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How Creative Design Builds Successful Life Science Businesses

Here at Arttia Creative, we apply our creative experience and communication skills to help CEOs and innovators like you to build and grow successful life science and biotech businesses.

Are you ready to grow your life science business?

We specialise in producing the creative design that makes even the most complicated biotech and life science businesses accessible to their target audiences.

We do this through impactful branding, clear messaging, and consistent visual communications that ensure your business is seen, heard – and remembered by the people you want to engage.

As a life science design agency, we showcase your work to the best effect, and our work helps attract the attention of your potential partners and investors.

How a strong brand creates a positive impact

As a first step, we’ll work with you to refine or redevelop your life science brand so that it demonstrates your USPs to your audience at-a-glance.

We develop brands that not only meet all the required healthcare and compliance regulations in your industry but that are designed to be easily recognisable and memorable – creating a positive impact in your sector.

World Leading Website Consultancy, Brand Identity and Digital Marketing to Biotech and Life Science Businesses

Being specialists in your sector enables us to rapidly understand your unique needs enabling us deliver powerful results quickly. Saving you time, stress and money and delivering the best ROI.

A responsive website drives engaged enquiries

As a next step, we’ll apply your business brand to the design, development, and creation of a lead-generating life science website that will drive traffic to your business.

And we’ll use strategic content marketing and consistent visual communications to increase engaged enquiries and grow your online authority.

A dedicated design agency enables you to focus on your work

With a strong brand and responsive website in place, our team will work to support the ongoing on and offline promotion of your business.

Building a memorable brand for your biotech business means using the same icons, typography, colours, and graphics consistently across all your life science marketing materials.

We’ll provide brand guidelines and support you at every stage of developing your marketing materials to ensure the consistency you need to establish your business in the industry.

With regular meetings to ensure we know what you need and when, we’ll work alongside your in-house marketing team to provide elegant graphic design, clear infographics, and consistent life science visual communications.

Strong visual communications add confidence to your networking

Our ongoing support means you'll be able to focus on your strategy and campaigns. This also means you can attend meetings, exhibitions, events and funding rounds with the marketing and life science exhibition support materials you need – when you need them.

All with the added confidence of knowing your brand is working hard for you, beyond your website.

Arttia Creative can create a wide range of visual communications to meet your ongoing needs throughout the year. This includes (and not limited to):

  • Marketing materials for life science conferences

  • Slide decks for life science conferences

  • Presentations decks for clinicians

  • Literature for your sales team

  • Literature for life science trade shows

  • Infographics for use online and in print

  • Branded abstracts

  • Marketing white papers

  • Science white papers

  • Scientific white papers

  • Data visualisation

  • Life science corporate annual reports

Why Arttia Creative?

We understand your need to communicate what you do in a way that’s easy for your audience to understand. And we’ll help you to clarify even the most complex messages with strong branding, a clear online presence, visual communications and life science infographics that explain your offering to potential investors, partners, and collaborators at-a-glance.

"Working with us gives you access to a team of creatives who understand the nuances of your sector. People who can work with you day-to-day, week-to-week to meet your need to create outstanding life science marketing materials – all while freeing you to look at the bigger picture.”
Belinda White – Creative Director, Website Consultant

Are you ready to grow your life science business?
Get in touch with Arttia Creative today.

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Belinda White | Creative Director, Website Consultant

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