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We were approached by Vienna BioCenter for a website consultancy session. From which we were then asked to present creative exploration and a proposal for their new international cluster website. We had positive feedback with regard to our experience and specialisation in Life Sciences and interactions and experiences with academics. We presented via video conference to 20 members of their cluster, positive feedback from this included our budgeting and testing procedures. It was a pleasure to present to the group and to their marketing manager.

Life Science Website Design Examples
Life Science and Biotech Website Design

We created a website creative concept to position the cluster as a cutting-edge, authority positioning. Designing an easy to use website and presenting Vienna BioCenter as an innovative science cluster, leading the way in this sector. A clear, informative design that integrated their new brand strategy with well-structured content. We needed to talk to multiple-audiences together with an international SEO strategy, relevant and engaging photography, infographics or graphics.

The design concept shows a module approach to the content, providing a flexible solution that can be tailored as needed to present relevant information as and when needed. The design shows a large amount of content in a long format; this wouldn't always be the case as we envisaged a shorter page with specific content at different times.

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