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CASE STUDY | Emersons Solicitors

Sector: Legal


Arttia Creative has been working with Emmersons Solicitors for over eight years helping to increase their online visibility dramatically. Their comprehensive website drives a large percentage of new business, positioning Emmersons as the thought leaders they are and showcases the outstanding legal standards they provide.

Visibility online positions Emmersons on page one for Google search for a wide range of highly competitive keywords. Their email list grows daily, we work with them to communicate high-value content to their audience with regular newsletters and conversational emails.

Life Science Website Design and SEO

Organic SEO Position #1 for 7 Keywords

Life Science Website Design and SEO

Organic SEO Position Top 10 for 40 Keywords

Percentage Graphics Case Studies 80

Over 80% new business from the website

Percentage Graphics Case Studies 32.6

32.6% Conversion Rate

World Leading Website Consultants
Website Consultants
World Leading Website Consultants


Website Consultancy
Arttia Creative provide weekly Website Consultancy and a full range of website services which provide insight and actions to increase new leads consistently.

Brand Consistency
Arttia Creative ensure that both Emmersons messaging and visual branding is clearly and consistently applied across all their communication channels. A strong consistent branding drives positive sentiment and trust, an essential factor in legal services.

Search Engine Optimisation
Daily Search Engine Optimisation helps to retain Emmerson's high position on Google.

Email Marketing and Lead Generation
Regular contact and connections with their clients. Email Marketing builds loyalty and trust in their brand. Building relationships with prospects, leads, current customers.


  • 80% enquiries through the website
  • Organic SEO Position #1 for 7 keywords
  • Organic SEO Position top 10 for 38 keywords
  • Conversion rates of 32.6%
  • Increased quality and value of enquiries


  • Brand development and consistency
  • Online strategy, direction & focus
  • Website design & development
  • Agency Services
  • Supporting printed literature
  • Weekly and monthly email marketing campaigns
  • Weekly Website Consultancy
  • Weekly Agency Services
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Marketing Funnels and Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting and on-page SEO
  • Blog updates and marketing

Your Website Consultants To Life Science, Biotech and Science Sectors


"Our firm has worked with Arttia Creative for over eight years. Before this, we were with an agency who liked to start every meeting with a rather pointless presentation on branding which took up quite a lot of our time. Belinda can help with many things. She has designed leaflets and adverts, created our website, build our blog site. She manages our news page which she SEO’s for us and adds beautiful photography. She manages our competitor analysis and monitors Google ranking positions for our free listings. In short, Arttia Creative can offer a holistic service to help us get noticed, not just by our competitors who copy us, but by our clients. Thanks to Belinda we can punch well above our weight as far as the God Google is concerned. Believe you me that’s a hard thing to achieve, but together we have done it."
J Emmerson / Leading Law Firm.

World Leading Website Consultants

Dedicated Blog Design

Working closely with Emmersons we developed and now maintain a dedicated Family Law Blog. Outstanding content that is both informative and SEO driven. Positioning Emmersons as the leading experts in Family Law.

Website Content Specialists

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a critical part of their overall marketing strategy. Arttia Creative work closely with Emmersons to create highly informative marketing materials to guide and inform their clients.

Website Content Creation

Promotional Campaigns

Arttia Creative provide creative design and support marketing assets for a range of regular promotional materials.

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