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How to use Twitter for Life Science Brand Building and Outreach

How to use X (Twitter) for Life Science Brand Building and Outreach

May 12, 2021

Twitter is still the world’s #1 go-to platform for breaking news, live events, online networking, customer service, conversations, accessing hard to reach people, building relationships, and so much more. Gone are the days when marketers can bulk-automate link-filled spammy tweets. Twitter has evolved and so have its users. Arttia Creative Helps Life Sciences Talk to More People.

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How to Tell a Compelling and Engaging Story on Your Life Sciences Website

April 7, 2021

Narrative storytelling engages visitors, encouraging them to stay on your website. Stories help people emotionally connect with your company, product, and brand. Good stories are informative while easy to follow, honest and show personality.

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The Art of Storytelling: Know your customer and know yourself Why Life Science Branding & Storytelling Are Important

Find out Why Life Science Brand Identity and Storytelling are Important

March 12, 2021

The Art of Storytelling: Know your customer and know yourself. Your life science branding is how people perceive your organisation or product. Brands are distinctive and highlight particular qualities such as reliability and quality, closely tied to your company’s values and culture.

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How Healthcare Companies can Leverage Content Marketing to Drive Sales

January 12, 2021

We know that everybody, including your customers and investors, is online, reading, researching, looking to connect with the right people in healthcare. Healthcare marketing, therefore, must focus on online lead generation to convert to sales, investment or partnership.

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Powerful Social Media Marketing for Life Sciences

Powerful Social Media Marketing for Life Sciences

December 18, 2020

[GUEST ARTICLE] Like it or not social media has become an integral part of the lives of patients, caregivers, health care professionals and payers. Social media marketing can benefit companies working within this space because it can help them to gain greater more consistent, online visibility which can ultimately lead to funding opportunities, growth and development.

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Website Copywriting Services

Powerful Website Copywriting – What We Need from You

September 15, 2020

At Arttia Creative our hand-picked team of professional website content and copywriters are skilled in creating engaging content, but they don’t know your life science business like you do. Yes, they are proficient in doing research, and they may have experience in your industry, but to do a great job, they need you to share information, personal insights and knowledge.

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The Value of Professional Website Copywriting

The Value of Professional Website Copywriting

August 25, 2020

Well-written and persuasive words are essential to every business. Especially biotech marketers. You’re probably from a science background, which means writing in a marketing or storytelling style may not come easily. Whether you are writing content for brochures, blogs, product descriptions, social media posts, or your website, the right words will help you tell your story, market your product or service and gain the stand out needed online.
So, who’s going to write the words?

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Send Traffic to Your Life Science website

3 Major Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Press Releases to Send Traffic to Your Life Science website

July 26, 2020

In the past, a press release in the right place could make you stand-out, get reasonable enquiries and built a sales campaign with results. Press releases or press advertising usage was due to reliance on scientific audiences reading printed materials to get to know you.
Let’s face it, traditional PR is dead. So what should you do instead?

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Winning Tactics for a Perfect Life Science LinkedIn Company Page

Winning Tactics for a Perfect Life Science LinkedIn Company Page

July 2, 2020

Linkedin for Life Sciences. Part 2. Social media presents an opportunity to marketers like you within pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or life sciences to reach and inform a range of stakeholders and your target audiences.
The risk, though, of adverse event reports and off-label usage discussions prevents many from even starting and we have all read about companies who ‘got it wrong’.

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Life Science Web Design

Why Arttia Creative Specialises in Working with Visionary Life Science Businesses

October 30, 2019

Arttia Creative specialises in working with visionary entrepreneurs in the fields of life science and biotech. Why? Because we understand the complex and many-layered challenges faced by professionals in these fields – and we know we can help.

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