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Need to Reach New Biotech Markets? Here’s How Your Website Can Help

Has your company developed a new product?
Has your UK launch gone well?
Are you looking to expand into new markets, either in Europe or further afield?
Do you need help with biotech marketing?

The online marketing space for any biotech consultancy or medical technology company moves quickly, with new research leading to new and significant developments in the field of life sciences. It’s important that your online presence and life science website reflects these changes, and that your website design can be updated and fine-tuned to promote any new developments in your field.

To stay up-to-date and be hyper-engaged with your overseas audiences, we can help you create targeted, new content based around your product and any relevant localised news stories in the countries into which you’re looking to expand.

As you start to expand into new markets, it’s critical that you continue to build your brand and that it is represented consistently across all your brand materials. Attention spans are short, especially online and consistency with both design and branding is critical for recognition and building new customer trust. Biotech marketing is a challenging space.

Here we explain how your website can be used to maximise your reach – and help you expand into markets that are beyond your current geographic location.

The very real challenges you face with biotech marketing

You're hitting the wall that is the NHS and you can't find an entrance

One of the largest markets in the UK for life science and biotech products is the NHS. The size of this market is both good and bad. Good for volumes but it hard to break into.  Trying to get your life science or biotech product seen by clinicians, CCGs or the other many silos that exist in the NHS is a big challenge.

What is the alternative?

You have a new or highly niche product, new SaaS or app and need reach people who don't know you exsist yet

In biotech marketing, initial anonymity is a problem that every business faces, whether they’re online or offline. We understand how busy the digital space is, so we’ll work with you to develop and design a website, search engine optimisation strategy and biotech content marketing plan to tell the world what you do – and why. And we’ll also train you to update your life sciences website in-house with ease.

Your website, when designed and marketed correctly can be your most powerful promoter. You can build credibility, spread the word, provide resources, educate your visitors. Your central hub online to promote something new and exciting.

How can you make the most of your website?

How to Reach Biotech Markets With Your Website Content

Reaching new markets

Reaching new Healthcare Markets with your Website

To get your new product to market, you can target:

  • Healthcare organisations in different countries [that may be more open to new technologies and ideas]
  • Private healthcare companies who like to lead the way with cutting-edge solutions
  • Joint ventures with complementary products or services
  • Direct to market - promote and sell directly to the end user both in the UK and across the world.

These markets are likely to be relatively easier to enter than banging on the door of the NHS. Once you gain traction in one of the above and gain endorsements and visibility, then clinicians from the NHS are more likely to take an interest in what you are doing.

Reaching these alternative markets can be made easier if your online presence (website) is tailored to reach and appeal to them. Your website should be flexible enough to facilitate these marketing tactics and support your business across the globe

Need help reaching these new markets, then why not request one of our free 30-minute accelerator sessions so we can work with you to create an action plan for your biotech marketing >>.

How to Reach Biotech Markets With Your Website Content

Your website can help you present your offering online

Your website can power-up your biotech marketing. Depending on the location you want to target with your newly developed product, you may need to present your story in a slightly different way. You may be presenting your offering in one way here in the UK, but the angle you take and the features and benefits you promote overseas may need to be slightly different.

For the overseas market, you may even need to translate pages or sections of your website into new languages (view our life science website case studies with multi-language websites). This can enhance your website’s User Experience (UX), and so it’s essential to assess any necessary site development project and follow best practice to ensure accessibility. If you need help with this or simply want to find out what impact translating your site might have, talk to us about our experience in developing dual or multi-lingual websites.

With careful consideration, analytics, keyword and market research, cultural differences and shifting conversations around your product can all be handled online, so that your promotions are both appropriate and relevant to your new audience.

We’ll support you with English-language based keyword research (Search Engine Optimisation) and with localised content, created for your target overseas markets. So whether your dials are moving anti-clockwise or counter-clockwise, your audience will know you’re talking to them.

By developing specific and relevant areas of your website in this way, you will be able to start new conversations with overseas prospects.

