It takes time to provide value and promote and grow engagement, so really strong 'ever green' content will form the backbone of this strategy.

Creating the best content requires the best ideas presented using the best tools available.

A Full Service Design Agency

Providing full service design for both digital and print we invest in the best to deliver the best to you.

Here at Arttia Creative we’ve always invested in professional industry-recommended tools and software to make sure that the website content we design is the best it can be. Every detail of the content we produce for a website is crafted using the very best tools and software available. We only work with the best to produce the very best for you.

From our monthly subscription to the full Adobe Creative Suite to our choice of professional SEO software, we ensure the work we do is at the forefront of website content. Producing websites for over 15 years the tools we use complement and bring to life our ideas and creativity.

With over two decades of experience using the very best software and tools – you get superb results.

“Thank you Arttia. My new website has been live for less than a month and I’ve had more quality enquiries in that time than I had in the last six months with my old site.”

Katherine Wildman, Creative Director, Haydn Grey.

The right technology and the right tools, what a craftsman uses

Adobe Illustrator

We use Adobe Illustrator - not Photoshop - to design your logo, branding web graphics and SVG's.

We use Adobe Illustrator - not Photoshop - to design your infographics, charts and eye-catching design elements.

We use Adobe Illustrator - not Canva - for design, ensuring unique creativity and greater control

Why? – So your logos, branding and marketing assets will never, ever pixilate - no matter how large you need them to be, either on screen or in print. Looking perfect in both high-resolution CMYK print and optimised RGB online.

Find out more about the industry-standard vector graphics software, Illustrator.

Key takeaway – Using Photoshop to design logos and branding materials is risky. Designs can rasterise (a technical term for blurring) when increased in size. This means that the lines and curves that looked pin sharp on your screen will be transformed into an ugly stairway of jagged cubic pixels that look cheap and unprofessional. With Illustrator your marketing assets will be perfect for use in print and online.

web design Newcastle
Left image shows a sharp vector graphic. Right images shows how blurred and stepped a non vector image can look.

"Craftsmen insist on using the very best tools."

Adobe Photoshop

You've invested in the highest quality photography for your website,  you don't want it to look grainy or load slowly. We use Adobe Photoshop to resize, colour correct, optimise and crop your photography for your website. Plus we use the latest Photoshop plugin, TinyPNG to optimise your images with a perfect balance in quality and file size. Our tools give us greater control that online tools such as Canva.

Why? – So that any photographs you use load smoothly and quickly. This means your site not only looks professional – but your visitors won’t get bored and click away. With Photoshop and TinyPNG we can choose the best crop and compression for every image and make sure its resolution ‘pops’ and looks as good as possible.

Find out more about the industry-standard raster imaging software,  Photoshop.

Key takeaway - With only seconds to grab attention online, the brighter and better your website looks, and the faster it loads, the greater your chance of attracting and engaging viewers.


Image optimisation process.
Image optimisation process.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is the go-to software for stunning multi-page brochures and documents. Every element can be carefully crafted for stylish marketing assets that will position you above your competition. InDesign empowers us to create the most stylish eBooks, PDF downloads, guides, white papers, brochures and interactive online documents. These types of assets can't always be produced in Word and if they can they don't always look great, with limited layouts and limited typography styling. That's why we use the very best professional standard page layout software, InDesign.

Creating polished pages for both print and interactive documents, take a look at InDesign

Key takeaway - Present your business to perfection with highly polished literature, downloads and interactive documents beautifully designed and created in the best software.


Quality literature for both digital and print.
Quality literature for both digital and print.

Pro Search Engine Optimisation Software

We use a number of paid-for professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) software and online visibility tools.

The SEO reports we create for you are fully comprehensive, highly detailed, up-to-date, relevant – and help to interpret and guide your online changes that impact your search results.

We understand how to find the most relevant information for your goals and turn them into actions for our clients, so they don't have to spend their valuable time on-boarding and interpreting.

As Google continues to refine its search algorithm and more and more companies offer ‘SEO services’, here at Arttia Creative we’ve taken the time to research, learn and invest in top level SEO software that allows us to find out what's happening on your website. We provide in-depth reports that provide you valuable insights.

Key takeaway – SEO software tools that are free can sometimes offer only limited information, with no context. The most useful data tends to be in the ‘paid for’ features. These take time understand, analyse and provide insight. Once you’ve recovered the information you’re looking for, how do you implement it to best effect?

Detailed Search Engine Optimisation Reports
Detailed Search Engine Optimisation Reports

We are your full-service design agency

Every element of your project created and managed under one roof.  Every aspect of your content, promotions and campaigns crafted and produced with one point of contact, together with the Arttia Creative Collective.

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