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Powerful Website Copywriting – What We Need from You

At Arttia Creative our hand-picked team of professional website content and copywriters are skilled in creating engaging content and have scientific writing experience. However, they don’t know your life science business like you do. Yes, they are proficient in doing research, and they may have experience in your industry, but to do a great job, they need you to share information, personal insights and knowledge.

Our copywriters spend the time to fully immerse themselves in your business and your science.

After all, you are the expert when it comes to your business, your desired audience, your competitors and your business goals, we are here to bring that narrative to life.

Specialist writing for life sciences, healthcare and biotech

Our content writers and copywriters have a background in science, medical and healthcare writing and the nuances needed when writing for this space. They also understand how to create your tone of voice, mission/values/vision as well as your website content. They understand the techniques for writing for the web and how your content can impact your visibility on search engines. Providing you with peace-of-mind that your project is in safe, experienced hands.

Help us to help you – what does our professional copywriter need

Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry, we at Arttia Creative have your back.

We have a proven system of facilitated meetings and questionnaires to help you dive deep into your business goals, your customer target market, your competitors and more. It’s an efficient and effective process, and we guide you through every step.

If you have a large number of written documents, articles, presentations and white papers, we can take the pressure off and sort through them for you, making sure our copywriters have everything they need to get started on your project.

Concerned about confidentiality?

At Arttia Creative we work with businesses across life science, biotech, pharma, health sciences and other innovative science sectors. Non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements are part of our daily life, so you can feel confident that anything you share with us is completely secure.

This information helps us do a great job for you. It helps our checked and approved copywriters shape copy in such a way as to engage potential customers without giving your secrets away.

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Six things our professional website copywriters need from you to create your high performing online presence:

life science website copywriting

#1 Information about your product or service

We need to understand your product or service. What does your product do, or service deliver? What are its features and benefits? What’s new, different or unique about it?

It is not unusual for a website to talk about the features of a product, while completing ignoring the benefits to the customer or how the service can alleviate their potential pain points.

Our copywriter will need to see supporting evidence, research papers, clinical trial results and the all-important science behind it all. They can then ensure a balance between the features and benefits and talk in an authoritative but conversational manner directly to the customer, answering questions they may have and finding solutions to their problems.

#2 Who is your target audience?

Who is our content copywriter writing for?
To create the right message, our copywriter has to understand your current and desired audiences. Are they scientists, researchers, investors or all three? Even the most skilled copywriter in the world will struggle to write for an undefined audience. Specific audiences have their own particular needs, and they will be searching for solutions to a set of defined problems. This information helps our content copywriter focus the message on the key benefits of your product or service that will solve those problems.

If you already have a good customer base, then we must tap into their user experience. We need to know what they like about your product or service, and what they’re interested in now. This information can help us to decide how to best continue the conversation and maintain their engagement.

How do you want your customer to feel about your offering?

This information guides our copywriter when changing the messaging on your website, especially if you have expanded your product range or diversified your service and now want to attract a different type of audience.

#3 Insight into your competitors

In a busy life science or biotech market, your business needs to stand out among your competitors. To help you achieve this, the copywriter must understand who your direct competition is and how your product or service differs.

We take time to study your competitors so that your website and marketing materials contain authentic messaging that speaks to the heart of your customers’ needs rather than mimicking other businesses.

#4 Clarity about your business goals

What are your business goals? Are you expecting your website or marketing material to get onsite sales, generate leads for your sales team, or encourage investors to contact you to learn more?

Engaging website content alone won’t achieve your business goals. Your website copy has to create a visitor journey that points potential customers or investors in the right direction, giving them the information they need to help them take the next step.

Our copywriter can help you achieve this by providing clear, customer-focused calls-to-action, leading your website visitors to buy, request more information, or join you in partnership.

#5 Your SEO strategy - target keyword list

Developing a comprehensive SEO strategy and target keyword list is imperative for crafting website content that is informative, engaging and easily discoverable by search engines, notably Google.

Understanding the specific keywords and phrases that potential clients are using when searching for products or services within the life sciences, biotech, healthcare, medical, pharma, academic, and digital health sectors is fundamental.

By aligning our content with these keywords, we enhance the visibility of our client's websites, ensuring they appear prominently in relevant search results–this increases organic traffic and improves the likelihood of attracting qualified leads.

Furthermore, an effective SEO strategy enables us to optimise various elements of the website, such as meta tags, headings, and URLs, to enhance its search engine ranking further.

A well-defined SEO strategy and target keyword list are the cornerstones for maximising online visibility, driving traffic, and achieving business objectives.

Integrating our client's target keywords seamlessly into their website content is a delicate yet crucial aspect of our strategy - especially in the fields of life sciences and healthcare.

We meticulously weave these keywords into the website's copy, ensuring a natural flow and readability while maximising search engine visibility. By strategically placing keywords in elements such as headings, subheadings, meta descriptions, body text, lists, pull quotes, and internal linking, we not only signal the relevance of the content to search engines but also cater to the user's search intent.

Our approach focuses on creating high-quality, informative content that addresses the needs and interests of the target audience, with the added benefit of being optimised for search engines.

Through this blend of keyword integration and compelling content creation, we aim to enhance the website's search engine ranking, drive organic traffic, and, ultimately, facilitate meaningful connections with prospective clients within the life sciences, biotech, healthcare, medical, pharma, academic, and digital health sectors.

#6 A willing partner

Copywriting is often an iterative process, which means making revisions is a part of most projects. For this to happen smoothly, we involve you in every step of the process.

We always share an outline of the work, showing key aspects and a proposed order of presentation. Your feedback at this stage helps us to gauge if we’re all on the same page and allows us time to make any changes before we start work on the first draft.

A first draft can sometimes hit the mark, but more often than not it won’t be perfect. After all, we’re learning about your business, and you’re potentially beginning to understand your own goals and expectations. We will need your help and feedback to fill any gaps or adjust areas where we’ve potentially had to make assumptions.

Open communication and clear, realistic turnaround times during this process are crucial. It’s one thing to schedule a review meeting between two people and another to convene an expert panel when a whole product team is involved. The first draft will raise questions on both sides, and it’s now that we need to work together to iron out the specifics.

But don’t worry, we at Arttia Creative are experienced at managing this partnership process and will guide you through every step.

The Takeaway.

We work in partnership with you to understand the nuances of your product or service and create impactful content to drive leads and sales. Our processes are tried and tested and can save you time and money.

Having professional copywriters on your website project will help you start that all-important conversation with your customers, boost the effectiveness of your marketing and develop leads to achieve your business goals.

Do you have a website project in mind?
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