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How to create a Powerful, Immersive Life Science Brand

Trust is a major factor in life sciences. A strong, recognisable brand helps to build that trust. This is one of the key reasons your brand is central to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Branding creates differentiation and presents your unique set of values.

Branding builds business

Creating a successful life science brand has a significant effect on your bottom line. Customers are increasingly attracted to brands and experiences.

Peoples experience with your brand needs to lead them to build trust. This especially the case in life science, biotech and healthcare where products and services can have a significant personal impact.

Brand values fall into two areas, the value of your brand as a business asset and the perceived value of your brand by your customers.

Both patients and health care professionals rely on a range of trust factors to guide their decisions. A strong and authentic brand form a critical element in building trust and assurance.

If you are ready to launch your innovation to the world, how do you make the right impact and start to build a recognised brand?

SOURCE: Circle Research

77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth

Buying habits are rapidly changing

Traditional healthcare and life science purchasing decisions were often influenced by peers, colleagues, conferences or printed literature. In recent years a significant shift is taking place with customers moving towards building relationships. A preference for a softer approach to how they are sold to and this certainly impacts the life sciences sector as well.

The combined influences of social and mobile experiences mean customers preferring to understand value and relevance before making a buying decision. Your life science brand is essential to this softer, slower approach to sales. Brand recognition, over time, produces a higher return on your investment.

Life Science professionals. Life Science Branding

The importance of your virtual brand

Not every interaction with your brand will be physical or in-person.
How will people interact with your life science brand in a virtual world?
Consistency and detail are important for the online world.

Your life science website is usually the first touch-point your customers have with you in the virtual world. People online typically have a short attention span. You need to present your brand values quickly and clearly.

Clear stories and messages are critical. Empathy with your customers helps them to connect with your brand, what problems are you solving for them both literally and emotionally.

At Arttia Creative we help you tell your story, build a brand following, connect with your customers and ensure consistency. Life Science, healthcare and biotech provide multifaceted solutions and you need to communicate the benefits clearly and quickly. That's where our experience and expertise help you win the day.

Life scienc brand and logo design

Your life science brand goes beyond being just a logo

In today's multi-platform, a multi-digital world you need a flexible brand identity that can scale for every possible situation required. Instantly visible and instantly recognisable in all situations. Telling your story. When you are thinking of a logo for your life science business, think bigger, think beyond just a logo, imagine a versatile visual identity used across all of your on and offline activities.

A brand is so much more than just a logo, although a critical element.

Your brand is so much more than a logo. Learn more here.

SOURCE: Content Marketing Institute

91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to promote brand awareness.

Promoting your brand values

The future of life science branding is creating an emotional connection as well as a visual connection. Investing in your life science brand will provide you with a major advantage in the ever more crowded healthcare space. HCP and patients are becoming ever more sophisticated in how they make their buying decisions. Always connected and consuming only what they feel is relevant to them.

Using your brand to tell your story helps you to give context to your innovation and research. We know your life science innovation has taken many years to come to market, use your brand identity to help tell this story. the history of its creation, your journey of discovery.

Science Lab. Life Science Branding

Professional life science brand development

Creating a successful life science brand can be a complex activity, best undertaken by a team of professional creative with experience in this area. Branding professionals will help you to develop your brand strategy to fit alongside your business goals and your audience profiles.

Your life science brand needs to encompass all areas of your communications; from your website, social, slide decks, emails and abstracts, to conference exhibition graphics, business cards and literature.

Brand consistency not only in the visual presentation but also in your brands tone-of-voice and empathy.

Life Science Branding
SOURCE: Harvard Business Review

64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand

Life Science Branding

The Takeaway.

Successful branding will have a significant impact on your life science business. Branding is much more than a logo, life science branding can help clarify your concept and influence buying decisions. Making an investment in creating a unique brand will be the cornerstone of your life science marketing success.

At Arttia Creative we have significant experience in designing and developing branding for life science businesses. Helping you tell your story and connect with your many different audiences.

Be creative and ambitious. Branding development takes patience, perseverance, and a unique angle that sets you apart from the competition.

We'll spend the time it takes to explore creative avenues. Creating you an identity that can continue to breathe, evolve and grow as your life science business evolves.

Life Science Branding


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