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The Secrets of a World-Leading Life Sciences Website

How to develop a world-leading life sciences website

The life sciences sector is ever-changing and ever-evolving.

With so many innovations, discoveries and news stories making the headlines each week, it's increasingly important to give your company's Life Science website an agile and competitive edge in the digital space.

One that will both drive business and build your brand.

The complex made simple

As consultants specialising in the design and development of life sciences websites, we understand that one of the key challenges you face is the presentation of complex products and services in a way that is both simple and elegant – and ultimately accessible for your audience.

Design, design, design

It is no secret that everyone appreciates good design. And this is no different in Life Sciences and Healthcare.

Breathtaking Life Science creative design is critical to the success of your digital engagement. Visual and structural design, working in harmony, can quickly make a significant impact on your engagement and conversions. Understanding the design needs of the Life Science community is our priority.

Your marketing and business landscape is ever-changing, exciting and inspiring. A perfect place to stand-out with design excellence.

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Stunning Life Science Web Design

The ease of creating new content for your Life Science website

We understand that to do this well, creating a world-leading life science website, you need a website that's easy to update

That ease-of-use can vastly increase the likelihood of you and your life science marketing team successfully use your site to drive new customer engagement.

The time-constraints inherent in running a business are common across all sectors, not just life sciences. There are never enough hours in the day. And it's a constant struggle to balance working within your business with working on it.

When it comes to finding the time to consider, write, edit and publish the type of content that will drive more traffic – and prospective customers – to your site, it can be easy to let items fall to the bottom of your 'to-update-and-upload' list.

The fact is, though, that without the regular addition of engaging, informative and helpful content, you risk your website falling down Google's ranking for life science companies. Fail to tell prospects about recent client testimonials, and positive customer feedback, and you can risk the phone falling silent.

Need help with content production for your website?
We are here to help.

Life Science Consultants

Expert digital marketing for increased results

At Arttia Creative, our experience and knowledge of website design and development in the life sciences sector will help you break through the noise online and present your business in a way that attracts and engages both existing and new customers.

We’ll help you capture your visitor's details with unique, targeted and relevant downloads, create marketing funnels to track clicks and customer interactions – and measure your results and return on investment with A/B testing of content and conversions.

We’ll also provide ongoing priority, in-depth monthly website, digital strategy and SEO support for your markets. And help you uncover powerful analytics, metrics and reporting and highlight the areas of your website that work, and develop those parts where you could gain additional results.

"Belinda at Arttia Creative is a rare talent. Someone who can understand, appreciate and ‘get’ the specialist nature of my business and the markets we serve. A pleasure to work with."

P Lavery/Totallab Ltd.

Considered, curated, crafted

When developing your website, we consider it a business critical objective to take the time required to understand your business. This deep understanding means that we not only understand the science, but we get to know your company's philosophy and corporate culture too.

Then we turn to your target customer base. What are their motivations to buy from you? And what might be their objectives – and objections? With careful analysis and research, we come to understand multiple audiences, so that we can communicate and engage with them at an appropriate level.

We'll distil your offering with concise and benefit-driven copywriting, speaking your customer's language and inviting engagement with compelling calls to action. Then we'll consider your customer's user journey and user experience and work with you to identify and craft content clusters to answer customer questions, overcome any objections – and position you as a thought leader and expert in your field.

Optimised websites, optimal results

An optimised and responsive website is a powerful tool to promote new product launches and advertise your current and upcoming promotions. With the correct structure, you can also develop and add new sections to your site, publish a blog and video posts, and add a wide range of additional useful content in response to your audience's needs with ease.

Find out about our Website Content Creation Services.

Qualified leads, warm enquiries

If your customers are risk-averse or if there are significant budgets at stake, the more information a prospective customer can find out about you online, the higher up in the decision-making process they are likely to be when they follow your call to action and get in touch.

This demand for information is where in-depth case studies, landing pages, research resources, information resources, video demonstrations and even customer questionnaires can work hard to engage and retain a prospect's attention on your business and discover more about your audience's needs.

Life Science Website Design and Marketing

Integration and personalisation for added engagement

Using an agile and easy-to-use content management system like WordPress means that making changes and updates is fast and straightforward. The option to integrate your website with your company's CRM or internal data systems also gives you the ability to customise and personalise your messaging and content, a proven way to increase customer engagement.

We'll partner with you to produce highly shareable collateral for on and offline use, building your brand and increasing your reach. This collateral can include scientific and investor presentations, onboarding product documentation, branded research papers, brochures and exhibition materials. And when visuals are a more effective medium for conveying your meaning than the written word, we'll work with you to produce infographics, charts, icons and diagrams to demonstrate complex data or highly detailed information for your audience at-a-glance.

Search Engine Optimised from the start for maximum visibility

Arttia Creative have been advocating SEO (life science search optimisation) first for many years. Retrofitting SEO to your website is both a bad idea and a missed opportunity. We make sure every life science, biotech and healthcare website we created is optimised for search right from the start. Why do we do this?

  1. You need to get found on Google search results. This takes time, anywhere between 6 - 12 month at a minimum depending on your competition and outreach. That is why you need to have an SEO strategy from the start, if you wait for your website launch then look at SEO you will have to wait even longer to start to rank.
  2. Modern Search Engine Optimisation looks at many factors of your website both technical and content. Your life science website content, technical build, page speed and site structure (the information and how people navigate around your site) all need creating to meet Googles Search Optimisation indexing requirements. If you don't do this first it is going to be likely that you will need to rebuild or redesign many parts of your new website.
  3. Copy on your page is critical to Search Ranking. If your page copy, text, headlines and link text are not optimised for search you will need to rewrite them. Why do that twice? Include SEO optimised copywriting from the start.

As you can see, not including a search strategy and Search Engine Optimisation from the start of your website design project is going to cost you more in both time and budgets. We insist you include SEO from the start.

The Takeaway.

Take the first step to online success

Combined, this understanding of what you do and the services you offer – and the customers you want to target and attract results in a website that is engaging, dynamic and an appropriate representation of what your business offers.

World Leading Website Consultancy to Biotech
and Life Science Businesses

As website specialists in your sector this enables us to rapidly understand your unique needs enabling us deliver powerful results quickly. Saving you time, stress and money and delivering the best ROI.

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