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What can Your Life Science Organisation do to Support your Customers Remotely?

If you’ve ever been unable to attend life science conferences or meet clients, for whatever logistical reasons, our expertise is giving your life science business what it needs to connect with your audiences 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Global events mean this could be more important than ever.

So far it is business as usual for the team at Arttia Creative. As an agile, creative agency, we are already fully set up for remote or office working as part of our normal business operations. The team are currently remote working and so far fully available and keeping client’s projects on track.

What can you do at this point to keep your business active and engaged with audiences?

When customers connect with you without routine distractions, you have a unique opportunity to connect with them.

More and more people work flexibly, or outside just 9-5, even in specialised facilities. Scientific and technical audiences are dedicated to what they do, always inquisitive and tech-savvy. Many professionals write, publish, reanalyse data and focus on planning in time away from the office or lab.

You can connect with your life science customers at unusual times when they don’t sit with colleagues distracted by day to day operations.

Can you make it easy for them to have remarkable experiences with your products and service on-line so they can get excited and take what they learn back to their place of work?

Can you use your life science website to invite them to analyse data or provide proof of concept before you have those first conversations?

What can your Life Science Organisation do to Support your Customers Remotely?

Build trust and confidence and let them know that you will be there in person when they finally need to talk

Requiring someone to have personal contact too early on in the lead nurturing process can lead to people stopping their engagement with you and how you solve their challenges.

Can you have conversations on-line that replicate that? Consider giving them a suite of resources that customers can gather and share with colleagues on-line after a conference or as part of a period of home-learning. Make what you have easy to pass on.

Reassure them that you are going to be able to proactively support them when they are busy but need to interact with you directly, not just when they have free time.

For example, technical support will be on the phone to help them when they do a full evaluation of your product or service.

Can you be proactive and give your prospects what they need to make compelling purchasing decisions?
Can you provide documents, posters or print-outs that can be easily shared across your prospect's company?

What can your Life Science Organisation do to Support your Customers Remotely?

Make your website a way of sharing data and results.

Your life science website should be your main marketing hub.
Every life science website we create is designed for maximum lead -generation from launch. Many that we come across are not, they are not created with growth and leads in mind. Contact us and we can change that for you.

As a life science business active in research and development how can you enable the sharing of new discoveries and innovation, presenting results and data and networking for customers within their fields?

Can you create an on-line “virtual conference” presence where the things customers would be exposed to at events that are beyond their reach can be presented?

Can you use your email lists and life science websites to share customer-generated content across the community in a virtual way?

Email marketing (newsletters) and making new information available to customers working from home could be a focus for your business right now. It doesn't have to look like a newsletter, be creative, use the platform in unique ways.

In conversation...

How to Harness the Power of your Website when your Life Science Conference is Postponed

Podcasts continue to increase in popularity and are a marketing method already embraced by the science community. Creating your own biotech podcast could be a unique way to communicate your story.

A cost-effective way to make a new personal connection. A podcast can provide a way to communicate complex ideas and concepts in a clear and concise way. A podcast builds your authority on which you can incorporate guest speakers and industry leaders. Embedding a podcast into your website is straight forward and increases your time-on-site metric. There is a small cost for the technology providing you with a unique way of talking to your customers.

Arttia Creative can help you organise, plan and promote your life science podcast.

Why not consider shifting your conference and event budget to digital marketing.

The Takeaway.

Arttia Creative are uniquely placed to enable you to deliver life science marketing, publish information, papers and research that reach the right audiences in challenging times. When in-person meetings may not be possible, we empower you to continue to showcase your innovation to the scientific community and keep the conversation going during a massive global disruption.

Let's talk about how Arttia Creative can help you to support your customers remotely >>

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