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How to Get High Quality Leads From Your Life Sciences Website

When it comes to Life Science web design, what functionality does your company's online presence need to ensure a regular supply of quality leads to your business?

In simple terms, a well-designed and well-developed online presence should serve as a dynamic sales and marketing tool for your business, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Your website is your sales team’s stalwart supporter

After all – there are only so many hours in the day and only so many face-to-face meetings and networking events you and your team can attend. So, how can you create an online presence that works to help you and your sales team attract and secure new business?

Think for a moment about where your customers are when they search for the services you offer. Are they in an office down the road from you? Are they in another time zone? Are they in the middle of their morning commute?

Or are they sitting down in the evening, wondering how to solve that particular problem they’re facing?

The power of your company’s website lies in the fact that it can provide information and helpful advice, to anyone who needs it – whatever the time of day they’re searching for answers, and wherever they might be in the world.

Careful planning results in qualified leads

With effective website planning and development, your website is always available, representing your business online, and complementing and supporting the work of your sales team. It is the hub for the other elements of your online presence, including, for example, your regular customer newsletter, your online articles and blogs, journal features or press releases.

To attract qualified leads, your online presence must be more of a workhorse than a static brochure and present your prospects with a dynamic, holistic and up-to-date representation of your offering. With thought and planning, your website will successfully drive quality leads to your sales team, who can then transform them into new opportunities.

Where does your business sit online?

The scope of digital marketing regularly shifts and expands, with the development of different platforms and communication tools like Slack, Telegram and Skype.

For this reason, it makes sense to look around you on a regular basis and see what your competitors are doing online. It can be startling to witness how well some companies are harnessing the power and potential of digital marketing strategies and realising both increased profits and substantial business growth.

Designing and building your company's online presence as a digital workhorse relieves a level of stress and concern that can otherwise weigh heavily on the shoulders of those responsible for your business growth. It can also have more immediate benefits, saving you and your business both time and money.

The work your online presence is required to do

It's understandable that new customers often have a wide range of questions that they need to know the answer to before they feel comfortable to engage with your company. This is especially true if expectations, budgets and risk levels are high.

But what if what you offer feels too complicated or too technical to present in a simple, clear and meaningful way in the online space? Or if people don't historically use the internet to search for what you provide? And what if your prospects are struggling with a problem they can’t yet name – and don't know that you can both name it and solve it?

How to develop a hard-working Life Science website

With careful research and planning, your life sciences website can meet these queries, and any related problems and concerns, both within its design and wording and with further support in the form of targeted blog posts and relevant case studies.

With website planning, you can answer high-level enquiries about the way you work, list and detail the clients you already serve – and provide more in-depth, detailed information about the full range of services you offer.

Such a well-considered, comprehensive response to your prospects' needs can work to remove the need for high-level first meetings that can be both costly and time-consuming to arrange. It can also mean that when your prospect does make contact, they're likely to be higher up their decision-making process and closer to engaging your services

How a strong online presence can reduce business stress

Research shows that new prospects require on average ten touch points before directing their attention - and intent - towards a new company. This need, then, means that wherever your business has a presence online, be it your website, your Twitter feed or your LinkedIn presence; you need to be clear in educating and nurturing your prospects as they research what services your business provides.

By answering your prospects' questions, educating new leads as to the full range of life science services you offer, and giving an insight into the way your business works, your website can provide an open hand of welcome to anyone looking to source the services you offer.

Take the first step to success

To discuss how to create a compelling online presence for your life sciences business that will both showcase your offering and attract high quality, qualified leads, call us today.

We'll help you identify the most effective starting point and pinpoint the digital marketing strategies that will work for you. Whether you need help to support your in-house marketing team, or to work alongside you on a one-to-one basis, we’re here to help.

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