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Why your Website is Critical when Transitioning from Research to Commercial

You have an innovative discovery or ground-breaking idea that is ready for commercialisation.  A spark of an idea that can change lives and make a difference. A concept that could provide better outcomes for patients and clinicians in life sciences and healthcare. Better results for researchers and commercial labs. But where do you start when you need to sell your concept and present it to the world. How quickly can you deliver an effective return for your investors?

Going commercial is challenging

You're transitioning to a commercial business. It's an exciting time. After a long time in development (usually many years) you want and need to take your idea to market. You have a long list of actions and business critical things to get moving and you are feeling under pressure.

At Arttia Creative we've helped a number of life science businesses push through this noise.

At this stage, you may be thinking a website isn't at the top of your action list. And that is okay. However, actioning a website as part of your launch has a multitude of business benefits. So don't leave it last on your to-do list.

A website is good for business

A well-produced, well-designed life science website can be a powerful tool to help with your life science commercialisation. The most powerful platform to reach nationally and internationally, available all the time, no matter the time zone.

A professionally designed life science website, with goals and a promotional strategy in place, is the ideal tool to launch your concept to the world.

The ideal platform to launch your brand.  A place that evolves alongside your commercialisation. Websites aren't a set-and-forget marketing tool. They deliver the best results with constantly evolving content, new stories and groundbreaking innovation.

At Arttia Creative, every life science and healthcare website we produce delivers measurable results for our clients. We plan, design and build fully optimised; lead generation focused websites as standard. Search optimised content and SEO copywriting to make sure both Google and your customers can find you online.

Life Science Website Design and Marketing

Your website will be your #1 sales and marketing engine

Having worked on many life science websites our process will help you focus on outreach and sales. Our process of web design will help you define your USPs.

  • Defining your audience. We fine tune this with you for clear on-page copy and life science SEO.
  • Encourage brand loyalty with story driven content and attention to brand consistency
  • Help people understand your product or service quickly. Content creation with outstanding design, clear walk-throughs and engaging case studies.
  • Make getting in touch and buying as simple as possible with clear calls-to-action and an easy buying journey.
  • Content that builds your authority and promotes benefits and expertise.

These are just a few of the areas where creating and launching your website brings absolute focus to your messaging.

The need to present content clearly and quickly before visitors bounce from your website means you need complete clarity. At Arttia Creative we help you define and deliver this clarity. Helping you to drive traffic and convert visitors into customers.

It's time to quickly spread the word

How do you reach the right people quickly and efficiently?
Healthcare and life science professionals are busy. And you need to get in front of them.
How do you connect with these Healthcare professionals, the researchers and the commercial labs who will benefit from your product?

Does this sound familiar.

When moving from research to commercial sales it can seem like a daunting task, where to start, who is best placed to help you? You have many questions...

  • How long will it take for us to get noticed?
  • how do we tell our story online when we are not there in person to go through the nuances?
  • How do create those personal and emotional connections with our target customers?
  • How can we quickly position ourselves against any competition?
  • How do we build brand awareness, quickly?
  • How do we leverage digital marketing for the fastest results?

At Arttia Creative we work with you to answer all of these questions and create an actionable plan that will drive sales.

Healthcare professionals can be quite conservative regarding new technology. They are careful to incorporate a new product into their workstream until they see evidence that it works. This is where your website is really powerful.

Yes, you have the relevant product quality assurances and marks. However, healthcare professionals need additional evidence.

Evidence that can be positioned on your website for easy access, with tracked downloads so you can follow up with further support. This is created by our tailored lead generation plans. Proven to create engagement and start important conversations.

Evidence can be in the form of publications, presentations, adoption by key opinion leaders in their fields. At Arttia Creative we work to design and brand your literature for the greatest impact and brand awareness. Every aspect of your life science website that we create for you will bring leads, build your brand and drive business.

Your virtual sales team

Face-to-face meetings are important. Perhaps the most important when transitioning from research to commercial. Conversations with buyers will build your brand and drive enquiries. However, in the early stages, you may not have a large sales team, you may not have yet finalised deals with resellers or had the chance to define licensing.

There are many conferences and events in your industry that you need to attend. International conferences, national conferences where you can present your product to buyers directly.

At Arttia Creative we understand the importance of attending events, booking a stand and creating sales literature. But we know this has cost and time implications.  You may not be able to attend every conference you need to at the start.

Sales teams need sleep, need breaks, want holidays, they can't and shouldn't be working all of the time. Your customers are across the world, different time zones, different office hours.

This is where your life science website works for you 24/7/365 both supporting your conference attendance and promoting your business at all other times. Open when your customers need you.

Your website doesn't need a holiday, when designed for lead generation you website will sell for you while you sleep. Available to your customers when they need you. Your website isn't designed to replace those face-to-face meetings, your website is designed to support and enhance face-to-face and to sell for you when you aren't there.

Why your Website is Critical when Transitioning from Research to Commercial

Life Science brand positioning

At Arttia Creative we know how powerful a brand can be to drive business. Your brand identity will be designed to provide distinction and positioning. Putting you in front of your audience and building trust. Your life science brand should have the flexibility to reach each audience type and speak to their needs. From Healthcare professionals (HCP), researchers, commercial labs right through to those at the sharp end –  caregivers and patients. Your website will build your brand visibility and promote your message.

Commercial Life Science Website Design

Creating clarity around your concept

Whether your life science company is at the first stage of your journey or established and looking for high-growth,  commercialising research means getting your concept out to the right people. Our specialist copywriters, designers and content creators will work with you to create clarity around your message and make it easy for visitors to understand, engage and take action.

We have a knack for quickly understanding life science concepts and helping present them online, with clarity. Most marketing agencies won't take the time to really understand the nuances around scientific concepts, research methods and healthcare products. At Arttia Creative we live in your space and take the time dig deep into your business.

Your well-designed website will provide you with maximum visibility. With SEO and a content marketing strategy in place, you will get relevant leads that build your business.

You need partnerships and investors

During commercialisation, you will be looking to develop key partnerships and build long-term investment. Your website will help to position you to build those relationships. Presenting you as a strong and credible investment. At Arttia Creative we create an online experience that sets you apart and presents you as innovators. Providing potential partners and investors with the trust factors and information they need to make informed decisions.

Commercial Life Science Website Design

Attracting top-level talent

Professionals and graduates will check you out online. It's standard practice in today's digital world. Attracting the right talent to your business team takes time and resources. Your website is part of their decision-making process. If your website isn't sending out the right messages then talent will go elsewhere. Professional talent is highly valued and very often hard to find. We work with you to present your business online as innovators, industry leaders and the place to make a difference and build a career.

Life Science professionals. Life Science Branding

The Takeaway.

Your website is your #1 marketing asset, and we make sure you get it right from the start.

The biggest part of a web project is often the planning and discovery, especially when your business involves complex products and services. As a first step, we’ll work closely with you to identify your business messages, your aims and goals. And then together we’ll develop and design a science website that meets these goals.

Creating an eye-catching and business driving website and online presence to supercharge your commercialisation.
Why not book one of our FREE 30-minute video calls and we can help you drive more traffic and increase sales.

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