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How to Harness the Power of your Website when your Life Science Conference is Postponed
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Life science conferences and exhibitions can be necessary but expensive dates in your business calendar. There’s the required investment in travel – be it by car, train or plane, the cost of hotel accommodation – and the need to take time away from your business.

How your website can create powerful business opportunities

If you’re organised have planned ahead, there will also be other investments to consider by the time the date of the event arrives – for example:

  • the time spent telling your audience that you’re going to attend each specific life science event
  • the work needed to create relevant landing pages on your website before each event
  • the investment in branded life science marketing materials to distribute to event attendees
  • the production of an eye-catching stand to announce and promote your presence at a life science event

All of these things can create a significant dent, both in your finances and in your planned workload in the lead up to any event you plan to attend.

The frustration, then, when a life science conference is postponed for whatever reason, is real – and can have a significant impact on your business.

"At some point we need to have conversations about the value of a conference. The shift could help to address long-standing calls to make meetings more accessible to a wider set of researchers, for instance those from resource-poor universities and those with disabilities, say some academics. "
Giuliana Viglione –

How to Harness the Power of your Website when your Life Science Conference is Postponed

Safeguard your brand against life science event postponements – online marketing

We can help you develop a life science website that works hard for your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A website that attracts attention, creates engagement and interest and that can help create leads towards partnership opportunities.

Depending on your business needs, we can add unique landing pages, data capture pages, case studies, PDF downloads and new poster downloads, articles and research pieces and news about your latest products and services.

We can even support you to host a webinar around a specific conference’s agenda – and make sure that what you’re saying is heard by the right people at the right time for your business – even in your absence or the event’s postponement.

At the time of writing, life science businesses around the world are learning to manage a new reality of work – either from home or with a reduction in social contact – as the Coronavirus continues its global spread.

This unprecedented situation is highlighting the ways in which digital communications can ensure that businesses can carry on, if not quite as usual, then at least in a way that means that their work can continue.

"Many researchers already complain about the relentless expectation of travel and worry about the carbon footprints they create by taking international flights."
Giuliana Viglione –

How to Harness the Power of your Website when your Life Science Conference is Postponed

Futureproof your business with a powerful life science website

Of course, as a life science design agency we know there may be other reasons that your business can’t attend a conference, for example, if you don’t have the budget to attend, present or exhibit, if you don’t yet have a sales team in place ¬– or if, perhaps, you’ve reached a critical stage in your product development, which demands your continued presence at work.

As specialists in life science web design we know that our clients around the world attend a large number of different life science and healthcare industry conferences across the world throughout the year.

For them their attendance at these events as an exhibitor, speaker or attendee is an important investment, not just in terms of the ticket or stand prices but in terms of the time and energy each event demands from their life science marketing and sales teams.

Each event presents a wealth of opportunities for networking, for connecting with the influencers of your sector that are speaking or attending the event and for boosting your online search results with a carefully thought-out link building and life science SEO strategy.

How to Harness the Power of your Website when your Life Science Conference is Postponed

The Takeaway.

We’ll support you to make sure that even if a life science event you want to attend is postponed, you maximise the opportunities around that event. We’ll help you showcase your innovations, launch your new products and services – and make a lasting impact in the digital space that will connect you to your target audience.

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