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Proven Benefits of a Discovery Workshop for your Website Project

Proven Benefits of a Discovery Workshop for your Website Project
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[NEW PROJECTS] At Arttia Creative our unique website project Discovery Workshop is a vital stage that covers a great deal in a short amount of time.

It turns the multi-layered thoughts and insights that you, and others, hold in your head into a meaningful set of criteria to deliver exactly what you want to say about your business and how best to reflect that on-line.

The workshop output is at the core of deploying a stunning website together with a robust digital marketing strategy, with all of your audience types and visitor needs covered. Enabling you to have highly relevant conversations and interactions with them on-line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the world in any time-zone.

The power of our Discovery Workshop in delivering a new website – based around an in-depth understanding of your company, goals and digital marketing needs.

We have a tried and tested process to get the ambitions and status of your business out of your mind and presented in a compelling vision on-line. Our Discovery Workshop is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each life sciences business is different and that is where the Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop works to position your own specific needs for a new website, one that drives significant traffic from the right visitors, turning your strategy into reality.

A website has to be more than a technical specification.

We regulary receive an RFP, website project brief written by an IT person/company commissioned by the client. These are generally fine for the technical side of a website, but your website needs to be so much more than robust technology and well built. Your Life Science website needs to do all of the following (and not limited to):

  • Build your brand
  • Help visitors find what they need, quickly
  • Deliver a delightful user experience
  • Help visitors know what they need to do next
  • Help visitors understand why you are different
  • Provide a clear path for visitors to find what they want
  • Be compliant with what Google needs to find you

And these are just a few non-technical considerations that we explore during our unique Life Science Website Project Discovery Workshop. Ask your IT contact how many high-performing websites they have built and maintained.

What is an Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop?

Let’s start with what it’s not.
It’s not an open-ended brainstorm that generates a list of more ideas you could do. Ideas are plentiful in a dynamic life science business like yours. You probably have a years’ worth of work already captured in ideas.

It is also not a Request for Proposal (RFP) or simple Project Brief. They always lack the detail that you need to define and deliver a complete site structure, highly creative and relevant on-page content, and a stunning style that will create a website capturing what is specific about your business. We never recommend an RFP as a solution for your website project.

An Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop is a structured, facilitated session with NDAs in place if needed. Usually, two half-day sessions held over 2 consecutive days. [2020-2021 update - global pandemic - workshops are now a series of 2-hour Zoom sessions]. The output is a clear statement of what the company needs to say at this stage, to who and how.

We also make sure to cover what potential customers will ideally do when they have read your content (the what next) and move to engage with you in person. If there are gaps that is fine. The workshop highlights where we need to focus and gives you operational plans to make it work.

Our life science website discovery workshops allow for the time where any items can be considered overnight and revisited the next day after a period of reflection. This allows you to stress-test the things you think you know and believe must be represented. For example, have you thought about how distributors can get the same key messages reflected on their websites?

During your Arttia Creative project Discovery Workshop, there are opportunities to check and challenge assumptions you apply to operate and compete successfully within new or existing markets.

We work to understand your innovations, your niche research and development based business, map out the specialised market you’re already in and get to the “what next” that we work on together.

Proven Benefits of a Discovery Workshop for your Website Project

What can we achieve in a Discovery Workshop?

  • With your unique business knowledge and our specialised experience, we’ll discover how to make the most of what you have or where you want to make a new position for an established company, products and services. Achieving this without distracting you from maintaining core sales activities and business tasks.  This is why having a Discovery Workshop as two half-day sessions minimises disruption to on-going operations vital to keeping the company going.
  • We look at more than just what you want on your new life science website. An often overlooked part of the “what does our new website need to do” is about who is visiting and what kind of information they are looking for and how they might find you. So in an Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop, we’ll create clearly defined audience personas that enable customer interaction journeys that are personalised to the type and level of information they need with well-defined calls-to-action.
  • We come to your Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop with a primary analysis of your own, and where possible your competitor, websites. This means we’re making decisions based on quantitative data as well as qualitative insights you hold. We can tell you things about your current website performance that you never knew.
  • We take an “SEO First” approach. So any new website and content it supports are created to get you found in searches by customers looking to solve a problem. There will be an exercise on keyword discovery and further down the line these keyword lists can be refined and incorporated into the website design and development process.

