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Is Your Website Attracting the Best Life Science Talent?

Careers, recruitment, the best candidates. When it comes to attracting the best talent for your business or organisation, we understand that the life science and biotech sector is a competitive and fast-moving space.

Job specifications can change at speed, according to scientific or medicinal developments and discoveries, and as a result, top talent to fulfil emerging roles is always in high demand.

New or recent science graduates are looking to work for innovative companies that provide them with the opportunity to apply and build upon their hard-earned knowledge and talents.

And they're looking for organisations that offer them the chance to make a real and tangible difference in the world – together with a comprehensive package of attractive employee benefits.

How does your life science business look to new talent?

When it comes to the recruitment of top life science talent, then, your website needs to be able to do a lot of heavy lifting. That's because, when it comes to thinking about recruitment, your website is more than a sales and marketing tool for your products or services.

It's also a sales tool for prospective candidates and the place where they'll come to explore what you offer as a business.

Why would a top science graduate or experienced science professional want to work for you?

With this in mind, your company's website needs to convey – at a glance:

  • What are the career prospects you offer?
  • What is your company culture?
  • How might it feel to be an integral part of the work you do?
  • What team or community spirit do you inspire?
Is Your Website Attracting the Best Life Science Talent

Making sure your website is attractive to top life science talent

At Arttia Creative, we specialise in developing websites that work hard as online lead generation tools, whether you're promoting your company's products or services. And, as a life science web design company, we apply the same attention to detail to make sure that your site works hard as a recruitment driver.

Which means you can rest assured you’ll attract suitably talented candidates to apply for the roles you advertise. 

Is Your Website Attracting the Best Life Science Talent

Does your online presence really represent your business?

We understand that to attract and engage the top talent in the life science and biotech sphere, your online presence must reflect the ground-breaking work you do. And do it with cutting-edge design, clarity and at speed.

Consider this.

Do your current website, and digital marketing materials reflect all that your organisation has to offer to a new employee?

Do they showcase the career opportunities within your business in the best possible way?

Or could you be losing out on hiring the best talent because what's visible to candidates online doesn't quite reflect the opportunities you present?


What opportunities is the world's top life science talent looking for?

Whether you're looking to recruit recent graduates or want to attract more experienced talent, you need to consider what they'll be looking for in their next role. And how you can position yourself as the ideal workplace for candidates looking for an innovative place to further their career.

With this in mind, you need to make sure these considerations are in plain sight on your website so that your organisation looks as attractive, innovative and exciting to a prospect as possible.

Does your business have the potential to create real-world change?

Think about the opportunities you provide for candidates to make a real difference in the world. If your research is making strides in a new field, or you're developing scientific breakthroughs, how might your new recruit be a part of creating real-world change? And is this opportunity presented as a clear and achievable reality on your site?

Is Your Website Attracting the Best Life Science Talent

Can candidates achieve their ambitions to make the world a safer place?

As part of the opportunities you offer, consider what effect your candidate might be able to have in terms of global health. Just as the world's pharma businesses have come together in the face of Coronavirus, so new and recent graduates may be driven by the aspiration to make our world a safer and healthier place.

What are your company values and ethics - and are they obvious online?

What about your company's values? Are you driven by a set of ethics that differentiate you in your field? And does your current website make your ethics clear, making it easy for suitable potential candidates to find you in the sea of competing businesses?

As a health tech digital marketing agency, we'll help you to clarify your messaging so that your company's beliefs and stance are evident to potential new employees.

How wide is the life science talent pool you're looking in?

Now think about where you might find the best talent for your business. Are you looking for ambitious candidates at a national level? Or do you want to expand your reach to the global talent pool and find the best and the brightest candidates from overseas?

As a digital life science marketing agency, we can help you optimise your website to target different recruitment markets all over the world.

How best to showcase your business to new talent

No matter what your company's specialism in the life science sector, we’ll help you bring to life what it's like to work for your organisation. The most effective way to do this is by creating a careers page that is both engaging and appealing to prospective candidates.

To do this, our biotech marketing agency team will ask a series of questions about your business and the company culture, so that we can paint a vivid picture of all that you offer.

We'll ask you about the different career development paths within the company – and perhaps ask for quotes from members of staff to make each role feel like a tangible opportunity.

We'll research the corporate benefits you offer – and the holistic company culture that a new recruit might expect to experience.

And, as a life science design agency, we'll make it clear what roles are on offer – and where. So, we'll add listings for all your offices around the world, including elegant design and stylish photography to bring each location to life.

If yours is a business that invests in regular events, conferences, and CPD events for employees, we'll showcase this investment on your careers page too. As a biotech design agency, we know that showcasing the development opportunities you afford your employees can be a powerful asset in setting you apart in your field.

Is Your Website Attracting the Best Life Science Talent

Online application – made easy

To smooth the recruitment process, our health tech web design team can design and develop a seamless application form within your site. This can save you valuable time and enable prospective candidates to register their interest or apply for available roles at speed online. Making the hiring process as simple as possible helps to keep candidates' attention and encourages them to apply in a timely fashion.

The Takeaway.

Attract the best talent to drive your life science business forward

The life science sector is fast-changing and ever-evolving. And we understand that it's a highly competitive market space for top talent.

As your business grows, so the team at our health tech design agency will help you make sure you attract the best talent.

Whether you're looking to grow your talent or you're refreshing your website to include a careers area, the biotech web design team at Arttia Creative will work with you to position your company as the go-to place to build a successful career.

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