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The Value of Professional Website Copywriting

Well-written and persuasive words are essential to every business. Especially biotech marketers. You're probably from a science background, which means writing in a marketing or storytelling style may not come easily. Whether you are writing content for brochures, blogs, product descriptions, social media posts, or your website, the right words will help you tell your story, market your product or service and gain the stand out needed online.

So, who’s going to write the words?

5 reasons why professional copywriting for biotech marketing is an essential investment

#1 You don’t have time

Writing quality copy for life science and biotech websites and other marketing materials takes time. Scientific sites can be some of the cleanest in the digital space with short, engaging paragraphs, great visuals, well-chosen headings and persuasive calls to action. They could fit the concept of ‘less is more’. However, in reality, this translates into more research, more time sorting through documents, clinical evidence, presentations and white papers, and potentially more iterations as good ideas do get better with time.

A scientific copywriter is skilled in distilling important aspects from large amounts of written material, delivering them as key messages - this is what they do every day. If however, you choose to write your own copy, it might take you 3 to 4 times longer to capture the essence of your product or service. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing the things that you do best, like following up on those all-important leads?

A common mistake is to think that you will have time and that you will get around to doing it at some point. However, if you don’t have the time now to write engaging, conversational content for your website, then you probably never will. There are always other priorities.

An experienced science and marketing copywriter can efficiently complete your all-important quality copy so that your website starts working for you today, not six months or more from now. In the long run, our science content and copywriters can save you time on your project, which means your marketing delivers results faster.

#2 You’re too close to your business

The Value of Professional Website Copywriting

You're the expert in your field, and you know everything there is to know about your product or service. You are passionate about 'the science' and want to share your journey of development. But it's one thing to develop a breakthrough product or service that will change the face of life science or biotechnology within your specialist field and another to communicate its complex story to potential customers, investors and partners to attract quality leads.

The digital world is fast; consumers are in control and want information quickly and in an easily digestible format. Website visitors are impatient; they seek answers to questions and won't scroll through pages of text to find them. If you don't meet their expectations straight away, they will find someone else who can.

By the very nature of your biotech product or service, your audience is more than likely able to understand the scientific features of your offering. But your customers are also people and people make decisions to buy when they develop an emotional connection. In health sciences, this is usually when the product or service meets their needs or solves a problem for them and their patients.

Therefore, the customer journey through your website needs to focus on what they care about most. They want to be listened to and feel understood. They want you to offer solutions to their problems.

In a busy life science space, full of choice and distraction, it's crucial that your message is clear, concise and consistent, and highlights the real-life benefits of your product or service.

Our professional copywriters can help you engage with customers through quality copy, meeting their expectations, ensuring consistency and focus in your messaging.

#3 You need fresh web content to tell your story

Hiring A Biotech Web Design Specialist 7

Biotech digital marketing. Your business is continually growing; your products are in different stages of clinical development or your service now delivers more benefits. But you haven’t had time to put any of this news on your website – you’re not alone!

Is your website a couple of years (or more) old and beginning to feel out of date?
Perhaps you’ve noticed a reduction in lead acquisition and visitor’s quickly bounce off in search of information elsewhere. They may even start to wonder if you’re still at the forefront of innovation or even in business.

Fresh content improves visitor experience and shows them that you are still an authority in your field. Up to date content means that you are listening to and putting your customer first while delivering solutions to their ever-changing needs. Google also loves fresh content. New keywords and phrases (biotech SEO) help search engines find you, drive traffic, engage readers convincing them to take action.

Our copywriters can develop fresh content that tells a compelling story and builds trust with your customers. They can help you build consistency and a journey through your website, avoiding duplication. Copywriters are skilled at making sure your key messages are easily accessible and give your audience the answers they seek.

#4 You have innovative science to share

Highly technical and scientific content written in a very formal style can sound artificial and create distance between you and your potential customers. The customer also has to unpick the information to discover the benefits of your product for themselves.

Just presenting the science is not enough.

Our professional copywriters are skilled at presenting complex products and services in a way that engages and informs. Using a conversational and approachable style, they will make it easier for your audience to digest the scientific content on your website.

Your biotech website copy must create a shared understanding and authenticity, which speaks to the heart of the customers’ needs – showcasing what’s in for them.

Our copywriters can help to develop a consistent tone-of-voice so that the character of your business shines through, allowing your audience connect with your brand, making them feel at ease and start to trust you as the authority in your field.

#5 Marketing my not be your strength

Healthcare Website Design and Consultancy

It takes time to be good at something, not only to gain the skill in the first place but then to hone and continuously update that skill - the simple truth of why we all can’t be good at everything. It, therefore, makes sense to concentrate on our strengths and seek help in areas in which we are less confident.

The main goal of your life science website is to create quality leads, attracting buyers, investors and potential partners. A copywriter uses words to lead customers through your sales funnel by adding a marketing slant to your scientific content.

Clear messages guide your customers as to what to do next. Once you’ve gained their trust through your appealing and informative content, and you’ve indicated how your product/service can address their pain points, it’s time to let them know what to do next. Perhaps they want to know more, or they’re ready to buy.

Either way, your life science website needs to take a customer on a journey where carefully-chosen links guide your audience to take the appropriate action – moving them closer towards your final goal, whether that is to buy, invest or collaborate.

The Takeaway.

Time is a critical asset for all businesses. Spending the right amount of time on the right things helps you to reach your business goals faster. Trying to be the expert in all things takes a lot of time and can cost you money in the long run.

Our professional copywriters can help you transform science into a meaningful conversation, easily digestible and straight to the point, that engages potential customers and investors and moves you closer to achieving your business goals.

Do you have a science content writing project in mind? Need help with your website content? Let's talk.

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