Reaching a worldwide audience with digital marketing

Medical Devices

Diagnostic Software

Digital Healthcare Apps

Innovative Mobile Healthcare

Med Tech Products

Lab Equipment

Life Science Software

Clinical Health Software

Data Science Services

Healthcare SaaS

How to Reach Biotech Markets With Your Website Content

Helping, engaging and educational content helps sell products

As with any new product launch, your audience will have questions and will want to learn about your offering before they buy – and even before they enquire. Ensuring that your life sciences website is easy to navigate, is filled with relevant information written in an easy-to-understand and engaging way, and has clear calls to action to get in touch can help to support your company’s expansion into new overseas markets.

And because your site will be online and available 24/7, the content of your site will work hard to answer any enquiries your prospects may have. We’ll help you capitalise on your site’s online presence with marketing automation sequences and lead funnels to give your visitors the feedback they request instantly, no matter what time difference between where they are and where you are.

How research and precision can save you time and money

Consider this. What was your company’s travel spend last year?
How many days out of the office did you and your team need for events, conferences and meetings? Bringing a new product to new markets can be time-consuming – and expensive. Taking time and diverting a percentage of that spend into investing in your website’s capabilities can save you and your team both time and money.

When it comes to expanding your reach overseas, your website is your company’s primary marketing platform. By tailoring content that is relevant to and engaging for your target market, you can start the sales process without the need to book a flight or conference tickets.

Support your sales teams – virtually

We’ll help you audit the content of your current website to identify the optimal areas to refine to attract your new target audience. By researching your prospective audiences and benchmarking your competitors’ sites, we can help you maximise your website’s capabilities to attract and engage new clients, from anywhere in the world.

Request a content audit >>

Fine-tuning your biotech website in this way, creating assets and content to complement your sales team’s day-to-day sales, means you’re supporting their efforts on the ground. And because we base all website content and collateral on specific research, your team’s sales assets can be updated at speed and with ease whenever necessary.

We can also help you use your website to prove and promote that you have the required regulatory requirements for each of the regions into which you want to expand. View our expert article for CE Marking Medical Devices

How to Reach Biotech Markets With Your Website Content

A picture is worth a thousand words

When it comes to expanding into new markets, it makes sense to be aware of potential language barriers, particularly if your company is promoting new scientific equipment like laboratory equipment or medical technology.

Using images, infographics and data visualisations can help to tell your story and promote your new product without the restrictions of technical language. We can help you to create graphics, icons and interactive timelines to help your new audiences visualise precisely what you do and familiarise themselves with the products you offer.

How to Reach Biotech Markets With Your Website Content

Reaching new markets online with Arttia Creative

Whether you want help to develop your existing website to reach new markets or are looking to develop a new site, Arttia Creative can help you. We have experience in creating specific content that’s focused on overseas markets in the life sciences sector and can help you tell your story in a way that engages, educates and resonates with your audience.

We’ll also help ensure your design and branding is consistent, engaging new prospects and building audience trust.

Looking to translate your life sciences website?

When it comes to publishing content in different languages, it’s not merely a case of translating your existing content. There may be a need to employ a transcreator to ensure that your cultural references are correct and will not cause offence. Translations can also affect user experience, and so it is critical that you follow best practice to ensure accessibility for your audiences all over the world. Talk to us about researching and implementing the keywords that are relevant to your product promotion.

View our Website Design Case Studies that include multilanguage websites.

How to Reach Biotech Markets With Your Website Content

Where time zones don’t count

No matter what your new product, audiences around the world may be accessing your website 24-hours a day. This means it’s vital that your site is a real showcase for the products you offer and why they can benefit your prospects’ lives. We’ll work with you to identify which elements of your website to focus on and design and create compelling blog articles, news stories and website content that will attract, engage and convert your new overseas audience into new customers.

Global Life Science Website Design

The Takeaway.

We can help you with your biotech marketing.
You can accelerate your product launch if you make the most of your website. It is there to market and promotes you 24/7/365, reaching physical locations that you may not yet have someone on the ground.

If you are serious about:

  • Getting past that NHS barrier
  • Promoting your innovative new SaaS product
  • Reaching new markets
  • Being a global brand
  • Becoming a global leader
  • Competing successfully against the big players
  • Creating content that speaks to new buyers
  • Supporting a remote sales team or office
  • Translating your website into different languages

Then contact us to discuss how we work with you to drive more business with a biotech marketing plan and an amazing website.

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