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Why Strategic Consultancy and Website Design for Life Sciences needn’t be Two Separate Projects

You've reached that stage where you need to develop an online strategy to move your biotech business forward, and you're hesitant to start?

How often have you seen well-formulated strategies fall by the wayside?

Searching for consultancy AND a web design agency for your project is likely to take up a lot of your time.

Finding the right, experienced life science consultancy can be challenging; perhaps a colleague from your community has made a recommendation. You speak with them, start the process of consultancy, and they provide feedback, ideas and suggestions for you to take forward. Sounds great.

But they don't have the in-house facility to create the website you need or to deliver an effective launch. When your website becomes a critical element of your marketing plan, having both strategic consultancy and website creation in one place, from one company, is going to be a time and money saver.

If you engage with a life science consultancy who consults on strategy, but that doesn't have the web skills in house to start, design, develop and go-live, you run the risk of your website project not being delivered to its full potential.

It's essential to choose who you partner with wisely. Many life science consultants are just that - consultants. They are excellent at delivering a strategy document, but it's usually up to you to execute that strategy.

Which generally means you have to go through a similar process to find a web design agency that can deliver on that strategy. Once you find the agency, you have to get them up-to-speed on your aspirations; they need to learn about your business and where you are heading. They will need to know many of the same things the consultancy did.

Delivering the reality of your vision can often feel overwhelming and could appear impossible to achieve. A plan is only as good as its execution.

You engaged a life science business consultant to provide you with valuable market insight, but how do you make that a reality, and quickly?

Having a strategy is just the start, making it a reality is the challenge.

At Arttia Creative, we don't just deliver ground-breaking life science websites; we provide you with strategic consultancy for your digital marketing. This means we don't just consult and provide a vague roadmap. We define specifics, present clear visual plans and timelines that make sense, bring your vision to life, and manage the whole process to help you reach your goals faster and budget.

An effective website is very often a critical element in the next stage of promotion for your life science business.

Especially when conferences get cancelled or postponed, international travel has restrictions and physical challenges or it is just too expensive to send your team. Communicating your story online reaches more people and when created by experts like Arttia Creative, reaches the RIGHT people.

We are here to help you break down the barriers to implementing your new life science website, from strategy to live launch.

Why Strategic Consultancy and Website Design for Life Sciences needn't be Two Separate Projects

You know you should be doing more, but you don't know where to start. You need your website to deliver more for your organisation: a clearer message, sharper content, easy to find resources, dynamic features; content for new audiences, attract the next round of investment.

With our knowledge of your sector, we can help align your website with where you want to be. At Arttia Creative, we do more than consult, our experienced team of website and digital professionals deliver your project from start to finish.

We know how challenging a website project can be for busy life science marketing professionals.

Why Strategic Consultancy and Website Design for Life Sciences needn't be Two Separate Projects 3

And after it goes live, the importance of keeping your site up-to-date, which can be a full-time job.

Arttia Creative has evolved into a team of highly skilled individuals who understand the world in which you live, the challenges you face and how best to help you move forward.

With our transparent project delivery process, we provide you with the confidence that your project will run as smoothly as possible. From in-depth discovery workshops to live-launch and ongoing promotions. A clear plan takes the guesswork out of the 'what to do next'. Our process provides focus, identifies opportunities and keeps everyone moving in the right direction.

Life science together with digital marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, and keeping up with this while running a life science organisation is challenging. How do you avoid common pitfalls while keeping your stakeholders informed? Having a detailed life science project plan will help everyone relevant have a voice and feel included. That's why we provide you with a dedicated Project Management area for your project - a single place for all project assets and communications to help everything run smoothly and everyone knows what's happening when.

You don't have to have a separate business consultant and a web agency, with Arttia Creative you get both – one point of contact that gain deep knowledge of your business and can react quickly—accelerating success. No business wants to stand still.

The power of our discovery and strategy workshops puts your project on the path to success.

At the start of many website development projects, we recommend including our discovery and strategy workshop.

We bring together all your project stakeholders alongside our team of specialists to clearly define the scope and goals of your website project. This can be delivered via video (accommodating different time-zones), or in person at our UK studio or your location.

Discovery is an essential element for every website project. It's often the only stage that some consultants provide.

We analyse your current position, where you want to be; and from this, we provide you with a detailed plan and how we will deliver this for you.

Following your project’s discovery stage, we work closely with you and your team to ensure everything runs smoothly and stays on track with world-leading creativity, website development and frictionless project management.

Consistent communications at every stage maintain an open dialogue, reduce the risk of misinterpretation, you remain confident that the final website will be what you envisioned.

Your project is transformed from a strategic plan into a stunning website that projects your key messages, story and delivers the style you envisaged.

The Takeaway.

Finding the right people to collaborate with you on your life science website project can be challenging and somewhat overwhelming. Having confidence that you have made the right choice takes research and the building of trust. A website partner who will work with you towards a common goal takes careful consideration.

At Arttia Creative we aim to build trust and reassurance before we even start on your project. We'll provide you with relevant case studies, our team credentials and a handly discovery questionnaire before your project starts. Then we'll meet you online, make introductions and listen as your present your project needs. Arttia Creative is here to deliver your project from start to finish.

Let's talk.

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