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HealthTech is Shaking up Healthcare. Don’t Get Left Behind. Stay Ahead with Digital Marketing

Stay head with Health Tech marketing strategies. The healthcare digital space is on the rise. Large digital companies such as Google and Apple are taking an ever greater interest in the healthcare sector. You can guarantee they will be and are leveraging their expertise in online marketing take the lead in HealthTech.

Science and healthcare have been late to maximise the potential of the digital and online space. A traditional place of long lead times, academic calendars and investment collaborations.

That being the case, you don't want to get left behind when it comes to health tech and healthcare marketing online. If you are yet to maximise the potential here, then find out how Content Marketing can grow your Health Tech business.

Healthcare sectors are traditionally cautious and risk-averse and slow to maximise the potential of new platforms to promote their products and services. The traditional routes (conferences and sales teams) are no longer enough to give you the reach you need in this ever increasingly competitive space.

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Life Science Content Marketing is critical to stay ahead

When you're a life science marketer. or perhaps a biotech innovator in charge of communications, you may find that healthcare and Life Sciences are somewhat late to implementing an effective Content Marketing strategy.

As life science communicators, you need to be taking advantage of this powerful marketing method to grow sales and build your brand. This softer approach is very different from the usual sales teams and industry conference activity around life science. This method or marketing will provide many longer-term results.

Content Marketing is all about providing useful content that is presented on your website (your online hub) instead of in-person sales pitches, it is a wide-reaching, powerful way to position you as the experts.

You will find that Life Science product buyers are ever more sophisticated in their buying patterns and how they make decisions.

Life Science Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on providing value and authority and your website should be the at the heart of this activity.

Remember, you need to plan, create and publish to your audience(s) on a regular basis. Every day, week, month. Whatever is relevant for your sector. Don't worry, if time is an issue when creating content, we can do this for you.

Website Brief for Life Science Website Design

A stunning website is critical to stay ahead

The importance of design and brand cannot be overstated when people visit your website. Your Life Science or Healthcare business needs a user-centric website with outstanding content that is optimised for conversions. Customers across the sciences demand an easy to use experience and a visually pleasing design. Translating a life science and health tech brand takes a skilled hand and an experienced eye. Take a look at a few of our website design case studies.

best life science website designs

Everything optimised for search

Search optimised from the start. Whether it is voice search or Google desktop search. We plan, research and optimise every element of your website content. This means you get the maximum reach from the very start. We have proven experience of page-one Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). People are searching for your products and services on Google. If you don't have an active SEO strategy you will not be found.

Keep in mind that a solid keyword strategy is invaluable when used across both search and social media. When thinking of Social Media Marketing, it is typically the place your audience will go to gain peer reviews, insight and knowledge. However, Google is still the leader and has the best conversion rates (conversion rates - definition – turning visitors into customers).

Healthcare Web Design and Digital Marketing

But we don't get leads from our website?

I hear this a lot.
Healthtech companies who haven't invested what they needed to create a lead generating website. it's a mindset.

Perhaps your finance director doesn't yet 'get' online marketing? Perhaps you have had a bad experience developing your latest website and you are hesitant to take another look. Perhaps your sales team feel threatened by sales coming via your website. Perhaps you are from a recent academic organisation and don't know where to start. These are old school excuses.

You don't always need a full website redesign. There are strategies you can implement on your current website that will create lead generation.

Are you creating Marketing Funnels?
Are you creating outstanding, desirable content?
Are you actively growing your email list and sending out marketing content via email?

If the answer to the above is no, then we are here to help you get started and generate leads.

Healthcare Web Design and Digital Marketing

A clear User Experience and perfect User Flows

User Experience, encompassing all aspects of your visitor's interactions with your website. If your website is pleasing and easy to use, where visitors find what they need quickly then you will convert more visitors into customers. Your life science website visitors need to feel an affinity with your design and brand, making them feel like the site has been designed just for them.

User Flows are the steps your website visitors take to accomplish a task on your site. It includes all the different pages and touch points that are part of that interaction. If your website was a like a city, says Optinmonster, there would be roads running through it. These roads are the “user flow” that your life science website visitors follow.

Understanding and assessing your current website user experience and user flow will help you add constant improvements to navigation and content and therefore improve lead conversion on your website.

Healthcare Website Design

Arttia Creative - your specialist life science digital marketing team

Arttia Creative we have been delivering outstanding projects using the latest ‘agile team’ business model for over ten years. We work increasingly with life science, biotech, scientific and highly technical niche companies across the world. Arttia Creative is a collective of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in each discipline. Our team ensures we always have the exact skills you need to deliver the very best project, every time. Our unique process and outstanding experience to deliver measured business growth to Life Science, Biotech, Science-based and highly technical niche markets.

Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Specialists

Belinda White Life Science Website Consultant

Website Consultant

Belinda White, Website Consultant, Designer and Digital Strategist Belinda is experienced in creating successful brands, websites, print and digital campaigns for her clients.

Dolezal Consulting Marketing Strategy

Marketing Consultant

Joanne Dolezal is our marketing strategist. A calm voice of expertise in a field where there are so many possible starting points that you can risk being paralysed by choice.

Search Engine Optimisation Agency Newcastle

Science Copywriter

Katherine Wildeman is our Creative and Search Engine Optimisation focused copywriter. She’ll write ‘words that sell’ for your website, words that engage and persuade and convert your customers.


Life Science Strategy

Paddy Lavery understands the challenges and rewards of delivering specialised, technical products and services to highly discerning customers in niche markets.

The Takeaway.

Healthtech and the internet are fast-moving and ever-changing environments.  As life science marketers or biotech innovators you may not have the time to keep abreast of all of the nuances of this online space. We are here to help you navigate and get the most for your business or organisation. With hands-on done-for-you website development, content creation and content marketing promotion and publishing. We can create a tailored content and publishing plan for you to implement or for Arttia Creative to produce for you. All SEO optimised from the start for maximum reach.

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Belinda White | Creative Director

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