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WordPress as a website Content Management System

You've most likely heard of WordPress. It's popular. It's very popular. It powers almost 25% of the worlds websites. That's a lot of websites, a lot of businesses using and relying on WordPress for their online presence. So what's the reason for this?
Why do so many businesses choose WordPress when creating their website?
What are their deciding factors?
Read on to find out why WordPress is our go-to Content Management System for business websites.

"WordPress powers almost 25% of the worlds websites."

wordPress website design Newcastle

Let's talk website content

Most websites created for business have the need for a Content Management System (CMS). A way of updating their website content without having to know how to code, and at their convenience, for small changes or new blog posts, and without the need to involve their website or marketing partners.

With Google preferring sites that are up-to-date and visitors looking for fresh and relevant content, it is increasingly critical for businesses to keep their website fresh, current and alive. A website packed with useful, relevant business driving content and features for their visitors.

There are many ways to develop a website with a CMS:

  • Custom built CMS, for unique business requirements, custom coded by a team of web developers
  • Purchase a pre-built CMS that closely fits your needs and that your web team can add to via an API
  • Use an Open Source CMS (such as WordPress)
WordPress Web Development
Web Design by Arttia Creative.

Open Source, a robust solution

If you have a custom CMS built the IP very often remains with the developer. If you buy into a pre-built system you may need to continue to purchase updates and ensure your developers keep on board with that system.

The WordPress core code is open source. Open source is defined as software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. This gives our clients an up-to-date, well coded solution, with access to a large developer community, without us having to reinvent the wheel. 

Here are some of our deciding factors:

  • Open source community driven software is regularly maintained
  • Highly tested code that works
  • Proven track record
  • Access to a wide community with a wide range of skills

The benefits of WordPress for our clients

For most of our website development projects, we select the WordPress platform on which to build and our clients love it.

Easy to use
I know it's all relative, we've tried and tested many systems. And out of all of the CMS systems we've used over the years, the WordPress dashboard has consistently been the easiest for clients to get on board with. The interface is intuitive; our clients spend less time learning and more time adding new content and driving business.

Manage anywhere
Being a browser-based solution means our clients can login to their website from any internet-connected location and add content and keep their site up-to-date.

SEO friendly
Search engines love the WordPress code; it's known to be cleanly coded and search friendly out-of-the-box. For your business to feature high on Search Results pages, you have a head start, especially when making the right use of plugins such as Yoast and All in One SEO to enhance your focus and listing.

"WordPress is SEO friendly 'out-of-the-box'."

Flexible and adaptable
Adding functionality and new features to a custom web build are entirely possible, with the right amount of time and a reasonable budget. With a WordPress website adding custom features becomes faster and more cost effective for your business.  There are hundreds of pre-designed plugins and extensions where the heavy lifting has already been completed and tested. Many have extendable features and API's so we can customise them to your specific business needs.

Built in blog
WordPress was created as a blogging platform, so it's blogging capabilities are outstanding. A built-in blog makes it easy for our clients to add beautiful, in-depth blog posts quickly and regularly, helping them to promote their expertise online and drive traffic.

Grows as your business grows
WordPress is scalable. You can have hundreds of pages and posts without performance issues, giving our clients the room to flex and grow their online presence.

WordPress is secure; this is one of the reasons for its popularity. All websites get attacked and are vulnerable to security breaches. Malware or DDOS attacks are common on the internet.  We recommend robust security plugins and regular software updates to our clients with WordPress websites keeping them safe and secure. And that's why we offer our exclusive Monthly Care Plans, so they have continued peace of mind. They know their site is safe and secure and working to it's optimum at all times.

The WordPress dashboard in action.
The WordPress dashboard in action.

A powerful marketing tool

Websites need to work hard to create leads and drive revenue. Creative and well-designed strategic marketing positioned around your site is critical to gathering and nurturing new leads and enquiries. WordPress is perfect for this, it's probably the most powerful marketing and sales funnel building platform around today.  It’s trusted by many profitable and respected business. And WordPress benefits from easy integration with lots of third party marketing software, with many software companies creating WordPress specific marketing tools that are beautifully easy to use.

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Used by well-known organisations and brands

WordPress is a trusted platform for many big brands; here are a few current notable names who use WordPress...
• The New Yorker
• BBC America
• The Official Star Wars Blog
• Variety
• MTV News
• PlayStation Blog
• Fortune
• Facebook Newsroom
• Marks and Spencer for Business

NASA Glen Research Center even dedicates a page on their site outlining the benefits of them using WordPress - Take a look.

WordPress for online stores

ecommerce web design
E-commerce web design by Arttia Creative.

Currently, 30% of all online stores are built with WooCommerce, the go-to eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It comes ready loaded with features for your online store management. At the time of writing WooCommerce has around 362 official extensions that add extra functionality. And because it's foundation is WordPress, it's perfect for SEO, an essential element for all online stores. Because if you can't be found, you can't sell.

View our eCommerce website services.

wooCommerce web design Newcastle

Need a new online store?

Look no further, contact us to discuss your eCommerce project.

We care about every website we create, so we provide exclusive specialist support as standard

At Arttia Creative we care about every website we create and every business we work with. We know our clients websites are a business critical asset. Which need to be constantly fresh and dynamic to drive business growth.

That's why we offer, exclusively to our clients, our comprehensive Website Care Plans. They include consistent consultancy support, providing clients with a skilled digital partner, helping them to get the most from their online activity.

Supporting our clients with our WordPress Website Care Plans
Supporting our clients with our WordPress Website Care Plans

WordPress Training, Newcastle and the North East

With every WordPress website, we launch we provide our clients with a detailed one-to-one training session. Plus they receive a comprehensive, illustrated PDF as their ready reference, empowering our clients and their websites.

If we haven't designed your website, no problem! Check out our WP North East specialist training and care services where we provide one-to-one handcrafted WordPress training in Newcastle upon Tyne and across the North East region.


If you're not in the North East you can still take advantage of our 15 years of web design experience. We can put together a tailored WordPress training session just for you, delivered remotely via Skype.

Hand crafted WordPress Training, delivered in Newcastle and the North East

Specialist WordPress training, helping you to get the most from WordPress.

The Takeaway

When thinking about your next website rebuild or refresh WordPress should be top of your list. The time invested in creating your website using WordPress CMS will benefit you massively in the long term. It gives you great search presence and a well coded, secure website, plus adding new content and features will be cost effective and efficient.

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