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Managing Life Science Marketing in a Time of Social Change

Making your business stand-out and demonstrate its remarkable potential is a challenge even at the best of times. So how can you sustain that in a time when major social events create a significant shift in a person’s “normal” day to day priorities?

How can you sustain your life science business development and marketing in a time of social change?

Perceptions of what is important and top-of-mind in times of major national and international events might make you wonder if promoting what your business does and how well it is still doing might seem difficult to position as noticeable and relevant.

But there is a case to be made for sending the right message, at the right time, in the right way to make a positive move for your business. Reassuring both your customers AND your valuable employees that when daily life can resume, even if it’s to a new normal, you are secure and reliable.

We shared in previous posts what creative approaches you can take if you’ve ever been unable to attend life science conferences or meet clients in person. It's not the end of powerful marketing if you can't meet your prospects in person – in-fact we believe (and have evidence to support) your website can provide a much greater return-on-investment than attending a conference. Spending a fraction of the cost of exhibiting at an international conference on your website and digital marketing will deliver much greater results. We know it works and can provide you with evidence.

Managing Life Science Marketing

3 ways to sustain your life science business development

Here are three powerful ways to use the time you have to sustain your life science business development in times of significant global disruption or naturally changing daily activities for you and your markets.

#1 Planning for the new normal

With global disruption currently affecting everyone, consider how you can adapt to things when the world is ready to return to some kind of normality?
Whatever that looks like, whatever shape it takes.

Perhaps its time for a more personal approach, a more human tone, perhaps its time to and start a different sort of conversation. It doesn't have to be an actual verbal conversation, consider a virtual conversation - how can you create a human connection using a thought piece (a "think piece"}, articles, emails or blog posts.

Would it be useful to you to run an online survey? Many are furloughed at home and have the time to consider completing surveys, particularly if it relates directly to what they do. There are many online tools to help you to create, publish and analyse a survey.

Use a wide range of online communication channels to reach people who are spending time away from the daily distractions of work. Social, email or virtual networks and forums, there will be many places you can reach out and start a conversation.

With operational work being limited, we know your colleagues have great ideas, why not ask them to brainstorm new ideas or write up those white papers you don't usually get around to usual during day-to-day pressures.

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#2 Provide reassurance

Reassure existing customers what you are doing to ensure continuity and what resources will be available to them when they need them. With more and more people becoming familiar with video conferencing it can be easy to record people speaking personally on things that they are passionate about and what they are doing to keep the business ready for the future.

Create short, personal video messages that you can share or send directly to existing customers to add that human touch. Or transcribe audio recorded thoughts to create insightful articles or posts. There are many great transcription services available. Ask and we can forward you with a range of providers.

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#3 Continue to share

Many scientists, academics or researchers have more time at the moment to read papers and sector news, more time to read in-depth pieces of interest. They are online and looking for content to read. Obviously those working on the front line won't have this time, but many will.

Continue to encourage and support information sharing within your market. You can use your usual marketing and communication channels to promote your latest insight. Show how progress is still being made in your scientific and technical niches, this will keep your audiences educated and learning.

Scientific communities typically work collaboratively and build on the knowledge of others. Can you host a virtual conference or at a minimum, create a topical page on your website and invite contributions from the community?

Why not consider shifting your conference and event budget to digital marketing.

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The Takeaway.

Those white papers you always wanted to write but never found the time. Posters or case studies you wanted to showcase but couldn't due to day-to-day distractions or limitations set by conference organisers.

Now is the time to create a bank of content and marketing assets to share once it is appropriate to do so. We are here to assist with the design, branding and publishing of these assets when you need extra help.

You probably have a range of marketing relevant information, tools and tactics at your disposal that you can apply to achieve those three things. But if you want to use the time you have to get them in place now, then we are here and operationally ready to support you.

Let's talk.

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Belinda White | Creative Director

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