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How your Life Science Company can Dominate Search Results

Life Sciences, Healthcare and Biotech sectors are finally starting to invest in their online presence. Typically life science marketers have focused on the usual industry promotional routes such as conferences and sales teams. Many life science marketers are finally moving their focus towards their online presence.

SEO First is Essential for Biotech and Life Sciences websites to dominate search

What this article will show you.

When you move to the online space visibility from the start is critical. You will need to dominate search for your target keywords.

  • Investors will assess your online footprint.
  • Customers will seek you out online and form an opinion.
  • Clinicians will look for credentials and data.

That being the case, optimising your life science website for top search results is your goal.

To get you started on your Life Science, Biotech and Healthcare SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) journey I have created a breakdown of some of the key SEO areas you need to focus on. This doesn't cover everything about SEO, however, it is a great place to start.

Can Google see you?

Google needs to able to crawl and index all of your website content so it can present your pages for relevant search results. If Google can't see your pages it can't show them to searchers. One way to check if Google is 'seeing' all of your website content is to use Google's own Search Console. Create an account and within the dashboard, Google will flag any indexing issues that you need to fix.

Need help with this? Contact us and we can get this set up for you and help you fix any issues.

How your Life Science Company can Dominate Search Results

Life Sciences can dominate search with SEO first strategy.

Are you using internal links?

A solid linking structure for your Life Science website will really help your SEO. Internal linking helps Google and your visitors to understand how your content is related and the value of each piece of content.

Google will crawl your Life Science website and gain an understanding of its structure through your internal and external links.

These on-page links need to have clear and relevant 'anchor text'. That is the text on which you have your link. Making sure this text matches the link it is going to. Ideally containing any relevant keywords.

Create a content hierarchy (a bit like a pyramid) with your most important content at the top. These can be cornerstone articles, evergreen posts, white papers or case studies.

Need help with your internal linking structure? Contact us and we can help you structure your Life Science Website content for maximum SEO impact.

Life Science Website SEO Domanate Search Results

Reach new markets with page one ranking

Unique high-quality content

Without content, your website is simply an empty frame. Your audiences will expect unique high-quality life science content. Plus Google loves new, relevant content.

Google regularly re-indexes your Life Science website, looking for any changes. Google lowers the priority of websites that haven't been updated regularly. An updated website is a well-loved website.

Show Google and your audiences that you care by providing them with new, helpful and highly relevant information to inform and guide them towards your goals. 'Freshness' is certainly an SEO ranking factor.

Need help creating content? Contact us and we can provide design and creative content to publish on your site

Remember to publish your content regularly, across multiple channels. Not just once, but many times. The web is a busy space and people don't always see your first set of promotions. Repeat your promotion process regularly for the best clicks and visits.

Impress investors with page one ranking

Multimedia – audio, infographics, images and video.

A feature-rich website experience provides visitors with a reason to stay and explore. Time-on-site is an SEO factor. The more time your visitors stay and click around the more value Google attributes to your content. We have associates who can provide video content and our go-to voice over expert can provide audio for product walk-throughs and audio transcripts of text or graphical content. Making your visitors experience interesting and entertaining can make their understanding of your Life Science product or service so much clearer, so much faster.

Make sure all of your media content is optimised for search. With the relevant meta tags, alt tags and descriptions - that ideally include your target keywords.

Life Science Website SEO Domanate Search Results

Readability and SEO driven copywriting

Healthcare, Biotech and Life Sciences can be complex. Specialist phrases and industry-specific names are necessary. Nobody likes to read something that’s boring, especially online.

Your copy should be aimed at the style and understanding that your website audience is used to.  However, a break from formal text to Life Science or Healthcare audiences can be really refreshing. If you imagine your visitors day-to-day situation of reading or writing highly science led or technical information.

A refreshing change for Life Science website visitors is to enjoy an 'easy read' so they can quickly understand your concepts, even scanning at speed they should be able to get the overall gist of the benefits your provides.

Short paragraphs, punchy headlines and clear calls-to-action make consuming your online content so much easier.

Your audience wants the best, most easy to digest information, otherwise unsatisfied visitors will bounce from your website, which Google really doesn't like.

Life Science Website SEO Domanate Search Results

Our go-to copywriter, Katherine Wildman, is an expert in crafting written content that can clearly communicate your complex concepts in a beautiful and useful way. Plus she is an SEO copywriting specialist, which means all of your content is optimised for search. A clear win for both your visitors and Google.

The Takeaway.

Your Life Science or Healthcare website can dominate search. This is no quick process, however, competed correctly and thoroughly will provide long-lasting results. Driving traffic and helping with converting your visitors into customers.

If you need help with Search Engine Optimisation for your Life Science or Healthcare website, get in touch and we can arrange a FREE initial 30-minute website consultancy session to see if we can identify some quick-wins and provide you with some actions to take forward.

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