Additional Benefits from an Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop

Curating all of your valuable information

Discovery Workshops are an opportunity for you to bring together the disparate and overwhelming amount of opinions, competitor information and industry insights that you have right now. In particular, it shines a light on the vital, evidence-based content you need to support sales. This is content that you can use to create awareness and credibility of your company and products within the marketplace. So you can be seen as experts in your field and compete in a market with big players.

Defining what the company is actually about.

An Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop provides the means to re-state and remind you and your employees what your business focus is. What it needs to retain or is seeking to change in how it is perceived. For example, have you been considering yourself in research and development mode and now you are selling the output from that? Branding and imagery will be developed downstream based on the groundwork performed at the Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop that reflects how you want the company to evolve, subtly or in big ways.

Showing who you are as people and how you actually look.

Do you have unique imagery?
At this initial stage, we’ll guide you on setting up a life science photoshoot early to capture images of your own company and people. So that you don’t just rely on using stock images and give web visitors a real insight into your company.

Specific functionality requirements

An Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop is where we can capture those specific details of functionality that you desire and may be essential to how you want visitors to view and interact with your website. For example, ways to visualise a topic or part of your solution, accessing catalogues and libraries of products and references or were to refresh what is shown on a page to expose visitors to more of your signature images.

Proven Benefits of a Discovery Workshop for your Website Project

How you will keep your website relevant and updated.

Your new website is not a set-and-forget marketing hub. It is just the start. At an Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop we’ll cover who needs to be able to edit and update the website once it’s deployed. In a project, we can cover how to host your website, who needs training on how to edit and add content, how to get it live without hitches. A Discovery Workshop is also a time to consider what you do beyond getting a new website live. For example; Google Analytics insights, on-going SEO, marketing automation, content roadmaps, publishing schedules, defining a content plan and how you can apply social media down the line.

The Takeaway.

An Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop provides a search engine optimisation strategy, an advanced website with content that reflects your vision for your company, what stage it is at and how it can create user journeys across the site. It is where we rapidly build up a picture of where your business sits, the space it wants to be noticed in and what you would like your website to achieve.

It is not just filling in a template of standard questions for website design and development.

An Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop is an exercise where we learn about your business in great depth and bring insights on SEO, audience and keyword analysis and guide you in ways to present yourself online in a creative and personalised way for your technical audiences.

We have over a decade of experience in how to capture the scientific and technical details of what you do, the separated but connected aspects of your business and position both of them clearly across the website.

By starting each project with an Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop the final stages run smoother, with fewer demands on you. The more we work at the start to understand your business and capture what you know in your head we can start to lead you in how to express that on each page.

A new website project is like an iceberg. The part that is visible to the visitor is the result of a significant and substantial foundation.

The hidden, significant part of the project is building up a framework that you can see like a map of pages, images, content so you can see early on a complete picture of how we’re using the information gained from an Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop to build the website.

This includes an SEO first approach so what content that gets added at later stages in written with that in mind.

The Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop delivers more than just a great website for you. It acts as a focus for what you’re really trying to say about the business and that in turn creates clarity across your organisation.

We often find that as the website development gets underway that key business questions are asked and answered with a tangible change to reflect that on-line.

Website design, development and deployment is not a publish and forget exercise. By starting with a Discovery Workshop we don’t just begin with the end in mind we also look beyond going live.

We make sure you are set-up and informed to continue enriching the website and using it as a hub for your business.

This can be done within your own team or assisting your teams with direct support from the people at Arttia Creative who designed and developed your site.

Utilising an Arttia Creative Discovery Workshop at the start of your project, with people experienced in your fields, we'll develop a deep passion and understanding of your business and work from that basis going forward.

Want to get started, let's talk.

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