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Time to Talk. Why Life Science Companies Should Optimise Their Website for a Conversation

Making time to talk. Conversations, chatting, personal connections, creating a dialogue… these are the lifeblood of building any business. People buy from people. Online and digital can feel distant, a little impersonal. Arttia Creative is here to change that, it’s what we do every day for our life science clients.

We know that in life sciences and healthcare, everybody, including your customers and investors, are online, reading, researching, looking to connect with the right people.

But how can you make that easy, how do you become approachable, easy to communicate with?

How do you turn your website into a place that starts that first welcome and discussion?

Why Life Science Companies Should Optimise Their Website for a Conversation

As a biotech marketing professional, you want and need to make that personal connection. Show that you are an approachable company and ready to talk. Yes, you need a beautiful and sophisticated website with engaging content that puts your customers first, but how do you design it to trigger a discussion?

At Arttia Creative, we understand that the life science and biotech sector is a highly competitive space and success as a business comes from the connections you make with you people that make a difference. The earlier you can begin a conversation with potential customers and investors, the greater the likelihood of sales, partnerships and investment. Think about making it easier for them to connect and engage with your business.

We understand that one of the key challenges you face is the presentation of complex products and services in a way that engages and informs, both offline and online, in an intelligent, helpful and conversational way.

We specialise in science websites, driving traffic and helping companies like yours optimise online to start a dialogue, encouraging those first, tentative conversations, with no pressure or expectations.

How do we do this?

Through innovative design and copywriting that speaks both your language and theirs – making it easier for you to build human relationships and ultimately generate business.

Why Life Science Companies Should Optimise Their Website for a Conversation

Why your life science or biotech website struggles to speak...

How long do you think it takes for potential customers or investors to decide whether they want to stay on your website and find out more? 10 seconds? Potentially within less than a second.

First impressions count. A website that fully reflects your life science or biotech brand and conveys the strategy and focus of your business key. But that’s the first step. Once you’ve grabbed their attention and they’re interested in finding out more about you and what you offer, you would think that the battle to generate leads would be won.
So why isn’t this the case?

As a business operating in the science and biotech sector, it’s important that your written content matches what your customers are looking for and offers easily accessible, engaging and succinct answers to their questions. Your visitors don't want to be sold to in the early stages of their discovery, when they are initially seeking solutions, ill-placed calls to action, and raw science may not be relevant at that moment.

Your life science content should put your customers front and centre, encouraging a first stage conversation.

Is your content delivering messages and information that they need, when they need it?
Are you getting straight to the point?

If not, then you may not be communicating in a way that encourages your website visitor to talk to you and it's time to rethink your website content.

Meetings and conferences are not the only way to start a conversation with your customers.

At Arttia Creative we understand the importance of face-to-face meetings and attending conferences in the life science and biotech sectors. They offer an opportunity for personal connection and relationship building, developing trust in your brand, and an opportunity for customers to be heard and to have their questions answered.

They can also be a mine of information that can inform website content creation. Your sales team can have real, in-person conversations with your customers, promoting your product or service and positioning you as a market leader in the industry. However, there are only so many hours in the day and only so many conferences and events that you can attend, as all of them have a cost and time implication.

Why Life Science Companies Should Optimise Their Website for a Conversation

Always available, no matter the location or time-zone.

How else can you start a conversation with potential customers or investors, and promote your business 24/7, every day of the year irrespective of time zone or office hours?

Everyone is online. Including the scientific community.

This is where your life science website comes into its own. It can support your conference attendance and promote you at all other times. Your website is always open for business and can start a conversation with your customers, offer solutions to their problems and showcase the benefits of your products and services.

Why your audience craves the human experience online.

In the digital world, your potential buyer’s journey has changed and is now more about the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’. Your sales team no longer holds all the keys to your products’ secrets. Customers research their own information and undertake discovery on your website before getting in touch with you directly. They seek answers to questions and crave the feeling of a human connection online, a meaningful customer journey that focuses on what they care about most and provides value from page-to-page. An experience that makes them feel listened to and understood, resulting in your company developing a reputation for being an approachable and trusted source of information.

The more information a prospective customer can discover about you online, and the more positive answers to their questions they can find, the higher up in the decision-making process they are likely to be when they speak to you.

This demand for information is where your website and your biotech content marketing needs to work in harmony to engage and retain your customers’ interest, gain their trust and build your authority in your field.

Where do life science and biotech businesses go wrong?

Directors and CEOs tend to think that ‘the data (or science) speaks for itself’, but this simply isn’t true. Scientific data needs to be given a voice and presented in a way that is meaningful for the audience.

Just presenting the science is not enough.

Highly technical and scientific content written in a very formal style can sound artificial and create distance between you and your potential customers. The customer also has to make an effort to unpick the information to discover the benefits of your product for themselves. And in a busy life science space, full of choice and distraction, this can make your message harder to surface.

Of course, it may be important to convey some of the technical detail so long as it is serving a purpose, offering a solution and helping your audience understand how your product or service benefits them.

Striking a more conversational tone however makes your information easily digestible, highlights the key benefits to the customer and creates a common understanding and authenticity.

Why Life Science Companies Should Optimise Their Website for a Conversation

So how can you reach your audience and start that conversation?

We can help you create a website that will meet your customers’ needs at the early stages of buying, partnering or investing as well as later in their relationship with you.

As experienced, specialist life science website designers, we at Arttia Creative understand that creating the best conversational content for a scientific website needs a unique range of skills and an understanding of your sector.

We are website experts and have the skills to combine sophisticated science products website design and our experience in life science marketing to help you stand out by delivering focussed messaging and copywriting that will give you an agile and competitive edge in the digital space.

We can help you choose the right tone to reflect your brand and work with you to develop creative storytelling that delivers an effective balance between helpfulness and authenticity.

A conversational style doesn’t mean reducing the technical content on your website, it just means writing it in a more engaging way, a way that teases out the benefits to the customer and presents the information in a more personable style.

The Takeaway.

The sooner you can start to optimise your website for a human conversation and create a powerful experience, the faster you can drive business.

We can help you start the conversation early, keep the conversation going and adapt the conversation to meet the customers’ changing needs by helping you:

  • Make your website an effective member of your sales and marketing team.
  • Develop a conversational and engaging tone to communicate to customers and investors
  • Define and deliver clarity in your messaging to improve audience engagement.
  • Create content that builds your authority and promotes benefits and expertise.
  • Simplify your buyer’s online journey.
  • You make getting in touch and buying as simple as possible with clear, well-placed calls-to-action.
  • Convert visitors into sales, partnership or investment.

At Arttia Creative we make your message clear, through outstanding design and content writing, that you recognise their problems and how you provide a solution to them.

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Belinda White | Creative Director

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