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Why Your Website is the Most Important Member of your Sales Team

Is it time to shift your thinking about the purpose of your website?

Your website is arguably your most valuable business asset and when designed and created with the right focus, it can become your most powerful sales driver.

Think about it. What value would you put on a member of your sales team who worked to promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year, never takes a holiday or sick day and created the most leads. Surely that would be a massive asset?

An incredibly valuable asset that would deserve your investment and care.

Stop doing this...

  • Stop considering your website as a necessity because your competitors have a website.
  • Stop thinking of your website as an online brochure for your services.
  • Stop creating a website and leaving it for 6 months before you decide to find out if it is driving leads.
  • Stop thinking that just having a website will create enquiries.
  • Stop thinking your website is finished just because it has gone live.
  • Stop guessing and use tracking software that gives you exact data about website visitor activity.
  • Stop thinking of your web design company as a supplier and consider them as a partnership.

Start doing this...

  • Start spending time to asses your website content and thinking about it's purpose.
  • Start investing in really awesome content, not just good, but stunningly amazing content that's considerably better than your competitors.
  • Start using specialist tracking software to get data and stop guessing.
  • Start to understand your customers better and tell them why they need you.
  • Start to tell the world your 'why' and not just what you do.
  • Start getting to grips with Search Engine Optimisation so you get found.
  • Start using some of the amazing scheduling, marketing and automation software this is currently available.
  • Start A-B testing your content.
  • Start using Social Media properly.
  • Start standing out in the online world.
  • Do it now before your competitors beat you to it.

You need a lead generating website

Look no further, contact us to discuss your website project

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When your website is created and optimised to be a business generator from day one and not just a business promoter, it can become your most successful lead driver. So much more than just an online business brochure with a contact form.

To grow business using your website requires the right kind of thought process. A process that includes an investment in time, planning, software and expertise from the very start. With the right strategy and guidance in place your website can be transformed into a powerful generator of leads for your business.


When you think differently about your website and make sure it is considered and designed from the very start to be your number one sales enquiry driver, then you’ll see significantly more qualified enquiries from your website.

Are you missing out on this new opportunity?
Having created and crafted websites for over 15 years and seeing the rise of the awesome digital tools available for business today, I see the new opportunities available when your website is commissioned to be the key business driver it can be.


There's been a massive increase and improvement in powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing and automation tools. Tapping into these tools, together with the right techniques, creative ideas, outstanding content, promotional campaigns, monitoring and tracking you can transform your website into the powerful sales driver it needs to be.

Using the latest software, content marketing and lead generation techniques, Arttia Creative can metamorphose your website. The sooner we can assist you, the greater the chance you have in increasing sales via your website. Reviewing all of your current online activity and your business goals, we provide the specialist insight you need to effectively align the two.

Techniques can include:

  • Benefit focused and SEO driven copywriting - telling your visitor how you benefit them and telling Google what your pages mean
  • Information architecture planning - making sure your website content creates a useful user journey
  • Creating useful, downloadable things for your visitors - give them useful guides and information that they can take-away
  • Track all of the activity on your website, every single interaction - so you know what is popular or what isn't working and you can make changes based on data not guess work
  • Provide content for every stage of your users buying journey - so you reach them when they are researching, right up until they are ready to buy
  • Get Search Engine Optimisation integrated into your website at the earliest - so you get found
  • Get a basic understanding of SEO and UX (user experience) - so you make a difference with every bit of content you create

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There are no short-cuts. If you're willing to invest in the creation of the right content, user experience, sales copy, Search Engine Optimisation and targeted lead generation, your website can certainly be your best sales driver.

We pride ourselves in offering a personal, bespoke service to our clients, investing in and researching the very latest content marketing software and techniques and delivering creative ideas specifically designed for each businesses individual goals.

Create a website that really does drive business leads

Look no further, contact us to discuss your website project

The Takeaway.

Your website can be your main business driver if you shift your thinking. Designed to drive traffic, generate leads and convert visitors into customers 24/7/365.

Understanding the principles of what works online and based on many years of creating, testing and optimising websites, we know what to do and importantly what not to do. With the right processes, planning and the right partnership from the start, we can transform your website and drive business.

Contact us today to arrange a discovery meeting.

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